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A rabbi has the column featured in this article, but his rhetoric is the same as that of Xtians. He has an answer for everything, but the answers are logical fallacies in the guise of logic.

Take this question and answer:

Q: I recently came upon a quotation attributed to Khalil Gibran. It is true for anyone of faith. "Faith is a knowledge of the heart beyond the reach of proof." It is in line with your recent column titled "Reconciling one's faith with scientific facts." – R from Jupiter, Fla.

A: Khalil Gibran was a Lebanese author know best for his book “The Prophet." I agree that faith is beyond scientific proof. Faith is trust and science is knowledge. However, there is proof for faith. Our world is ordered by laws and that ordering requires an orderer. This is one of my favorite Gibran quotes: “You pray in your distress and in your need; would that you might pray also in the fullness of your joy and in your days of abundance.”

The laws/order of the world were not determined by an "orderer" and that they laws/order exist do not prove the existence of a creator.


Gwendolyn2018 8 Jan 2

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I can’t read this dreck without my mind going meshuggah.

I read poorly written essays for a living! My mind has to recover quickly.

@Gwendolyn2018 Lucky you that your little gray cells can recover so quickly. Mine start to melt into a gooey blob

@ADKSparky you have obviously never read dozens of essay by entry level students whose reading/writing abilities are par with that of fifth to eighth graders--and I am not kidding. My eight year old grandson is more logical than they are.

@ADKSparky Never to recover.


Life is too short to spend it trying to untangle nonsense, especially when the liars don't want the truth.

I still enjoy reading what "they" have to say!

@Gwendolyn2018 Truth provides a more gratifying form of confusion...

@racocn8 what "they" say is not confusing. But (as I noted elsewhere), I read poorly written essays for a living. This is the last day of my winter break, so I will not have a lot of time to read their drivel when I go back to grading.

@racocn8 That is very pseudo profound, in its own way, too.


Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Rene1 Level 2 Jan 2, 2022

The "question" isn't even an actual question, rather, an assertion. The answer, that order requires an orderer....another assumption that "orderers" must be sentient entities. You might at well call physics and chemistry twin gods and start praying to them.



My rabbi would take a very dim view of this guy. 🙂

I have talked to enough rabbis, and Jews, to know that their beliefs vary widely. I remember a rabbi coming to speak in a religion class I was taking in the '70s. He said that his congregation would be much more horrified if he came to the synagogue in Bermuda shorts than if he said there were no god.


Another lapse of logic (in the answer A; nowhere near logic) from the same column:

Q: My take is that God is a man-made invention, and as such everyone is free to create their own personal god and dogma to match. Let me know what you think. I am betting that I am right. – From D

A: And I am betting my life that you are wrong, dear D. If you are right, then Hitler’s theology is just as valid as Martin Luther King Jr’s, and that cannot be true.

Validity of faith is subjective. There are those who still support the argument that Hitler was right and their faith in that horrible little man is unquenching even so long long after his death.
Now I'm wondering if in a terrible dystopian future, quarter-wits will be stating the Hitler killed himself for our sins and rose from the Bunker three days later hand in hand with Eva....
My point is that good and evil are subjective dependent on the paradigms of our socialisation and amassed experiences. The gods mankind invent never stand up to scrutiny and are only vanquished when another bigger god is invented to replace them. I can only hope that the scientific method and logic become the new all powerful gods. I doubt that our species are universally smart enough at this time though.

It is a total lack of logic! As Sofabeast pointed out, there are still people who buy into Hitler's "theology." (I would not call his creed "theology." ) Culture decides what is ethical and what is not; had Hitler won, then his beliefs would have become mainstream.

Not that the answer A doesn't have a point, as pointed out above. Just that it is no argument against the assertion in Q.

@Gwendolyn2018 Yes but "mainstream" is only another word for "ad populum".

@Fernapple mais oui.


regarding the rabbi's logic in the service of illogic or similar, i think this sort of thing is almost a cliche applying across some rabbis and other adherents in judaism

kmaz Level 7 Jan 2, 2022

Applying one's opinion and personal experience to all people--whether humans in general or a group--is another logical fallacy. Not all Jews--or rabbis--believe that this guy believes.

meh. i used the word "some" for good reason i think

@kmaz I was referring to the Rabbi! He seems to think that he is a spokesman for all Jews/rabbis.

I try to use "some," as well.


at i see thanks


What "orderer" are we talking about here? The only one I can think of is the one inside your mind.

gwendolyn was merely quoting the irrational rabbi. she made clear that she disagreed.

Why, god, of course! There can't be a creation without a creator, right? 😛

@kmaz thanks for the defense, but Deno knows me well enough to know I don't think there is an "orderer"! I think he was using "your" in general.


Savannah's Telfair museum has much of his art because he and Ms Telfair. Well, we word things politely here abouts.



Read the prophet in the Army, beautiful prose

I have only read bits.


More blah blah blah from the religious. No objective evidence to back the claims.

Of course not.

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