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LINK White Evangelicals Are Still Major Obstacles in COVID Vaccination Efforts | Beth Stoneburner | Friendly Atheist | Patheos

We already know that white evangelicals are less likely than any other religious group to get the COVID vaccine. We already know that stalwart right-wing Christians like Franklin Graham have received backlash for urging other evangelicals to get their shots.

Unfortunately, their reluctance or refusal to get vaccinated has the potential to hurt other people as well. The virus will continue looking for ways to spread, and white evangelicals keep giving it new routes.

A recent New York Times article points out how, despite the vaccines being more available and undeniably effective, a lot of evangelicals are still citing their faith as a reason not to get their shots:

snytiger6 9 Apr 6

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Please, please, please let all the Faithfools NOT be vaccinated, with of course, the EXCEPTION their innocent children that is, then when they've all fallen off the perch we shall be free of them at long last.


No shock there. As I said in a number of comments, religion is going to be the death of us.


Part of me is to the point of saying this.

Let us smart people wear masks, remove all the mandates and let the evangelicals die out from sheer stupidity.


They are the obstacle for anything good.


Why point out that they are white?

Mvtt Level 7 Apr 7, 2021

Yeah I kinda feel that. Let's be honest just saying evangelicals is enough, we all know they're WASPs

Pointing out that they ware white is referring to the racism that is deeply embedded in that particular religion.


It seems to be their faith and the fact that some of them think they have a strong immune system. I find it strange and funny at the same time.


Well, some of us knew they were idiots long ago; now they are providing more evidence to support their ignorance.


With any luck, the new strains of Covid will exact a heavy toll on the evangelicals, say 4-6 %? Darwin cannot act fast enough on them. If they get 'brain fog', how can anyone tell?

Unfortunately, their refusal to be vaccinated will allow the virus to mutate enough times that our present vaccines will become ineffective against it.

@TomMcGiverin I don't think we know that for certain yet. It's going to be variable among people. We should have significant cross-reactivity from the existing vaccines. We are getting a variety of medicines to reduce fatalities like fluvoxamine and the antibody sera. I do understand your point and we may well need additional vaccines to cover the new variants.

@racocn8 If it weren't for their contributions to virus mutations, I would be fine with letting the virus kill off their numbers, but it isn't that simple.

@TomMcGiverin exactly right ! they are putting everyone at risk.


Faithfools believing stupid crap. If covid would only infect faithfools the world would be a better place.

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