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Ok so im only slightly old school. I like a lot of cartoons either from now, or still around now, but I love some older stuff as well. I know im not quite as wisened as some of you, lol, but I do remember thunder cats, captian planet, old school looney toons, transformers, and a bit later, some stuff like beast wars. anyone else have an older or obscure cartoon that takes them back to another time?

Byrd 7 Apr 12

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Rocky the flying squirrel & ilk ie Fractured Fairy Tales etc.
Subtle political bent.
I hated the bouncing ball with those 1940 songs. Yuk.
Give me the edge.


I always endorse Scooby Doo.

JimG Level 8 Apr 12, 2018



Tom and jerry by Fred Quimby is the best I think


Scooby doo and the teenage mutant ninja turtles were my favorite ones growing up but the saturday morning looney tunes are prob the most memorable of all.

jorj Level 8 Apr 12, 2018

can't leave out Johnny Bravo and Beavis and Butthead either

@jorj Yeah, Johnny Bravo was good too.

@SpikeTalon Johnny Bravo was freaking hilarious, especially the clown on the wing episode.

@jorj I actually have a Bevis and Butthead poster in my bathroom relating to the "cornholio"


I was into Hanna Barbera as a kid-they had cereals back then with some of the characters.

Quick Draw McGraw and his sidekick Babalouie
Limpy the Lion and Hardee Haha
Magilla Gorilla
Yogi the Bear and Boo boo

i loved the yogi cartoons but i wasnt a big fan of the live action/cgi movie they made later

Did you ever watch Yogi's Ark?
First time I ever recall a programme straightforwardly preaching ecology to kids.


How abot Roger Ramjet, or am I alone on that one?

No, I remember that. Voiced by Gary Owens.

All I remember about him was my mother tutting disgusted at it and then and turning off the TV.
To be honest I do wonder how they got away with the name even now, but then again Captain Pugwash had characters called Seaman Staines, Master Bates and Tom/Roger the Cabin Boy, so I suppose nothing should come as a surprise.

Just clarify John Ryan the author of the original Pugwash books did sue in 1991 over this and won, but it was later revealed that his books did have characters called Master Mate, Tom the Cabin boy (which was for a time changed in the TV show to Roger, thinking that was LESS suggestive) and Seaman Willy, these had all at one time or another been changed by voice over artists because they were considered rude (one of the voice over artists came from Staines and thought the town name could not be misinterpreted unlike Willy).

@StarvinMarvin For his adventures just be sure to stay tuned to this station.

@LenHazell53 Any good cartoon has levels of humour that appeal to different age levels Canadian censers where never that prudish about language they were more concerned about over all content.


felix the cat...tom & jerry...i remember the banana splits.. it was a show that had like 7 different shows in itself.. not cartoons but they had sid & marty, and some more i forgot.
used to always watch battle of the planets g-force

The two regular feature cartoons in the Banana were "The Arabian Knights" and "The Three Musketeers" both made by Hanna Barbera


Hong Kong Phooey

I loved Hong Kong Phooey, it was a surprise to me in later years to discover there were only twelve episodes ever made.

@LenHazell53 I didn't know that! When I heard "old cartoons," somehow the name Hong Kong Phooey came to mind. I had to Google to remember what he looked like! I couldn't remember what kind of creature he was. I also vaguely remember Captain Caveman...


@LenHazell53 Ah yes! I don't remember the teen angels, though...

@carlyhorton they were the gang who found him and thawed him out of the iceberg, they were sort of an all girl mystery incorporated and the cap was their scooby doo, he lived in a cave on top of their van.


I wrote several essays on animation and the evolution of cartoons at university, especially the brothers Max Fleischer and Dave Fleischer and Ralph Bakshi.
My first introduction to alternate animation as a child was the early anime series "Marine Boy" though I did not recognise it as such. I returned to Anime in the last few years with the advent of influential science fiction such as Akira.
Fortunately the popularity of Anime has opened up the field in the west to more adult themes and resulted in such truly remarkable animation from Warner Bros and Lionsgate.
I will admit to being a great fan of almost every itteration of Scooby Doo and mourn the passing of "Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated" the best version since the original Scooby Doo where are you.



Not quiet old school but old enough that kids today don’t quiet know it, Courage the Cowardly Dog was my favorite. As far as older school, I would go with Scooby Doo.

my 15 year old son and i watch courage! i love that poor doggo


I also liked Count Duckula from the late 1980's.


Space Ghost
Johnny Quest
Wacky Racers

Adult Swim has a great treasure trove of recent cartoons which will be come obscure classics down the road. Squidbillies, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, are some of the best to me.

Johnny Quest for sure. Rocky and Bullwinkle and now Rick and Morty


Felix the cat and his magic bag of tricks. Wally Walrus. Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales


The Magpies, Heckle & Jeckle
Crusader Rabbit and Rags the Tiger
Tom Terrific
Joe Jitsu
Clutch Cargo, Spinner and Paddlefoot


At 71 I still like all of the old classic cartoons and a few of the modern ones. Why would I stop laughing or smiling just because I got older?

I also still like the Three Stooges. Kids today don't get it. They don't even think they are funny. I think they are idiots and hilarious. You hear parents claim the Stooges are not for children. I agree. They never were for children in the first place. They were invented to give you something to watch at the double feature movie while the first reel wasa re-wound.


Rollie pollie ollie


Being wisened, I really enjoyed sharing older cartoons, and Speed Racer and Tenessee Tuxedo specifically, with my son. In fact, he is the only child that understands older tech in some classes (copper wire line, rotary phones, cloud seeding, rocketry, etc ...) because of TT! Niches really well now that he's all things technology, since he usually researches topics of interest back to invention.

In the other direction there are some incredible anime series out there. Wonderful art, awesome soundtracks, strong stories, great characters. Some of this stuff is as impressive as feature films. Really something for everybody, and worth a look if you like scifi and animation but wrote it off as kids stuff.

Ah speed racer that brings back memories.

@Fulishsage Speed racer, fasted dialogue ever.


Herculoids, Thundar the Barbarian, Johnny Quest, Voltron, Robotech. Dammit, I miss cel animation.

Ren&Stimpy show.

@SpikeTalon wasn't this on nickalodean? did i spell that terribly wrong? i didn't get that where i grew up, but mu cousins did. i loved ren and stimpy, and beavis and butthead

@Byrd It sure was.


Dark wing duck

Let's get dangerous.

ah! I forgot about this! and it made me think of tailspin and ducktales, thank you!

@Byrd there was another one about that time. Something with a long tail, can't remember the name.

@Fulishsage Bonkers, I think. uUnless you're thinking of the really long tailed critter from Raw Toonage.


Rocky and Bullwinkle, right up there with Simpson's and the Family Guy for me.


Rood Runner. The end.


As I have mentioned many times, I grew up without television, in the 17th Centtury. So my cartoons come from books. Calvin and Hobbs are my famorite:

i didnt have a tv till i was 8 but even then, it was mostly for the grownups. we got one hour a day between the 3 of us. it was cool tho, kids now should maybe learn a bit about the outside world...its not so bad


Anyone remember Will o' the Wisp?? with The Moog? (Not the Moog synthesizer)
It was a BBC cartoon. They had a lot of stuff that we got to watch here (Canada).
Good times...

Yes the show featured Kenneth Williams doing most of the voice over work.


G-Force: Guardians of Space!

The original series from which Battle of the planets and G force was edited was Gatchaman (science Ninja's), a Japanese science fiction series, it is available online. Make sure you get the original series though, most of the later remakes are pretty dire


Most of these cartoons can be found on YouTube, y'all.

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