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Just a few pieces of hard evidence, is that so much to ask for in exchange for believing the Xstian fairytales? It always comes down to believing in the bible as supported by the evidence of the bible. There are enough pieces of the one true cross floating around to make a forest, the shroud of turin and hundreds of foreskins that are supposed to come from Jesus. How many dicks did he have?

SnowyOwl 8 Jan 13

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We see your point.

But this isn't hard evidence. It's a meme.


And, they were Black people.

BDair Level 8 Jan 14, 2022


@Alienbeing one drop rule

@Mooolah whatever that is.

@Alienbeing That one drop of African DNA makes a person "black".

Black like an Egyptian.

@BDair There was a song about that........ Oh no, forget it, the song was "Walk like an Egyptian".


Forgive me for saying this, but this is the same crowd that thinks Rump is an honest man who tells it like it is….πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ


Well, to be fair, selling fake foreskins was a very lucrative side hustle for "the Christ". He made quite a few dinars pushing his "messiah skins" to unsuspecting Samaritans, who were very gullible about shit like this, When we think about Judas and the thirty "pieces" of silver, we have to wonder, what were those "pieces", exactly? Spoiler: It was Judas taking over the franchise. Eventually, though, Judas, much like Jeffrey Epstein, was "found hanged". Ya hum. Sure. Follow the smegma!


@Toonman Check out the gospel of "Peter", which mysteriously never made it to the King James bible.

@zeuser The Gospel of Peter didn't make it into ANY version of the Bible.

And it's not mysterious at all. The Gospel of Peter never made it into Biblical Canon because it didn't serve the purposes of the people doing the choosing.

THAT happened in the 5th Century.

The King James Bible didn't appear until eleven hundred years later, so it makes sense the Gospel of Peter doesn't appear in it.

It was never a secret, and was well-documented by the responsible parties at the time of the church council that decided Canon back in the 400s.

It might be possible you're referring to the two Epistles named after Peter, 1 Peter and 2 Peter. BOTH are in the King James Bible, and in every other version.

Epistles are not Gospels.

You need to learn what the fuck a mystery is.

Or read a book on the subject, perhaps.

Books contain sourced evidence. Memes don't.

Of course, if you understood what "hard evidence" is, you wouldn't have posted your meme in the first place.

Incidentally, my Oxford college study Bible contains, in addition to the KJV, NKJV, and NIV, an apocrypha. In that apocrypha you will find the Gospel of Peter. So it's at least in one edition of the Bible, but not in the Canon.

@Toonman Here, partner, I'm sending you a link to a book I think you oughta read. Thanks for the responses. []

@zeuser The link leads directly to the Amazon homepage and not to a book listing.

Nice. What do you do for an encore?

In the meanwhile, I'd suggest you read four books by Bart D. Ehrmann, the head of the New Testament Studies at University of North Carolina Chapel Hill.

They are:

How Jesus Became God--its a history of how Christianity, specifically the concept of Jesus, changed during the early church. It includes a chapter on what became Canon and why.

Jesus, Interrupted--an examination of how time, politics, and culture have changed how the Bible has been translated into the various versions we know today. It also includes portions about how canon became canon.

Misquoting Jesus--a Companion to Jesus Interrupted, reviewing the historical-critical method of analyzing scripture, and again, including examination of how canon was chosen and why.

And lastly, Forged--a book about how forgeries and deliberate misattrubution were used by the early Church fathers to propagate specific doctrinal ideas. If I remember correctly, these practices had a direct affect on how and why different writings were or weren't made Canon.

You can even find them at your local library.

There's a Wikipedia article that will teach you all about what libraries are. A Google search will help you find one near you.


Just accessed the link from the Agnostic website rather than the app.

If you were trying to write humor, you shouldn't give up your day job, whatever that is.

@Toonman [] This should work. And BTW, that's 3.


How many dicks did Jesus have... if I follow the news, seems to be in the millions.


What is much more important is how the contents of the New Testament...

  1. foster ignorance, hatred, murder, sociopathy and insanity;
  2. do not advance a system of moral improvement, clarity or insight;
  3. but do advance a patently false understanding of reality and the place of humanity within it.

Don't you know Jebus, the only begotten son went to his heavenly father? But no rocket, no space station, no astronaut has seen the father ever. I heard he has a white beard. His power is beyond science and beyond what we already know and we'll ever know, he is beyond this Earth, time and space. He is a powerful freak - just that nobody can prove it.

Hinduism was smart about this, they can say anything that happened, anybody they want existed but everybody went up in smoke so you can't ask them to prove anything.

I will tell you what happened to Abraham. he became Lord Brahma in Hinduism and Brahma never dies, he is a freaking creator of all - including you and I except that he married his own daughter.


Atheist here, but that is not a fair question.

Pharoahs were the head of a very large and old settled empire. Abraham and Jacob didn't exist, but even if they did, they belonged to a relatively small nomadic group. They wouldn't be found.

Jesus probably did exist but his remains were hidden by believers to promote the myth of resurrection.

Hidden remains? Like the Xstian explanation for fossils, hidden in the ground by Satan to seed doubt in the faithful. It's a crock, show me the evidence of use that book for toilet paper.

@SnowyOwl The Christians don't claim the remains were hidden. Remember, they claim Resurrection. So it's the doubters who claim the remains were hidden to fool the people.

Man, you're full of crap!

But only the soul goes to heaven, the body remains.


Hiding the remains was done so his followers could make up the resurrection story.

And that's allowing for the idea that Jesus even existed.


I think, if I remember right, that Jesus had 12 dicks

... and still a virgin at 32? What a waste....

"What About Mary"


Only those who have their minds made up beforehand really know. The bible reads as if men of renown were embalmed similar to Tut (at least as far as the wrappings) but in the end we find nothing. Could it be that Tut and others are real and these biblical people were not?

Kind of the point of the meme.

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