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LINK Catholic church opposed suicide hotline because it included support for LGBTQ people / LGBTQ Nation

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops also opposes the Violence Against Woman Act and providing broader public accommodations protections for people of color for the same reason.

“All persons must be protected from violence, but codifying the classifications ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ as contained in S. 47 is problematic,” the bishops admitted in a statement.

The men also refuse to consider providing broader public accommodations protections for women, people of color, and the disabled that would be included in the Equality Act because the bill would provide nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people. The bishops previously criticized the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA) because it doesn’t distinguish “between sexual inclination and sexual conduct” and does “not represent an authentic step forward in the pursuit of justice in the workplace.”

The bishops even oppose the Fairness for All Act, legislation promoted by Republicans that would provide some nondiscrimination protections but with larger religious exemptions. That version is supported by the Church of Latter-day Saints, the Orthodox Union, and several other religiously affiliated groups.

HippieChick58 9 Mar 26

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How is this church still in existence? It boggles the mind!


They're a very moral people, you know. /s


The RCC is full of racist bigoted pig. All religion needs to be removed from politics. Give them the choice of losing their tax exempt status or stay out of politics.


Though to some this may sound to be cold, uncaring, etc, etc, it is most definitely NOT meant to be.
BUT, just maybe, this is because these 'happy little cross-dressing' Priests of the Church of Universal Paedophilia are suffering from a very deep seated form of Jealousy brought on by what they perceive as being caused by those in the LGBTQI Communities who find great pleasure and enjoyment in and from Role Reversal by wearing attire from the genders of which is the complete opposite to their own.
I mean, in the mind of these Catholic Priests, it would be 100% wrong to have other OUTSIDERS compete against them for the Title of being THE Best Cross-Dressers in the Universe, wouldn't it? LOL.
As a semi-retired yet still practicing Psychologist and Crisis Counselor, I make NOT distinct what-so-ever when it comes to a Patient/Client needing my help, etc, be they LGBTQI or whatever, I AM there to help them as best I possibly can SO, WHY, in the name of ALL things Reasonable, Humanitarian and Decency MUST the Catholic Church be so bloody-minded, Bigoted, Self-Righteous and out-right Discriminatory?

God. Isn't that a scream? First world beacon of education, indeed.

Well, you have to admit that Pope Benedict's red Prada shoes were FABULOUS! snerk


Evil of religion


They prove more and more how evil they are.



Mvtt Level 6 Mar 26, 2021

So, it is OK according to the Catholic church if gay and transgendered people commit suicide, and preferable to to allow all people to suffer without support if it means LGBTQ persons have to be included. How compassionate of them. They must not accept the confessions of gay or transgendered persons either which condemns them to burn. Murderers, thiefs, and child molesters can be forgiven and deserve support when they are suicidal, but not gay people. Sad! Very Sad! And they wonder why people leave their churches.


What do you expect from the Church of Perpetual Pedophilia, Truly caring empathetic support?

They protected their pedophile preists moving them around to keep them hidden (and to molest more children).


Kind of off topic but my grandfather was a catholic who committed suicide. It was hushed up and he got buried in hallowed ground. I have no idea how devout he was but his wife and daughter (My mom) were only catholic when filling out paperwork. I literally didn't even know that until I was in my teens.


Of course they did.


Truly unchristian are the catholics.


Pro-birth, NOT pro-life.

MizJ Level 7 Mar 26, 2021

What hypocrites !!!


Sssdd, same stupid s*** different day. 😤😠😡🤬


Horrendous 😞


I have to approach these news items very carefully. Breathe deeply, count to ten a few times.
Otherwise it releases an stoppable F torrent, a Tasmanian Devil spin cycle.
Catholic church, I cannot hear you. The noise from the next room where you keep your Pedophile Machine is drowning out anything you say to me. Get fucked.
Maybe wrong choice of words, but it is the thought that counts, my Hallmark moment for these smoldering turds.
BTW my reaction is mild compared to my wife's. Just sayin'.


I encourage suicide hotlines because they could offer assistance to recovering Catholics.

mischl Level 8 Mar 26, 2021

Yes, dealt with more than a few myself and are they in one hellova mess from the get go.


Seems like there’s more idiots that have mistaken paint chips for white potato chips than I originally thought.

This past year I have seen what seems like paint chip eaters in many places. I love their reactions when I suggest this.


The longer they keep this garbage up, the more they're going to find out just how badly it will end for them.
If they think they have ANY right to influence public policy, they should have to pay taxes -- LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

This one’s interesting:


@girlwithsmiles The IRS needs to go after all of them, including the politicians who are trying to make it easier for them.

@KKGator Yep, go in with ALL guns blazing, cut the bastards OFF at the knees and then leave for the vultures to feast upon.

@KKGator yes, I remember years ago a, ‘Church’ that I was employed paid a lot of money to some people when a homophobic bill was being discussed. It looks like things have changed for the better since then.

@girlwithsmiles Not by much. Just saw a list of organizations that are supporting, and contributing to, the republican push to change voting laws. They run the gamut of anti-abortion groups to churches interested in discriminating against LGBTQ+.
I find it so interesting that these groups have so much money to support the causes of disenfranchisement, but next to nothing for the support of democracy.

@KKGator 😞 yes, my understanding of Christ was that he was non judgmental and compassionate. Must have been reading from a different book!

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