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The Democratic Party has for some time now been a moderate conservative ( business ) party.
The Republican Party is now officially a fringe extremist fascist party.
Seems like now would be a good time to launch an authentic liberal ( people ) political party in the U.S.

( psst, hey Bernie! )

skado 9 Feb 13

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You can have good business and humanity, the democrats just need to realize that subsidy's to military, private prisons, the health insurance industry and fossil fuels is throwing money down the drain. Every country has some mix of socialism and capitalism and it's how competently they use both rather than some test of ideological purity that leads to good quality of life. The current maga cult republicans have reached a level of corruption and incompetence that the smart money is getting rid of them first. They're a gangrenous limb that needs prompt removal.

I don't think democrats will realize that subsidies to the military, private prisons, health insurance companies, etc... is a waste. They take campaign bribes from those industries and won't turn their backs on them.

The democratic party is a lost cause, it is corrupted beyond repair. A new socialist working class party is the way forward.

@RoboGraham Possibly, but we aren't there yet. I'm inclined to think that many diverse parties are more truly representative and would dilute the power of special interests more than any single party, even it is nominally the best. The maga cult is a convenient scapegoat for the Democrats as well as inherently problematic, (Voting for the lesser of two evils is the correct path if and only if you only have two choices) getting rid of them will force a split and I'm for it even though I don't know where it will lead.


Too late, I'm afraid. Bernie missed his chance this last time. He's now seen as too old.

Too old to be the candidate, but not too old to inspire and organize.


I think Uncle Joe is a lot more liberal than you think.

I sincerely hope you are right.


Since we are a nation of multi-cultural citizens and societies, we need a good Progressive Party. I'm all for one.


America is a centrist country and will be as long as religion has a strong hold on the people. If you split the Democratic party we will be in the same mess the Republicans are in. In effect they are a split party, and they lost the House in 18 and the Senate and Presidency in 20. Maybe our form of government doesn't work. There are over 160 democracies in many different forms on this planet and we were the first modern democracy, yet not one has copied us. I wonder why!

It's a strange setup there. 50 Senators on either side - two opposing parties. It seemed obvious from the beginning that he was going to be acquitted. It just wasn't realistic to get 17 votes from the Republicans. 7 votes from their side was good but not good enough to swing a guilty verdict as was on the previous impeachment. It's a strange setup to get a guilty verdict. This even though the Republicans and the rest of the world listened to all "his" utterances that lead to the horrific attack on your capitol hill building. That's a guilty verdict anywhere else.
Greece however was the first democracy😊

They use religion as a controlling front to vacuum support. Very few of those leaders follow their religion. It's just talk of unjustifiable convenience.

@TimeOutForMe l usually put "modern" democracy in that statement, but l forgot this time.

@TimeOutForMe Of course they don't follow their religions. Very few Christians follow the tenants of their religion.


I'm not an American citizen, but for what it's worth, I completely agree.


Let's make sure the stake is securely penetrating the vampire's heart before risking a loss, especially while Trump is still hoping for another run. You can be sure the Republicans will be doing all they can to splinter the Democrat Party. This is not the time to help them. If you love progressive ideas, promote them from within.

That's a nice idea, but it will never work. The last two cycles proved that the Dem Party is beyond reform or redemption. Their leaders love that corporate money too much to allow progressive candidates to ever control the party or be nominated for prez.

We need to enact progressive ideas, but progressives themselves are unelectable. Even more so now. Demanding power is it's own litmus test, and insures the Republicans win.


I am hoping every 2 years progressives replace the corporate centrist dinosaurs.


. . . or perhaps Bernie already figures another party would split the 'liberal' vote. 😛

Perhaps the Rs will split. 😮

I agree. The Dem Party will never allow progressives to have any real power in the party or get a prez nomination. If we don't establish a viable third party, the best we can hope for is the Repubs splitting, but I'm not optimistic that either will happen.

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