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Covid-19 Will Deal a Huge Blow to Organized Religion:

Many people go to church out of habit.

They have done so their entire lives.

Covid-19 has forced them to break that habit.

Covid-19 has caused many of their friends to die or become extremely sick.

Many will reason that:

  1. They have now found better ways to spend their Sunday mornings.
  2. There is no divine force looking out for them or their friends.

It will be interesting to see how many people are back in church regularly 1 year from now.

BD66 7 Nov 30

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I laugh at the congregations holding "mask optional" services


Historically, churches grow in times of great tragedy. I actually wish I could be alive in about 500 years so I can see how 2020 is written into a new chapter of the Bible, (for literary amusement only). When people hurt, they are more susceptible to dogma. I fear people will did in deeper. I'm donating to at least atheist organization tomorrow. Hoping to get religion out of politics.


Interesting question.


I find your reasoning sound, However, there may be many that will miss the social aspect of the church. As evidenced the pubs that were very well attended in our summer time-out from lockdown.

Of course, there’s a sense of belonging with the braindead and gullible just like anything else.

@SeaRay215ex Your comment got me thinking of a nice old lady customer of mine. She plays the organ at St Barnabas church off Penny Lane. She never preaches or tries to convert me and I keep my atheist views in my tool-box. So we share our thoughts on music when we chatter but I'm sure that she has missed being with her friends just as much as we all have.

@273kelvin I have family and friends who are believers. We accept each other for who we are, and certain things we keep to ourselves. Same with certain friends. One lives in North Carolina, but originally from NY like myself. He’s very down to earth moderate in his views like myself. We certainly have BIG political differences..........but that don’t mean shit as we’re both Hard Rock / Metal Fans, Enjoy Nazi Germany and 3rd Reich History, boat owners, much more.

A lot of comments I make on here are in a general sense really directed at and toward those who take religion too far to the point it affects their ability to be reasonable and think rationally. That’s the real problem. Not political differences.

@SeaRay215ex I think that's the point. Once Tweety pie has left office and is no longer poking the fires of division. Maybe we can get back to what unites us rather than what separates. Which is exactly what is needed at this time.


I think you're underestimating the powerful grip of this delusion. I would liken religion to a smoking addiction. No one really quits until they realize the damages eclipse the fixation.

Only those who are strong can make tough changes.

I’m a former 3 pack a day cigarette smoker, former heavy drinker and used Cocaine and several other substances to a lesser extent.

I read recently that only 7 to 10% of those who attempt to quit smoking actually do it. This shows most people just aren’t strong minded.


So what? Fuck them!


Yes, some people say this virus will take people back to religion. I don't agree. First, the church habit thing you mentioned it a good point. Second, COVID has been an awful but timely reminder that science and reason solves problems, not imaginary gods and their dickhead sons. Also, religions have not come across well during this crisis, and have looked impotent, in my opinion. Third, the future of religions depends on the young, not the old. Younger cohorts were already secularizing, and I think the virus tragedy will reinforce that. Personally, I'm looking forward to hard data on this subject in the future. We will just have to wait and see.


I think you're giving them WAY to much credit


I am not so certain. I think people are yearning for a sense of normalcy and community. Also, when life seems even more unpredictable and out of control, I think people feel a higher urge to clutch anything that gives them hope and "sense" including religion.

Good way to put it!!


Interesting. Some people will still go to church out of habit. Some of them might give up religion.


Who wouldn't rather sleep in on Sunday?

@DangerDave Sitting on your ass doing nothing is underrated. Someone could get used to that once a week.

Someone who is getting paid not to.

@Organist1 That's not going to church. I worked Sundays for 25 years.

@barjoe I do work in a church, and I get paid to not sleep in. It's a gig.

@Organist1 you play organ in a church? that's excellent, when you retire have you ever given thought to laying into the organ rift from In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida?

@Organist1 Chester County? Congregation is actually mostly literate people.

@barjoe Yes they are. My cantor has a Master's from MIT, and was the only woman in her class way back when.

@Organist1 Okay. It's a synagogue?

@Organist1 Catholic?

@barjoe No, Episcopal. They have cantors only during COVID, and don't allow congregational singing, because it's too dangerous. BTW, I've heard, but not confirmed, that there are agnostics among the ranks of progressive Episcopalians. IDK...


I think the flaw here is the phrase, "Many will REASON that".
My aunt said she can't wait to start going to church again and she's a fairly reasonable person who voted against Trump, pro choice, pro gay rights. I imagine most religious people are less reasonable than she is...

Yeah, reason doesn’t really enter the equation, unless they are darling in Pascal’s wager

@Canndue To be fair, Pascal's Wager doesn't make any sense either...


Church services are now going online, both livestreamed and recorded. I know; I am an agnostic organist working in a mainstream church. However, giving is down, presumably because the collection plates aren't being passed right in front of them where everyone else can see. Of course, they are planning big comebacks when everyone gets a vaccine.

and, of course, they will praise Jesus for the vaccine.


I doubt it will hurt religion much. Most religious people (I suspect) depend on religion as a hedge against the unknown and the frightening. They don't come to it by reason, so they won't leave it by reason. In frightening times, that hedge only becomes more valuable.

skado Level 9 Nov 30, 2020

You can lead a theist to reason, but you can't make him/her think.

...or anyone else, while we’re at it.


I agree with #1 because that is a real occurrence. Although I suspect that many are just very afraid and wishing to return to their familiar reassuring routine as soon as possible. The smartest ones will achieve escape velocity. Regarding #2, that is something that someone that uses reason, like you, would think. Do you see where I am going? The list of occasions they have had the chance to figure that there is no one looking out for them is endless, but they are well insulated against reason. And then you have the activity of the herder getting back his herd together. There will be less a year from now in direct response to the experiences during covid, but I am afraid the numbers will not be reduced significantly.


I see your thinking on this but my kids ran the other way with it. They thought the end is coming so they had better get back in with god. At a grocery store this afternoon a checker friend of mine exposed herself as a Trumper without knowing it. We were talking about the virus and she says all we know is doctors tell us it is the virus and we do not know. It could be anything and we just believe what they say. When I told her she was getting her medical facts mixed up with her politics she shot back that there are 2 sides of this and "somebody has to pay those doctors." Hey, lady. It is not politicians doing the paying.

My point is that a couple of years from now this will get twisted more also as the conspiracy people are also religious. The thing is, we are just not sure what they will call it at that time.

There may actually be a slight uptick in attendance using you kid’s logic. Plus people will be hot to thank god for ending the pandemic!

Of course if they believe that, they should also believe he started it as well.

I think we all wish that story ended after the word 'herself'. 😝


I sure hope it pushes the US in a secular direction, but we'll still have a catholic majority on the SCOTUS.

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