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LINK Conservative Christians Fear Biden Will Create ‘Transgender Atheist Army’ | Michael Stone

So What’s The Problem? Conservative Christians are worried that President-elect Joe Biden will create a transgender atheist army for the anti-Christ.

Conservative Christian activist and former Colorado state legislator Gordon Klingenschmitt is warning his fellow Christians that Joe Biden will “transgenderize” the U.S. military and “punish Christian soldiers.”

snytiger6 9 Dec 5

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As a cisgender atheist, I’m feeling marginalized ... I wanna fight for the anti-christ too!


The mental illness enveloping half of this country is actually far worse than the COVID-19. If there is an upside, many of them are the anti maskers, which means that their number should go down over time.


I don't know, "transgender atheist army" sounds like a good name for a garage band. Maybe do a cover of Jethro Tull's "My god". 😁


YIKES!!! Rabbits are falling out of the sky........The moons turning purple.......

What will they dream up next??!!


I really don't understand conservative Christians. They can get so upset about fantasies but ignore real problems like pollution, poverty, and climate change.

@creative51 Well, not allowed under religion anyway.


Where do we sign up?


Now, that's pretty damned funny! When do they get their own comedy channel??


A transgender atheist army would be awesome!


Some of those people have more stupid than brains.

All of them.

Basic requirement for ALL Faithfools, MUST ALSO include a FULL Frontal Lobotomy btw.


Hail to the leader! We will crush marriage and gender and sex under our boot heels. Rise up teletubbies!

The website took out my ALL CAPS. 😟

LOL! Right! Purple teletubbies are going to strike them with their purses! LOL!


Why any surprise? The first few words explain it all. (To be a "conservative christian" is by definition irrational/delusional)


When you live in a fairy tale world there is no end to the shit you can wind up believing!


I wonder what is in the koolaid klingon is drinking?


Why do these idiots even get the time of day...


More fear mongering from the far right


They don't seem to have much faith in their heavenly fuhrer. They're afraid a transgender army can defeat their omnipotent master?


The sooo UnKkkristian hate for All thing nonWhite and their Brand of that Cult of Death is as infinite as their 6000 year old universe.

Hi Charlene, I have not "seen" you for a bit.

@BirdMan1 I just haven't been replying to posts as frequently..


Beware, be very AWARE, the Battalions of 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert' are marching forth, armed with their handbags filled with Mascara, Lipsticks and Rouge.
No offenses, insults, etc, etc, meant towards members,friends etc, of the LGBTQI communities here btw.

None taken..speaking for myself..


Poor Klingenschmitt. Will somebody give him a jelly baby, please?

Or even a Jellied Baby instead, I hear those are also quite delicious.

Aw, poor Herr Von Klingenschidtt has gotten himself into yet another tizzy has he?

@Triphid Toureen of Baby is " Scrummy" as Mary Berry says..serve it with Pate de' Fois Grais on black pepper water crackers..mmmm scrummy


Not that there is anything wrong with that.


More crazies come out of the wood work every day and some fools that will believe him. I think the religious fools wouldn't but that.


More like a straw man army...

Hanno Level 4 Dec 7, 2020

I also read there that he wants exorcisms for all atheists. So much for freedom the of religion part of the constitution he swore to uphold. Anyway, I would certainly be up for it and I would donate 10% of my salary forever if it worked. So long as I could get 10% of his if it didn't.


I don't get these guys. They idolise a philandering atheist who only ever steps into a church if there are votes or a photo opp in it for him and demonise a practising catholic.


headed by Bruce Jenner? (sorry can't remember her new name)

I think that it's Caitlin (Catelyn? Katelynn? Something like that.)

Catlyn... or something like that.

@AmyTheBruce it's Caitlyn..she's just another self aggrandizing Kardassian bitch..

@Charlene What, exactly, are they famous for? Does anybody know? Is it like one of those feedback loops or something?

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