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Loathsome, detestable, miserable fucking piece of shit.
I hate her.
She's a disease.

Perfect description of her. I agree with you 100%!

Now tell us how you really feel about her!

And they ARE her ONLY good points as well.

Is she evolving into a virus maybe?

@RussRAB She IS a virus. She's the embodiment of hate and evil, and she's proud of it.
She is being allowed to get away with it.
She's raising all kinds of money.
Every time she appears anywhere, the dollars pour in.
She has NO shame.

@KKGator I bet that’s one load her daddy regrets blowing.

I think you are being too nice towards her.

@Alienbeing I think you're correct.


Of course she doesn't believe in Evolution, Evolution was the one major thing that by- passed her familial line by generations ago.
That's why, most Unfortunately, we are STUCK with her today.
Take one quick look into her eyes and WHAT do you see, THE Perfect Vacuum contained INSIDE her Skull.

You noticed that also? Scary, sort of like the Body Snatchers only in her case genetics seems to be the problem.


Why do we waste our time giving audience to idiots like Greene? I'd rather spend my time cleaning my toilet than to listen to this cretin.


I guess it was her personal god who made the virus, not the Chinese lab.


She does realize that Yahweh is Jewish and developed those Jewish Space Lasers, right?

She is of the ilk that blame the the Jews for killing Geebus.


She would be funny if so many did not listen to her, trump supporters of course.

Yea look at the idiots that elected her.




Should we care?


The woman is a raving lunatic. My issue with her is that she will influence other mentally incompetent people to eschew Covid-19 vaccination.

Cats and Rats rhyme by name. But when they start breeding together unfortunately this is what blossoms from it. She’s beyond what words alone can describe.


Unbelievable moron, finished her GED on the campaign trail, not very bright

bobwjr Level 9 June 10, 2021

What do you mean, I heard she had to have help to read the books and write and pass tests.


I really could not watch more than a few seconds of the dribbling idiot at the beginning let alone wait to hear her pointless comment. I will trust it was said evolution is happening right in front of her (how many different strains of Covid 19 are there now?) just because she is too stupid to understand it does not matter.

Budgie Level 7 June 10, 2021

And if that isn't a ringing endorsement, I don't know what is.


The woman has the IQ of a cow pie!

What? LOL don’t give her so much credit!! If someone asked her if she knew what Guerilla Warfare was she’d probably say it’s a tribe of apes fighting over bananas.

What has a cow pie ever done to you to deserve such condemnation? The bacteria in the cow pie probably has a higher IQ than her.


Queen Cunt.


What a total cunt!!!


She can't even spell Evolution


I can't watch her without wanting to punch a wall.

Deb57 Level 8 June 10, 2021

MTG's obnoxious rabid ranting is due to her reduced capacity for logical thought.


And I believe in ball gags and straight jackets and lifetime banishment from ANY public office.


Evolution is a fact. The changes and antibiotic resistance in diseases such as viruses is proof. The alternative is that her God made this virulent virus that killed about a half a million Americans, as well as all the deadly diseases that have killed millions and millions of humans over the centuries. As much as I don't like the prospect of resistant pathogens, I would prefer that to the arbitrary processes of a callous deity that creates disease to kill off thousands. It kind of like having trump as God (actually, that could explain a lot).


I would like to comment, but words escape me when it comes to MTG.

Please feel free to recycle my words.

P.S. I see her as emblematic of everything that is wrong with the United $tates of Absurdity.

I have a few, and they aren't "Happy Birthday" 🙂


She is a nut job. I hope she gets covid.

Pancreatic cancer would be better. Then she can die a slow, painful and miserable death.

@CuddyCruiser actually it's a painful, but Quick death.I've lost 2 people to pancreatic cancer, they died within 2 weeks of diagnosis..

@Charlene I’m sorry for your loss. I can only guess what that’s like. My father died of lung cancer from cig smoking and was also a drinker. That’s why i can only wish it upon the true scum of the earth. Those no good to themselves or anyone else.


She is either utterly insane or an evil genius. She knows how to gin up bullshit conspiracy theories and get the most gullible fools salivating like mad. She is not a mere clown show, she is dangerous. I just hope she does something crazy enough to get locked up before she does anything really horrid.

Never impose evil where human stupidity is a sufficient explanation. Unfortunately.. we are beginning to see just how much damage an animal as powerful as a human can be when their stupidity is as boundless as possible.

@Kahna I'm not sure stupidity is an adequate explanation. Whether she is deranged or rational but malicious and deceptive, she's smart enough to con some fools.


Please tell me I'm having a nightmare!!!


Wow, she really has got no clue.

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