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LINK Letters From An American 03/04/2021

This afternoon, the Senate voted to take up the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan recently passed by the House. The vote was 51 to 50, with Vice President Kamala Harris casting the tie-breaking vote.

Republicans have vowed to slow the passage of the bill. As soon as it passed, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) insisted on having all 628 pages of the bill read aloud, which the Senate clerks are currently doing at a rapid clip to a chamber that emptied of everyone but the presiding Senator (a Democrat), and one Republican (to insist on the process), almost immediately after the clerks began to read.

Once the reading is over, there will be up to 20 hours of debate on the bill, and then, led by Johnson, Republicans plan to offer hundreds of amendments to slow the bill down. Nonetheless, Democrats expect to pass the measure through the Senate by the end of next week. This will send it back to the House in time for any changes to be adjusted and to go to Biden to sign it into law before extended unemployment benefits run out on March 14.

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Senator Johnson is contemplating retiring. I suggested he resign.....yesterday


The Republicans need to go


I was speechless when I first heard about this, and I am rarely speechless. If there were a hell, Johnson's eternity should be listening to this bill read aloud--and each time it is finished, he is given a test over the details: essay test.


Yes, world!!! This is how the American government gets stuff done....and everyone should emulate us!!!..............said no one ever.


Anything the obstructionist assholes do to bust balls will backfire on them. For this purpose the Senate should hire this reader as a special pain in the ass reply to the imbeciles who delay shit just to bust balls.


In my opinion, in times like this Governments SHOULD ask themselves this ONE simple question, " WHAT is more important, the Economy and the Budget OR the People that WE are elected to serve and Protect?"The answer should be just as simple imo.
I.e, What good is an Economy and a Budget in the black with virtually no-one left to service it?
A Nation of DEAD people pays NO taxes, spends NO money, needs NO Economy NOR Services such as Hospitals, Supermarkets, Transport, etc, etc.
The Economy will RECOVER, slowly most likely, but it takes approx. FORTY weeks from conception to Birth, another 16 -20 YEARS before that child is old enough to find, get and have a job of Employment, start paying taxes, have a family, own a home/rent a home, DEAD people DO NOT procreate, they just lay there and decay.
In other words, NO PEOPLE means NO money being circulated by Spending = No taxes being paid, NO Production, No Employment, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that makes a country/Nation what is happens.
The U.S. has LOST approx. 1% of its population thus far in the C-19 PLAGUE and still the Repulsivians (Republicans) harp on about the Economy.
WHAT, in the name of ALL Reason, Logic and Humanity is WRONG with these Repulsivians?

10.%? No, my friend. The COVID death rate is closer to will be 1.5% before all is said and done. But your point is well taken.

@Flyingsaucesir Sorry bit of a typo, should have been 1%.
The latest I heard was that the U.S. had gone WELL past the 1% Death Toll , i.e. 3 Million C-19 Deaths and still climbing sadly.
But, imo, even 1% of any population is 1% too many.

@Flyingsaucesir Even though the vaccines are out there and working I sincerely doubt that either C-19 or its mutant strains are finished with us as yet.

I'm afraid you are probably right about that.

@Flyingsaucesir Though we MAY think we have defeated things like Measles, Polio and the like, sadly we have NOT.
Imo, the ONLY time we can truly give ourselves a pat onthe back is when we have removed them completely and totally.

True dat!


Johnson should have been forced to sit and listen to the reading.

I think all the republicans need to listen to the reading.

How about making him copy it out long hand??


Fucking bastards don’t give a shit about any of their constituents! I hope those people remember when it’s time to vote these assholes out!

The problem with many politicians is they run for a passionate cause. Then, they get trapped in the idea they cannot serve unless they constantly get re-elected. That re-election becomes the guiding principle not they reason they rn for in the first place. Our senator,Patty Murray ran like this and now she is one of the more senior members. Once in they learn tricks to help them get re-elected.

@JackPedigo you’re absolutely correct Jack! I know they all, representatives and senators, spend most of their time raising money to get re-elected instead of working for the good of their constituents. I don’t know much about Patty Murray, but will do some Research on her. 😉

@Redheadedgammy When I was i ZPG we had a local county councilperson as a member and he often gave us talks about how politics work. He talked about how much work it was during the last 6 weeks of an election - putting out lots of yard signs (and trying to get them as close to polling stations as possible), knocking on doors and meeting people. He was Polish and told us many said they voted for him because of his nationality. He was a democrat and known as the local father of growth management. His district was heavily conservative (he ran as a republican) and his politics went against the strongly property rights feelings of the wealthy in his district. He was able to stay in position for 10 years until a new nominee caught his scam. In politics it's often not about contents but packaging. Again, the average voter is a nitwit. It takes work to vote responsibly.


Debate time was reduced to only 3 hours instead of 20. After it was all read and all the Republicans left, one Democrat stuck around and motioned to reduce the debate time. The motion was granted because no opposition was present. So all the time wasted on reading the bill aloud actually cost the republicans in the end.
Nicely played, Dems.


the part i love the most is that like only a quarter of that two TRILLION dollars goes to people in need; where does the rest go?

Good question, Ned to read the 600 pages.

Covid relief funds is part of it. A boost to unemployment money.

@xenoview near as i can tell at least half of these go to rich corps who are not losing money at all


The only leadership in the GOP is the current Golden Calf and in 4 years he never produced his healthcare plan.


And the republicans have the gall (and hypocrisy) to call the democrats "obstructionists".

That whole party needs to be eradicated from any level of "leadership".
They totally suck at it.

I'm so sick of this bullshit.

...after he has destroyed all rulers, powers, and authority
welcome to Jesus 🙂

The Republican Party is not a party, it's a cult. A personality cult, to be specific.


Leadership with an actual Plan! How refreshing!


There are a few things in the Bill that are questionable. However, unless one Democrat votes against the Bill it will pass. Therefore if Republicans really want to kill the Bill as written, they should concentrate on convincing one Democrat to vote against it, as the current strategy only prolongs passage.


Just another mean-spirited power play by the GOP! Clearly, they're more interested in having influence than in caring for the voters.


End the filibuster, get the job done.

Be careful what you wish for.

@Alienbeing The republicans are the only ones who use the filibuster.

We have to end gerrymandering and voter suppression too.

@xenoview Obviously you have no clue about the subject. Go back to sleep.

@Alienbeing Funny, very funny.

@xenoview Nothing funny about you illustrating ignorance.

@Alienbeing I think you are a troll. So I will treat you like one.

@xenoview I don't think, I know you are a person who wants to remain ignorant. If you had a clue you would know that the Democrat party holds the record for the most filabusters, and the longest filabuster.

That is neither good or bad, but it sure blows your comment out of the water.

P.S. You don't even know what a troll is.

@Alienbeing Evidence to your claims.

@xenoview You can easily Google it, or is that another short coming you have? You shouldn't make a statement if you don't know the facts.

Hint: Strom Thurman as a Democrat is the record holder for the longest filibuster.

@Alienbeing He was a dixiecrat before joining the republicans. You have still failed to provide evidence that dem's use the filibuster more than republicans.

@xenoview You still don't understand what you read very well!

First, a Dixiecrat WAS a Democrat.
Second I RESTATE it is not my job to cure your ignorance.

@Alienbeing You are a funny man and troll. You think you are so smart, when you are not.

@xenoview You don't have a clue what I think, because you don't know me, and you really don't think much before posting.

I never claimed to be smart, but so far what is definte, smarter than you, because at least know what a troll is, and you obviously do not. No fear, you have time to learn. You may even learn the difference between legal and illegal one day.

@Alienbeing You are a troll. A very funny troll. You have a problem when ask for evidence, you don't provide it. You have to learn to back your claims when you make them.

@xenoview Your are bore who never had, nor currenty has political knowledge. Anyone who doesn't know the minority party uses fiabusters as a control measure is simply ignorant.

As I told you twice, it is not my job to cure your ignorance.

@Alienbeing FUNNY TROLL!

@xenoview Ignorance does not become you.

@Alienbeing You are a funny and lousy troll. All your comments make me laugh.

@xenoview Did you ever notice that mentally challanged people laugh at inappropriate things? I guess not.


I keep up to date with what's going on it's amazing how much the party of NO is getting away with. 😤

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