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LINK Right-Wing Group: How Dare “Young Sheldon” Compare God to an “Invisible Monkey”! | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

If you’ve ever seen CBS’ Young Sheldon, you know the title character played by Iain Armitage is a know-it-all who often challenges the adults around him, including his pastor.

On last night’s episode, he was sent to Bible camp, which led to this conversation between Sheldon and his sister. (follow link for a video clip)

snytiger6 9 Dec 4

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i don't watch live tv anymore


I think that the U.S. is the only country where right-wing groups are motivated by Christian Mysticism.
Can anyone think of rightists elsewhere that are rooted in Christian nuttiness?

The nutty Christians have mad einroads in many third world coutries... where people lack education and it is an easier sell.


If I want a laugh to refresh me, the Big Bang Theory or Young Sheldon do it every time. Genius!


The right is always the group that is incensed and also the group most likely to commit acts that do incense others. I guess it is because their god will forgive them.


Kudos in spades to the script writers for than one.


There are any number of TV shows that are all based on the belief in a sky daddy. That you need to accept the sky daddy and love him regardless of the horrible things he does to you. We sound like we are back in the days of Mary Whitehouse who used to sit and watch shows just to be able to complain about them.

Yep, and she's been replaced by the One Million Christian Moms, who, btw is just ONE Mom pretending to be a Million.

@Triphid Multiple personality disorder?


A good start


I’m a little disappointed. I imagined the character saying that he believed in a god who WAS an invisible monkey, which actually would explain a lot.

Hmm... an invisible god that flings poo at you...

@snytiger6 More benign than his usual brimstone!


Sheldon's sister is a perfect example of so many Christians.

You mean vindictive in her prayers?


Love Young Sheldon! He gives the pastor a run for his money!


It's Chuck Lorre's fault. They'll blame it on the Jew who wrote it.

I'd rather blame it on the rain (yes, that was a verrry dated Milli Vanilli reference).

@VineetHonkan lip sync guys

@barjoe lolol

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