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LINK TN Teacher Sends Former Student Message Condemning Her Same-Sex Relationship | Hemant Mehta | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

A student who graduated from Red Bank High School in Tennessee four years ago received an unsolicited message over the weekend from one of her former teachers, Erika Perry.

They weren’t particularly close, which is all the more reason it was bizarre for Perry to chime in regarding Hannah Kelley‘s same-sex relationship:...

...Your current lifestyle is not what God has planned for you to be a part of. I pray that you use God’s love to lead you to true love and leave the temptation that you are currently in....

snytiger6 9 Jan 11

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Another moron in the freak gallery heard from....


The bigoted bitch needs to get a life.


I would tell her something like this "your unwanted meddling and disgraceful judging of other people's lives is totally against the teachings of the same god you claim to follow"


Fucking xians

bobwjr Level 10 Jan 12, 2021

Man am I glad I got away from all this rigmarole.


What a bitch, she had no right to send the message, in Australia she may well lose her job over that. But now at least all the students in her care know what a self rightous bigot she is and can avoid her as much as possible. I hope parents make sure their children are not in her classes. Her apology did not in any way say that she was sorry for what she wrote just that it caused an uproar. It is a fake apology.


Another believer with nothing else to do and too much time on her hands.


Hopefully, under Biden this sort of religious crap will slow since they will no longer have their poster boy, tRump. I wonder how many who were horrified at the recent battle in DC noticed a lot of these people were evangelical christians including mr horn, tatoo boy.

I did...I head people hollering, ‘Jesus Saves’ at the riot, in some of the clips!


Faithfools spouting off stupid stuff. I think the faithfool is jealous of the woman's same sex lifestyle.


Teacher...took those instructions right out of a preacher’s mouth! The Evangelicals are out to ‘fix’ the world into their image! We have our work cut out for us...I don’t know where to start, except with one person at a time! This is sad, sad!


She should have said "Show me one mention condemning lesbian relationships in the babble." I don't think there are any.

No there isn't re-Lesbian relationships BUT there are quite a number in regards to Homosexual relationships.
But the authors who 'borrowed' from the Torah seemed to have conveniently 'forgotten' to mention that under Ancient Hebrew Lore "ALL women menstruating MUST live completely separated from ALL men during the period of uncleanliness and for 3 days after must scrub their clothing, bedding etc, with salty waters to remove the 'perils' of contaminating the menfolk with the filth from their bodies."
Not only is the Holey Babble 100% Homophobic, but 100% Misogynistic as well.


I would respond with:
"I suggest you get a life and stay out of mine and other people's".

DAMN RIGHT!! When someone pays my bills for me.......until then drop dead.


Well said. 😉


I would press harassment charges


No end to these dead set on trying to interfere in others lives...


She should STFU and mind her own business.


Teachers need to keep their religion out of school. I taught 20 years. To be honest, students, especially those of a religious twist, didn't have a lot of real knowledge on their religion - especially how writers use christianity in their works (most pro, others con).

@Dyl1983 I tried to. I even changed an essay question once (and I always had at least two choices) on religious references in Grapes of Wrath because of my Muslim and foreign born Asian students (my mormon student was very unhappy - I should say ex mormon because he hated and vilified the church, but he sure knew the bullshit which American literature is awash in).
I did have a little 10th grade evangelical tell me once that I was going to hell. That didn't prevent her from earning an A, and she took almost all of my higher level elective classes. She has turned into quite the 40 plus year old socialist living and teaching college in Ireland.

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