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LINK China Upholds Christian's 7-Year Prison Sentence for Selling Bibles, Christian Books - Michael Foust

A Chinese court has upheld a seven-year prison sentence for a businessman who was arrested and charged with “illegal business operation” for selling thousands of Bibles and Christian books

snytiger6 9 Jan 14

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This headline made me laugh. You're in China - DUH, ya knew the job was dangerous when ya took it, now ya pay the price.
While we here in America allow that sort of bullshit to be sold China has a whole different set of rules. I would enjoy some restrictions here in the U.S. - ONLY in regards the separation of church and state.
IMHO too many right wing elected officials using it as an excuse or lever for legislation that impacts rights of non believers.

Yeah, In the back of my mind I was saying, "What kind of idiot would try to distribute religious materials in China?"


Frankly I think the sentence was too short. It should have been one year per Bible.


I do not blame them after all the young missionaries bending their young daughters over and filling them with the holy spirit.


Christianity isn't outlawed in China. However, all religions and social movements are heavily monitored. He needed to obtain the right permissions to sell such materials. How I read the story, his biggest problem was selling one particular writer's stuff - a man already imprisoned in China. Add to that that most of the books were printed in Taiwan. China doesn't like people with large followings - some years back,, they outlawed one form of QiGong because the leader had 100 million followers.


So if this guy was so into Christianity for Chinese then why was he selling them and not just giving them away? Maybe he'd have a case for not being imprisoned if he was giving away Christian nonsense. No sympathy for someone selling the Christian lie.


If you go to another country then you have to follow their rules regardless of what you think of them.
So he knew the risks and he will just have to trust that his sky fairy will protect him but given it let him get arrested and jailed I don't like his chances.


Perhaps 7 years isn't long enough.

They do love their martyrdom, don't they?

This guy is probably bucking for sainthood.


Too bad we don't have this kind of state control.

I would imagine we probably will if the GOP takes control of all 3 branches of the government.



Is the man doing the prison time so proud now? Jesus told him he would be persecuted. Well, the bibble did anyway.


Not surprised the Chinese government is afraid of any organization no matter if religious or not.

There is that to be said about the government in China.


Hardly surprising. That is what happens when you disregard the law of a country. Most of the population of China are atheist and there is no word for god in Mandarin. A Chinese friend once told me that they have no use for religious bullshit.


Serves him right, for pushing stuff that does more damage than porn.

"more damage than porn" -- color me skeptical
. . . any reliable/credible/scientific source(s) to support that claim ?

@FearlessFly Science requires skepticism. Scifi requires only belief.


So conflicted by this.

@KKGator Google Colleen Coover, the artist.

If you have a Kindle reader, you can get a free sample of her Small Favors: The Definitive Girly Porno Collection.

Not me. I think 7 years for the first offense is about right. China's stand on religion is the one big area where I agree with their attitude.

@rainmanjr Yes. Look at the damage religion has done to the US. It gave us the GOP we now have.

@yvilletom I looked her up. Not sure what she has to do with this particular topic.

I don't like that Christians will see him as a martyr, when he was just doing something really stupid.

@snytiger6 Well, given their delusions, it seems reasonable that they would see this guy as a martyr. Not saying it's right, but it isn't surprising that they might.

@snytiger6 Can't stop them from seeing someone goofy as a martyr. Everything confirms their victimization and that's why China won't allow it. Victims never become productive.

@KKGator I’m very conflicted, and was damaged by Xianity’s hostility to sex. I’m not conflicted by China’s jailing a proselytizer.

Your silence on your reason(s) for being conflicted opened a window for me.

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