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For those actively looking for a companion/more where did you find your success?:

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SunshineBee 5 Apr 17

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BD66 Level 7 Apr 17, 2018

Did you have any issues running into fake or bad profiles on Match?

I'm 51, and I kept getting notifications that beautiful young women in their 20's were interested in me. I dated 6 women close to my age 44 to 54, and I've been dating the same women exclusively for 4 months, so it worked for me. The beautiful young women were amusing.


I had been entirely single, tried dating through websites, lost that interest, and then this site happens. Joined it in December with no real expectations of meeting someone from here. And then, Voila! A gentlemen in a neighboring county to me appeared out of the blue on this site, we met and the connection was real and honest. We are still together since meeting in January but officially "steady" February 18. He left this site shortly after meeting me as this site served its function for him. I still enjoy this community as, ultimately, I joined to meet like-minded intelligent individuals. Win/win for me. Best of luck to you!

good for you!

@evestrat made my day ๐Ÿ™‚

Could start a hashtag for it?


The last one, I parked my bike too close to her van, She ask me to move it a little so she wouldn't hit. Of course I would move,I didn't want her to hit it either. I asked her if she wanted to take a ride, turn out to be a long one of fourteen years.


I don't look at work, there are few in my age range, and most of those are married. I recently dropped off of all dating sites. I don't regard this as a dating site. So IF I find a date it will be completely random. I'm not holding my breath.

@StarvinMarvin Thank you, I think...


Any of these places/avenues can be great. But the kicker is that you have to be genuine. Even online. Iโ€™d honestly say stop actively looking and start actively focusing on bettering yourself and finding those communities with which you identify. Quips, jokes, lines; all great unless thatโ€™s all you have to offer. The moment you can stop trying to force something is the moment the moment your brain lets the person who wants you see the real you.


I had lots of success on POF. Sadly they turned out to be gold-diggers and I have no tolerance for that crap or else they were bat-shit crazy and a few turned out to be bible thumpers which I clearly stated in my profile that I wanted non-religious. One even turned out to be all 3, a gold-digging bat-shit crazy bible thumper.
So that's why I'm trying out. Regardless of the very small pool availability of suitable compatible companionship prospects, at least the conversations are interesting once you weed out the trolls.
I dated a number of attorneys on Match (I'm a former paralegal) but it turned out that they really didn't have time for a relationship no matter how much they wanted one.
So here I am.

Ditto lol !!!!!!

Wow, a triple (actual!) threat found you!
My course on How To Read Between The Lines Online is only $39.99, and sounds like a wise investment!

connecting with people that ended up being gold diggers doesnt sound ideal to me ๐Ÿ™‚

@JustJan POF is a free online dating site. It's called Plenty of Fish. And as I found out, there's a lot of catch and release going on.



When I worked in medicine I dated a lot of nurses and PAs. Dating sites have worked for me since but you have to put some work in. Not just messaging potential mate's but you have to weed out a lot of scammers. Beware of the women offering NSA sex or women that look young for their age. They may want $250 in iTunes. NSA = no strings attached.

What is NSA sex? I'm pretty sure I don't offer it, but just checking ?

@KnowThyself NSA is No Strings Attached

Oh my ?

Hey, I look young for my age because I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and I'm not getting wrinkles yet. It's not through effort, I maybe remember to slap on moisturizer a couple times a week.



Success in dating? What's that?


I found two boyfriends on ok cupid.


If someone is actively looking, doesn't that mean they haven't had any success yet?

JimG Level 8 Apr 17, 2018

Nope.... means they haven't had COMPLETE and eternal success. I've had a couple successful near-misses that still break my heart. They were happy times that got dinged by events or conditions that could not be overcome. They were successes for the happy times we spent together, but we're each still looking.

@mtnhome good point. I probably should have said, "ultimate success" rather than "any success."


I found Miss P through a diligent search (online and questioning friends) and drove across two states to find her. Never has any trip proved more worthwhile! (My answer might be unconventional, I know. But you didn't specify human companions.)


If I was successful, I wouldn't be here.


I have had the most luck with dating websites where I have had the opportunity to meet a large variety of people and finally found one who I really enjoy spending time with. I do live in a rural area, quite isolated, so other options are limited - but the websites can work


Being a 53 year old mother of an at home 12 year old, I haven't put much into it as the risks may outweigh the benefits right now. Was married for 13 years, divorced for four and haven't dated once. Yes I've been asked. I am really liking the community. I originally put "interested in meeting men" on my profile but I took it off.
My looks are no longer one of my best assets but I have other strengths and qualities.
Moved a year ago and am still unpacking. I'm very involved and content with my son, my critters and my interests. Someone asked me what I do when I get bored. LMBO. What's that?
I probably should start a new post. How do you feel about dating with kids? When do you get back on the horse or don't you? Thanks for your thoughts.

Sometimes it's good to just leave it alone and be .. without any influence. Bored lol.. What you feel when you are dead haha.

@Nickbeee thanks Nick that's where I'm at but wonder sometimes if I should see it differently.

@Archer Maybe or maybe you will just click.. you know something will spark. I think you have to feel ready. I will be honest without sounding like a dick I could easily be with people now but have had a lot on in life and just finding some space which is nice. Next I can do more of that lol ๐Ÿ™‚ All I am saying I suppose .. as I would never tell you what you should be doing, is just don't be too hard on yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ pleasure

@Nickbeee totally understand. I joke about how nice it feels to have the remote even though I watch very little TV.

@Archer Haha!!! ace .... !!! I am okay now to go ahead.. But don't feel draggin people into my nonsense is fair really ๐Ÿ™‚

To answer the original post question though I find success anywhere.. Supermarkets seem oddly fruitful ! Dating sites and just randomly because I am a mouthy outspoken shit bag way to full of opinion lol ๐Ÿ˜‰ people like that.. I never use the remote I forget it exists haha!! Barking ๐Ÿ™‚


My friend is active in a singles hiking club. He said that there is usually a ratio of 4 men to each woman.

Note to women: Join a hiking club!

those kinds of things seem best. or dance classes (if you don't have to bring a partner)


My vote: Unsuccessful so far



This is like asking a writer "Where do you get your ideas?" People, like ideas or gold, are where you find them. I have a friend that swears by laundromats. There is a ride servie I use called Call a Ride here-- I have met a few people on there.

Here is the way to do it: if you see someone that might interest you, go up to them and talk to them. If you're out shopping, you can talk about the merchandise, the store, whatever. If things click, say something like "I'm enjoying this, and would like to keep in contact. Do you want to trade phone numbers?"

And if they come up to you and start talking, even better.


OK, so we all see comments from women who claim that guys just want sex and they're just sick of these horn-dogs. Well, there are surely some guys like that... but you can weed them out quickly can't you? I suspect you do. I want a complete relationship that INCLUDES intense loving intimacies which brings us both JOY... not excludes them, or offers a Sex-Lite version. My past near-misses included wonderful women who, due apparently to things they wouldn't talk about from early in their lives and previous marriages, were just unable to fully enjoy intimacies, or even talk about it. Takes months of travel, talk, efforts and weekends to get to that point where one realizes there's not a complete person here. Many women our age (60's) are looking for a travel companion, a handyman, whatever. They say they can get sex "anywhere and anytime" they want... but IF that's true, you can get a travel companion, or handyman "anywhere or anytime", too... or instead! True for some guys, too... "anywhere, anytime", but maybe that's the problem. Sex is pretty worthless unless it's an integral part of a deeply loving, caring and respectful relationship. I'm not here looking for a night, a weekend, or a shallow relationship, but I feel terrible about leaving an otherwise-wonderful lady who, after months together, admits it's been like this all her life (and ALL her marriages and re-marriages) and it isn't going to get any better and no, she's done with therapy forever. I think many of us men and women want/need the whole package and a certain level of comfort, even thrill and enjoyment with sex is just a really important part of the BIG PICTURE for some of us. That may be why guys bring up the subject early (testing the waters), but it is not all we want... it's a vital part. Without some vital part of any relationship, people move-on, just go out and get that elsewhere, or suffer in bitter silence. Not good. It's mighty refreshing to see careful wording in a lady's profile and comments that she's still looking for loving intimacies with the right man.


I had the best luck in college where we were all in the same or similar boat. We could visit every day and check each other out without it being obvious and we could decide if we wanted to see each other much more casually than on a dating site. It was much more natural than this abstract, digital environment. I'm bad at digital, I guess. Or maybe I'm just so much better in person when it's not a dating situation and girls appreciated not getting hit on all the time. Beats the hell out of me how this whole thing works!

similar. Once schooling ends the chances of meeting someone in a naturalistic setting really diminishes. I don't think I would go with someone from work.

No way I'm trying it out at work! There's a few people like myself and we know who each other is but still, we'd end up on a committee together if the deal blew up! I'll look elsewhere๐Ÿ™‚


Music venues work best for me, but then I love music so it is a likely place to find people that also love music.

Kimba Level 7 Apr 17, 2018

Me it's dating websites or the supermarket for some reason ! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


I have this fantasy of meeting the perfect person at the park or library or book store, etc. But in reality there's a million to one chance of that happening where I live. I have no idea how or where to meet the type of people I might want to date.


I've met people I've dated many places- old friends, online dating website, at a ballroom dance, from a classified dating ad in a newspaper, and at a bar.


I've had decent success online and through friends. I've made 37,811 solo trips to bars, and never gotten a date from one.


A lot of great and interesting stories on how people met. I never had any luck, myself. I tried 4 different dating sites with no luck. I dated a co-worker once that went south quick and ended even worse (and I do mean worse). Several setups from friends never worked either (they all ended up cheating on me or going back to their last boyfriend). Once I asked a worker at a grocery woman out once, and that never worked out. Saying all this, sure makes me sound bad. Believe me, I am a nice guy. Seeing all these awesome stories, does give a guy hope I can still find someone to be with.


I live in the country.... the beautiful mountains of West Virginia. But religion is big here in WV and so is Trump. Education low, worldly knowledge (diversity) is zero. Clannish behavoir rules. Everyone grew-up with everyone else and was married to half of them at least once, or their cousins. Online "dating" websites are the only way for me. I need a lady a couple hours away who has travelled beyond county lines and understands there's more to the world than her family-church bubble.

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