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Goodbye "middle of the road."

Michael and I connected through Fitness Singles. Although he calls himself conservative, he insists he never voted for Trump. I'm a lifelong Democrat.

Since Trump, I look askance at men who claim to be politically "middle of the road."

"I don't think we make a good match," I texted Michael today. "The last time we talked, you parroted Trump's and Fox News lies calling Black Lives Matter protesters violent. I don't want to spend my life arguing with you. "

"Black Lives Matter protesters were overwhelmingly peaceful, Harvard Radcliffe Institute research found. When there was violence, very often police or counterprotesters were reportedly directing it at the protesters. They studied 7,305 events in thousands of towns and cities in all 50 states and D.C., involving millions of attendees, for four years ending in October 2020."

"The Dept. of Homeland Security calls extremist white supremacists the most persistent and lethal threat in the U.S."

Michael agreed that we don't make a good match. I dodged a ton of aggravation.



LiterateHiker 9 June 30

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Goodbye, middle of the road!

You don't even stand a chance.

Just a slimy Republican

Trying to get into my pants.

Terrible rhyming, but I love the sentiment. πŸ™‚

Obviously you're not gonna let that happen! 😁
Wise choice.

At least he has good taste in some aspect of his lifeπŸ™‚


Don't understand why you are calling us Middle of the Road Rethuglicans???!!!


On dating sites, Republicans choose weasel words:


Middle of the road

Among Democrats and those who lean toward the Democratic Party who are single but looking for a relationship, about 71% say they probably or definitely would not consider being in a committed relationship with someone who voted for Donald Trump.



Try singing it to the tune of "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John.

@LiterateHiker Your reply highlights the deception that such people (Rethuglicans) delight in. /@sassygirl3869


You probably made a good call.

You are right. The protester violence is just a conservative talking point. By and large the protectors were peaceful.

The people who turned violent were not protectors, but people who came out with intent to disrupt and use the protests as cover. The looters were people who were not protestors, but people who came out with premeditated intent to loot and use the protests as cover.

Most of the violence was initiated by groups like the Proud Boys, or the Federal Vigilante group that Trump put together and called Federal Law enforcement. As usual, conservatives do not know shit from shinola. But they sure can squeal when they want too.

t1nick Level 8 June 30, 2021

@t1nick, @Unity

On the phone when Michael called BLM protesters violent, I replied that racist Proud Boys, Bugaloo Boys and Trump supporters attended to violently attack black marchers.

Poor baby! Shut down by an intelligent, liberal woman.


Good for you. He didn't realize what he was going up against. Lol.


Yeah, that's hard. Not sure I could date an anti-vaxxer.


NEXT! πŸ˜‰


You sure did. Take care.


Middle of the road = not a deep thinker and not willing to take a stand when one needs to be taken. That won't do for you.


Yeah "middle of the road" tends to mean, "I'm sure my real response would turn you off, since I can see you're passionate about politics, so I'm going to try to fool you until I get into your pants." Good call on your part.


Exactly. Closet Republicans who want to get into my pants.


I admire you for knowing and acting immediately on what what you do and do not want.

Unity Level 7 June 30, 2021


Thank you. I also told Michael the Dept. of Homeland Security calls extremist white supremacists the most persistent and lethal threat in the U.S.



Thank you for sharing the link to that study. I live in a very conservative area and this is information I can truly use.

Deb57 Level 8 June 30, 2021


You're welcome. Where do you live?

@LiterateHiker downstate rural Illinois, otherwise known as Central Trumpistan.

@Deb57 so that's where it is. πŸ€”πŸ˜‰

@LiterateHiker I also like to refer to this area as "Notchicago."


Very well played, ma'am. πŸ™‚


Dodged big bullet Congrats

bobwjr Level 10 June 30, 2021

I'm running into a lot of reformed Trumpists who have recently figured out they were led down the garden path and are now embarrassed about it. Well, not "a lot," actually...but a few. For many, it was a learning experience about their own gullibility. But I have a hard time being close to somebody that was (or still is) complacent about our nation being ruled by an authoritarian government. I mean, come on, that's how Nazi Germany was born.

mischl Level 8 June 30, 2021

I know a few that are slowly climbing down from that hill too.
And I ask the same question:
How much would it take of this shit to get you to climb right back up again?


Good call. You don’t need that kind of stress in a relationship.


I agree with you fully on this and mostly because conservative men think BLM has to be all about violence. For some reason it seems they go back to riots of the 60's to get their information. Also, Trump did not help any. Then we always have this to fall back on -- white people telling everyone all about BLM.


I finally discovered why I was striking out on Match. It wasn’t my atheism or my liberalism. Not my height or chosen profession. No, it turns out I am just real ugly. It’s a relief to finally know. 😱


Don't be silly. You are not ugly!

I would love to meet you if we lived closer.

I agree with @LiterateHiker! I don't think you're ugly, and men in my family generally don't age well...

@LiterateHiker and @HippieChick 58
I was just being a little humorous. Too little I guess.

Ugly? Nope. As a matter of fact, you have an adorable smile.

You don’t have to sound that way. You’re a handsome man, you gotta feel great about yourself all the time. 😊😊

I always liked Rodney Dangerfield's self depreciating humor and I use it sometimes.

Do you know what us "ugly" women have to do to make ourselves "beautiful". It is called a "make over", costs hundreds if not thousands of dollars & still ends in catastrophe. Look at some of the make over videos. You might mistake them for horror movies. Or a metamorphosis. Look at Ru Paul. So make yourself beautiful in the eyes of shallow women or be true to yourself & live with the frustration of finding someone who fits. Ugly is John Merrick who was well loved in court for is inner beauty.

I made a joke and definitely regret it.

@Sierra4 I have done that much too often. Accounts for my popularity or lack there of.


I admire your fortitude.


Good for you! Life is too short to get with a trump supporter.


Shame a stance on something so insignificant can have such colossal effects. I would never think my perspective on something that not only doesn't affect me personally, but doesn't affect practically anyone I am associated with in the physical world would cause this. I mean, I've been ghosted before, but at least it was for a real reason.



This what a violent mob looks like

twill Level 7 July 1, 2021



or friendly tourists just seeking to lynch the Vice President. Even had time to defecate on Representatives desks. Trumpanzeeees climbing the Capital walls.


Entertaining story as always. Btw, was your title a reference to the Elton John song? I know it's a stretch. Just the way my brain works πŸ˜‚


Good catch.

The title is an amused riff on "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road."


Just take care in the heat. 😊

Good for you. Larry and I are on the same page politically but he has OCD and anxiety. I have not committed to this relationship. Still feeling it out.


Why does you reply wander off the page? Exit stage right......

@LiterateHiker it is rather odd isn't it. πŸ€”

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