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if god knows the beginning and the end then why are we here?? are we just pawns in a grand scheme by all the so called gods?

jon2344 3 Apr 11

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We're here because the purpose of life is to live. We have gifts: life, a beautiful planet in which to live. And then we have challenges: each other. So maybe the end and the beginning are not the thing, but NOW is the thing.



Yep! apparently humanity is just God's Little Ant Farm. We're probably kept on gods nightstand in his bedroom.


Welcome to the asylum. Enjoy your stay.

One would first have to actually believe in gods to wonder what their "plans" are.

As far as the rest, like "why are we here?",
I find most it to be existential bullshit.
I'm here, the why of it is irrelevant to me.


God? He left my life with Santa and the tooth fairy, this dong makes more sense than the bible to me:

ha c'mon who has a prob with love your neighbor lol

@bbyrd009 are you kidding? Well these guys for starters!


Plus for many, ‘so called’ Christians it seems impossible not to judge and ostracise people e.g. people that are homosexual or have children out of wedlock, which goes against what Jesus taught and that whole lesson.

@girlwithsmiles well, Christians mostly hate the Bible with a passion, in my experience anyway; so, two diff subjects prolly

@bbyrd009 oh, not in mine, they read it at Church most Sundays. The link is to a site called, ‘neighbours from hell’ by the way 😉


All the “so called gods” are inventions of man, and there is no grand scheme of things, merely the laws of nature. The only people we are pawns of are the politicians...and then, only if we give them that power by electing the wrong ones into office in the first place.


Which God/s are you talking about here?
Historically speaking there are well over 3 million + Gods/Goddesses, Demi-Gods/Demi-Goddesses to select from throughout the history of Human Kind.
So, how about being a bit more specific if you please.


It’s mythology, we’re really just starting to get a glimpse of reality after an eternity of lying to ourselves that we can influence destiny by appealing to a powerful enough supernatural being while never having any evidence whatsoever that such beings exist.


There are many flaws in the Christian belief system. It's kinda pointless to worry about them. Because it's all make believe.



skado Level 9 Apr 11, 2021

Do you have objective evidence that any god exist?

I have a photograph of one.


To buy digital watches, welcome to the asylum. 😁


Just a ant farm and him with a magnifying glass

bobwjr Level 10 Apr 11, 2021

when you were a kid, your mom knew the beginning and the end of most of your doings, too
so it might be a call to perspective


I notice my comment about Americans and irony has been removed. My my, what a sensitive soul. Well if not ironic the question is certainly hypothetical.
Why are we here ?. To procreate and continue the existence of the species. Anything else is what we make it.


It continues to amaze me that people keep looking for answers, and rationale, in religion. The most irrational philosophy of all.....made up of the most irrational people.


First humans made the gods, then they made religion to control people. So which god and what religion are you talking about?


Yes. Now try to grab the pebble from my hand, Grasshopper.


Not directly related - but - if we knew just how our life was going to play out then there would be no point in living it.


We're here to be characters in god's cosmic video games.

Voltaire said: "God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh."


We are here simply because a specific set of physical and chemical conditions developed. Second, why do we assume that there is a distinct beginning and end? Third we are not pawns, but simply insignificant short-term blips on the chemical and physical radar screen of the universe and its unfolding.


Well of course, I'm an atheist because it is part of god(s) plan. Unless this god stuff is all bollocks?

Go, and do likewise was said of an "atheist" (samaritan) fwiw...


My best answer is...I don't know. For me it was hard at first to get comfortable with this answer as it offers no comfort, only an ongoing daunting feeling. However, for me it is the most honest answer. One which every thiest refuses to accept. So this leaves me with the notion that we are faced with a huge mystery in our current reality and with no evidence to an afterlife or a God/s.


How are we here?
Is a more fruitful question.

Mvtt Level 7 Apr 12, 2021

Often I have heard people refer to the ' kingdom of heaven ' surely that is more than enough of a clue that points to a monarchical notion of heaven and the origin of many, if not all religions. At best they may all be described as a crock of shit! At worst they have been a prison for the minds of countless numbers of people who have lived on this earth and the cause of appalling and unnecessary suffering, torture and death.

Forget the notion that you are pawn in some divine chess game because it is utter bullshit. Of course, you can choose to believe it and in so doing may be relieved of some sense of personal responsibility. You can read and recite passages from a so-called holy book and sing religious nursery rhymes.



Poof you are gone!!!

Poof you are reincarnated!!

Poof we are all full of shit and piss!!!

Then poof must be the real creator, just like a fart in the pants of some old fart!!!


Reality 101!!!

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