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The Wall Pink FLoyd's version or at the US Mexico border

I feel the need for a growth experience. What are your opinions on the wall at the southern border?

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btroje 9 Apr 12

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Bad idea: airplanes, boats, tunnels and then there are Ladders, and ropes. Not to mention people just overstaying their visas...

and catapults

@btroje trebuchet could do as well!

@Donna_I now I have to look that up

@Donna_I Now I learned something. THey seem better for chunkin punkin types of work.ANd in this modern age bringing the wood in would not be that much of an issue

@Stevil because there are no dogapults

@Stevil lol!

@btroje not the best trasport for people but cantaloupe sized bags of drugs... might work.

@Donna_I the bit I read said it could move 350 lbs vs about 150 lbs for a standard catapult

@Stevil that would be some major punkin chunkin action

@btroje I don't doubt it! Sad attempt at a trump based joke with the cantaloupe comment... πŸ™‚

@Donna_I sounded good to meπŸ™‚

@Stevil we can build that!

@Donna_I there are so many shades of orange with trump I just didnt get it

@btroje lol!


If you really wanted to curb illegal border crossings, you'd start by convening a panel of experts to advise you on the most effective, evidence-based strategies.

What we've got going is a tragicomic farce.


It is a complete waste of time, money and labor, not to mention very destructive to ecosystems and local communities, and will have little if any impact on illegal immigration, which has been falling as it is without the damn wall. It isn’t even up for debate at this point; that wall will never prevent modern migration. Period.

In a way, you’re right. Pink Floyd’s prop wall would be just as effective, and would cost a fuck-ton less than the monstrosity that dipshit has been ranting about.

But since a very vocal minority thinks it's more important to be terrified of people who look different than themselves and can't manage to figure out what taxes are actually for, Cheeto Mussloini von Pussygroper gets to go hog wild and act like the moron he is.

It pisses me off even more when the same attention, resources and focus towards other things (public works and infrastructure projects, for example) would resolve labor issues in all 50 states. It worked before and ushered some of the most prosperous times our nation has seen.

This entire administration is nothing more than a textbook example of disaster capitalism. This is what our country has been doing to the world since the 50’s and is (one of) the main reasons so many people hate our nation. The only difference is that it is now happening to us. What I can’t figure out is, do the people who voted for him realize what they created, and if so does their continued support indicate intellectual dishonesty, Stockholm Syndrome, or an absence of knowledge regarding how the world actually works? I’m thinking all three.


Seriously? A un-needed wall?..ok build the damn thing out of Cardboard..

thats an idea

@btroje ain't it though..


The proposed border wall is a waste of tax payer money. The only people who come in across our land border are a few poor Mexican families looking to make some money working the fields in California. The criminals come in via our ocean borders and through our airports.

Pink Floyd's version of The Wall, however? One of the greatest rock operas of all time.


Imma gunna stay out of the whole immigration debate, but with today's technology the whole idea of putting up a wall in the middle of friggin' nowhere and expecting it to keep people and drugs out is just asinine. Sensors could do the same thing for a LOT less money these days - here's betting the contract goes to someone that also builds hotels with no working smoke detectors...

yeah, might have been a fair idea when they built the Great Wall of China but that was a while back and things were kinda different


He's looking for a legacy. Something with his name on it. Anything with his name on it.

more like everything with his name on it


Build tables, not walls.

build schools and put well paid, highly qualified teachers in them

@markdevenish That works too.


Growth experience πŸ™‚ Well my 2 cents is it's the wrong way to spend resources.

skado Level 8 Apr 12, 2018

lots of other ways to benefit from those bucks


Its a BIG WASTE of money.

Where theres a will theres a way, any physical barrier can and will be overcome. Ask the french about the maginot line.

The southern wall issue is just a political stunt. Heres an idea, "HANDS ALONG BORDER ", kind of like Hands across america!!

Btw, I like Pink Floyds version much more.

yes, maybe I should have included that in the poll

@btroje Your post was and is thought cannot think of!!

@JayJackson I added it after I read your post


A border wall can be circumvented by people, but not wildlife. Of course, with the EPA being dismainteled, there probably will be no talk of an environmental impact study.

nd think of all the people losing property by Eminent domain


Enforcing labor laws would be much cheaper and more effective if the goal is to curb illegal immigration. The government could even make money if it actually fined rulebreaking employers like it is supposed too. Businesses blatantly employ people illegally that work for low pay and don't complain about working conditions. It's gross. We would probably pay more for food and other stuff if they had to stop.

MsAl Level 7 Apr 12, 2018

well said . that is rarely mentioned.

I was formerly married to someone of questionable legal status and got to know the system quite well. Also worked in resturaunts where they would take bogus ss cards and act surprised later like they didn't know. Theyed fire a few people for show if they got caught then just do it again no consequences.The only people who suffered were the actually illegal workers if they did get caught and they were pretty much disposable. It's like this whole underclass of people without basic rights that we keep allowing to happen.


No wall at the border. Open Border!!!

"C'mon now. I'm not for the wall but the concept of "open borders" is ridiculous. Not a single county in the world has this."

@Bierbasstard Well, except for all the European countries that are part of the Schengen agreement. I still find it a bit weird that to go from Portugal to Spain, Spain to France, Germany to Holland etc, you just walk (or drive or ride on the train or ferry).


An ugly waste of my tax dollars. It won't stop anyone from getting across the border. #shovels

#ladders and #ropes

@RavenCT Not to mention if I were a smuggler or a human trafficker, I would use dynamite blowing holes repeatedly, up and down that wall costing Americans millions of dollars in upkeep. Stupid, stupid idea.


"And when they've given you their all
Some stagger and fall, after all it's not easy
Banging your heart against some mad bugger's wall"


Bad idea from the big orange turd.


I was reading a newspaper called The Asian Reporter about a year or so ago...this article had a great idea for a 'wall' with turnstyles...maybe an entrance fee (like a buck or two) and you get an entrance card, if you are caught without your entrance card, you get a 5 dollar fine, maybe...and this is only to alleviate the assholes who think we need to 'protect our borders' from some non-existent threat...look we did don't be a dick to your neighbors...

Actually, this idea deserves some consideration.


A wall would just increase the number of tunnels crossing the border. We'd have to build in both directions to be effective. I think we should just build 6 walls surrounding anyone making this suggestion.

or encase them in a bubble

I do believe, sir, you should run for congress!


It is not going to keep the bad guys out. The will just fly more drones over dig tunnels. The Spanish population in Canada may get a lot larger.

yeah you don't see many people mention the elaborate tunnels that have already been found

@btroje It was all in the TV show Weeds.

@RavenCT cool. No TV here.

@RavenCT Have not seen it. I did live in California from 2003 until 2016 you learn a lot from the local immigrants.


It's about time this seminal work was given second life. I picture an open air concert near The Alamo. That would be cool.

Just don't pull and Ozzy and pee on it...

@Johnsalterego Aw... well. Okay. Lotsa portapotties. Everywhere. Just in case.

@Hicks66 wall of portapotties

@btroje So ya
Thought ya
might like to
go at the show...


Really bad idea-we don't need no wall.-bad grammar


Does anybody remember the Berlin wall?
Walls fall down. Tom Petty told us.

of course! best not build them in the first place


Pink Floyd all the way! The wall is an unbelievably stupid idea. It definitely won't stop drugs. Thousands of containers come in on ships everyday, and something like 2% are inspected. If you think that a lot of drugs don't come in on those ships you would be wrong. Eliminate the migrant farm workers you could be paying a couple of bucks for a tomato. The construction business in a lot of states would be in deep shit. In Texas it would be catastrophic.

We have roofing and dry wall hanging done buy the Mexican laborers in Louisiana. The white business owners hire them cheap because they speak very little English. The Forman speaks both languages. Everyone's happy. The wall will change that.

@BucketlistBob l remember after Katrina someone in New Orleans said without those laborers they would have never gotten things rebuilt.

@Sticks48. Yep.... trumps just going to screw up the prices of things. He should be working on health care insurance instead of beating around the bush.


Actual border crossings on the ground have been down for years. They come in legally by plane and stay. Letting their visa's expire. A wall is a complete waste of money, time and manpower. Our infrastructure is complete crap, but we need a fucking wall. Hell no even if Mexico paid for it which they never will.


I read the question as asking "A" or "B" but the answer selection is "Yes" or "No"?

The US/Mexico border wall represents an enormous waste of resources.

A Floyd concert depicting the destruction of (I am guessing the US Mexico boarder) wall is I think a bit of a stretch as the Pink Floyd version of "The Wall" is a metaphorical analogy to dealing with psychological barriers and chemical addiction the artist erected to protect himself from additional emotional trauma.

you are getting too serious here

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