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What nerdy activities do you enjoy? (gaming, cosplay, sci-fi)

By DougHoelbinger4
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Playing video games with my 11 year old son.

BD66 Level 7 Oct 8, 2017

I attend and participate in the renaissance festivals. And various comic con and cosplay events.

I love the traditional skills at the renaissance faires and rendezvous gatherings. I used to work at a boy scouts camp, and got to teach candle-making and a few other basic traditional skills (where teach=learn the skill the morning before the class and fine tune your understanding while teaching the class). We never did any fiber arts though, so I have yet to learn spinning or how to clean and card wool. That's on my list of things to try to learn this winter. smile001.gif

Thats sounds awesome, I love that kind of stuff too!! smile001.gif


Total Geek/Nerd here.

Video Games, anime, D&D/Pathfinder, most things Sci-Fi/Fantasy-related, DC/Marvel comics/movies, Trekkie, Whovian. Also I'm a math/science teacher so that opens up a whole other level of nerd right there. smile007.gif

Jim314 Level 3 Oct 2, 2017

Nerd royalty right there. I think the only one of the nerdoms you have mentioned that I don't fit into is Whovian... the Doctor just never really grabbed me (but I recognize the awesomeness). Oh... and I'm not a teacher, but I appreciate that you are. Proper subjects for encouraging logic.

I'm 50% with you, but I'm with Doug, I never got into Dr Who and I'm real hit and miss with anime.

Well that's fair. As much as I love DW, I understand why it's not for everybody. smile007.gif


Trivial Pursuit, reading and readathons, and I grew up on a healthy diet of sci-fi and fantasy. During undergrad I used to host weekly Trivial Pursuit parties for several years, inviting over 5-7 people and playing for several hours. I'd provide some food, and my guests would bring food, not quite potluck, but enough that we were never stuck deciding between eating dinner and going to the Trivial Pursuit game night.
I read a lot of sci-fi and fantasy, especially epic fantasy with deep, complex world-building.
I have not owned a TV in many years, so I never really watched Enterprise when it came out, but I watched Star Trek, ST: Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and all the older Star Trek movies. I loved Babylon 5 (and had a brief fan-crush on Marcus-the episode where he dies was traumatic enough that I stopped watching that show for a few years when I hit that episode). I've seen most of the classic Doctor Who episodes, and all of the modern ones. I watched the original Battlestar Gallactica as a kid, and have rewatched the more recent Battlestar Gallactica series many times.

JamieB Level 5 Oct 2, 2017

I've watched all of DW and Star Trek. Still need to finish Battlestar Gallactica. Bab-5 has been on my list for a looooong time. One day I'll get around to it. smile001.gif

Ever seen Firefly or Stargate?

I've seen a few episodes of both. I loved the Stargate movie, but didn't really like the series as much, and my sister was so obsessed with Firefly when I tried it that I couldn't really get into it. I might try Firefly later, but I tend not to watch as many shows during warmer months. I'll watch more shows when it is freezing outside and I feel like just burrowing into blankets in my cave(apartment) and not emerging till spring.


I debate, I organise and schedule discussions in a debate format. I get in touch with church leaders and ask them if they would like to discuss anything from evolution to morality to the existence of God. You would be surprised how confidently some of them accept. My point isn't to win the debate but to introduce the actual positions of atheists and scientists. Most of the time we have a Q&A with the audience, and the satisfaction I get from this is when someone who had been improperly informed on a subject like evolution, learns for the first time the actual position science takes. I often get someone saying "I'm not a monkey" I then take a minute to explain to them that science doesn't think their a monkey either. I tell them you're not a monkey you're a primate, and the name primate is given to us not to call us apes but as a classification designated by science to show commonalities with apes. So no you're not a silverback ape or a chimpanzee. Your classification is a human primate, and we share more in common with apes than we do any other species on the planet. Then I list off a dozen or so common traits ending with chromosomes. All their lives they've been fed misinformation, In many cases I'm introducing the most accurate representation of sciences position.

paul1967 Level 8 Oct 2, 2017

I have been tempted to do this sort of ambassadorial work. I watch livestreamed deep sea dives and take lots of screenshots, and my Mom wants me to do some talks at her church about deep sea ecology. So far I've refused, because in her church the world began a few thousand years ago, man and the dinosaurs coexisted, etc., and just the established ages of the seamounts in my screenshots would contradict what they know of their world. The stories of how the various critters EVOLVED over millions of years is an unimaginable concept for that community. I still rely on my mom for financial support and housing, so pissing her off by publicly trouncing her beliefs might not be prudent right now. But it is tempting. smile001.gif


anime, video games, fantasy/science fiction


I'm into a lot of nerdy stuff, but I'm really into dungeons and dragons. That's probably the geekiest of it.

I just got done running a superhero rpg (White Wolf system). D&D tomorrow... favorite class? I'm normally into playing a Monk, but I'm playing a Drow Assassin in this one...

Typically I play a cleric (ironic right?) but I often do a bard too, I tend to like support classes though in our last campaign I played a monk for the first time and was surprised how much I liked it (we play 5th edition, used to do pathfinder, sometimes play starwars rpg and call of cthulu too)

I usually go for either a Ranger or a Wizard.
My friends and I like to home-brew D&D/Pathfinder games in the Legend of Zelda universe. I'm currently building a character that is a Warlock who has a pact with Majora. It's gonna be good. smile002.gif


I enjoy just about all things sci-fi.

GoodMan Level 7 Oct 2, 2017

A lot of nerdy things. I'm a cosplayer, I play Pathfinder, I do boffing (swordfighting with foam weapons).

All things that I like... I don't cosplay myself. It can be a pricey hobby.

I mostly just use cosplays over and over again, so long as I haven't grown out of the costume, either in height or width.

I used to play pathfinder, but now I mostly do d&d 5e, but pathfinders what first got me into table top.


Board games, card games, sci-fi/fantasy (books, films, TV shows), anime, cosplay. I just attended my first (NOT last) Ren Faire. I need to get IN to Dragon Con yet. I've attended the parade, but not gone to the actual con yet. Oh, and I was recently invited to LARP.

Question: are escape rooms part of nerd culture do you think?

Zster Level 8 Oct 8, 2017

WOW, okay here we go, hold on. I love mmorpg (I am currently playing World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Star Trek Online and DC Universe Online), star trek, star wars, firefly, DC & Marvel comic books, TV, Movies. I also enjoy reading about the supernatural.

ajr715 Level 6 Oct 3, 2017

I love RPGs, but always avoided MMOs like the plague. I just know that with my addictive personality that I'd be one of those gamers that just gets sucked in and let it take over my life. No one would hear from me for days. smile007.gif

ROFL I'm very close to that


Anime, gaming, D&D, MTG, manga, reading, japanese and korean music, japanese and korean drama. I also love DC and Marvel, and I like, (but not as much as the others), star trek and star wars, battlestar galactica, etc.

Melody Level 4 Oct 3, 2017

When I was in high school I was waaaaay into J-Pop/Rock/Rap. I remember memorizing the lyrics to my favorite songs from various anime. In fact, I think my first-ever mix-tape CD was an anime playlist. XD

Nice! Who was your favorite J-rocker or J-popper? I think my tops are Ayumi Hamasaki, Yui, Gackt, L'Arc~en~ciel, and High and Mighty Color.

Let's see... I remember listening to A LOT of Home Made Kazoku, Aqua Timez, and Asian Kung-Fu Generation (especially after they did intros for for Naruto, Bleach, and Fullmetal Alchemist). For me it was more about listening to the music featured in ops and ends for various anime. Damn it feels like such a long time ago. smile007.gif

I watch a lot of anime, but I am still stuck in the 90s, so like slayers, fruits basket (technically early 2000s), fushigi yugi, etc. This was before popular artists generally did ops and such. So I a kind of the reverse. I get excited when I find out an artist I like will be doing an opening for a game or anime I like. Example, I was SOO excited when I found out Yui was doing the opening for FMA Brotherhood, and even moreso when I found out Bonnie Pink was doing the theme for tales of vesperia, or when Ayumi Hamasaki did both Xillia games, or when BoA did Tales of Graces. I was excited when I heard Asian Kung Fu Generation on FMA (Not a huge fan of extended battle themed animes like Bleach, Naruto, or DBZ, but I did attempt to watch them), etc.


Animes and gaming

Ruxandra Level 2 Oct 3, 2017

Lots of video games

Sarcasm Level 6 Oct 3, 2017

I'm a big fan of board games. I like comic book movies...well just movies in general. Although, I have never gotten into comics that much. I'm game for just about anything.


I like D&D, though I don't have a gaming group. I also game on the computer. My current addiction is Neverwinter. I also love to read fantasy novels. R.A. Salvatore is my favorite author, so is Neil Gaiman.


Board games ("Euro" type)

Holli Level 6 Oct 8, 2017

Ah nerdy actives, this is my jam. I game (rift, batman, blackops ect), we do Ren fair most years (yes I period dress). Board games and cards games are always good. We play a lot of cards against humanity.


Board games. That's my thing. And no, let me stop you right there. I don't play monopoly. Because I loathe it. Here's a list of only 10 of, roughly 30 games I have in no order.

Fortress America
Fury of Dracula
Dead of Winter
Time Stories
The Resistance
Ghost Stories
T.I.M.E. Stories
Tragedy Looper

Lugo1993 Level 4 Oct 6, 2017

Catan? Game of Thrones board game?

What about card games like Superfight or Munchkin?

Negative. Haven't played those. Sorry.


Single player RPGS, Sci-fi shows like stargate and star trek, Lots of action anime and maybe one day collecting figures.


ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% stoked to learn and experience new things, always interested in other people's views (so long as they aren't regurgitating something they heard somewhere before)


I love watching anime and shows like Supernatural, cosplaying, I sometimes play video games, but rarely since i don't have a computer right now. I also go to conventions. Also like Star Wars!


Lego/Mega Construx, sci-fi/action movies, videogames I can afford, a very small amount of anime, and cosplays on tiny budgets.

bt7274 Level 2 Oct 3, 2017

watching the NASA channel and reading Neil Gaiman and Douglas Adams?

flora Level 3 Nov 4, 2017

I have a regular game group, meet once a week, also go see a lot of movies


Scifi movies - generally love them especially the current spate of Marvel superhero ones. Some video gaming. A fair amount of computer work building and designing websites, etc. I read A LOT - that's a nerdy thing to do nowadays, no?

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