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‘Pray for Ukraine’: Religious leaders call for peace and God’s protection
In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, religious leaders prayed for peace and asked God to watch over civilians.


xenoview 8 Feb 27

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A favorite atheist quote of mine is “get off your knees and do something! Praying isn’t going to help.” Pat Tillman said it before he was killed in Afghanistan. I also found this:


Better off with bullets and missiles

bobwjr Level 10 Feb 28, 2022

Let 'em pray.


They should know by now that god DGAF.



God hasn't done a good job of that in previous wars, has he?


Oh yeah , well here is my prayers too
I ll work hard to repeat in Italian and Greek too .


I don't get this pray for peace bullshit. According to their moronic beliefs, wasn't the same god, any god they believe in, the one who allowed the Putin invasion to happen? And now they are going to pray for peace to the same dude who let this happen????

You're applying logic. That's gonna make the whole thing look stupid.

@redbai yep, I forgot the religious brainwashed followers have no clue what logic or common sense mean.


I don't think thoughts and prayers are a part of this really, but after 4 days and getting nowhere Putin is putting his nuclear arsenal on standby. None of this looks good.


After so much tragedy in my own life, I get the whole "thoughts and prayers" shtick. Not for myself, but others seem to get strength and comfort and even hope from what I feel is silliness.

In this particular scenario, I sometimes wish thoughts and prayers worked for me because this is not only dire, but world altering and it's really scary, religious or not. 😔


What a worthless thing to do.


My best to Putin,

Ever thought that such an action may well bring him the greatest of pleasures?
Perhaps a very old wish such as this may serve the purpose even better, " May the Fleas of 10,000 camels infest your crotch and arm-pits, may you develop incurable Halitosis, endlessly incurable sexually transmitted diseases, may you NEVER have an Erection again for as long as you may live, may your testes wither, rot and fall off, may be totally incontinent in both bowels and bladder
permanently, may your voice first become pseudo-feminine and then fail completely and permanently, may stray dogs find great pleasure in befouling you where ever you go and every opportunity, may pigeons find great joys and pleasures from fouling your head and shoulders at every opportunity possible, may strangers, men, women and children always spit at or upon you as they pass by and the Earth REFUSE and reject your dead body when you are dead.



Phew! I was worried about the Ukrainian people before, but now that I know people are praying I can sleep tight.


Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if we could pray away war!!!! We would have been done with that nasty business millennia ago!!!🙃

Buck Level 7 Feb 27, 2022

I remember when the TM movement used to do publicity stunts where they would claim to meditate for peace like it was going to end war, lol...


If there were a god around, this shit wouldn't be happening.


A know of a few charities that are accepting monetary donations for humanitarian aide to Ukraine, so I WAS going to donate money... but if all they're expecting is for people to clasp their hands together and talk to the ceiling... thet would be even better!


prayer = wishing in one hand and spitting in the other to see which hand gets full first.


Nothing fails like prayer.
People have been "praying for peace" for centuries, and it's never done a fucking thing to end any conflict.

How many are praying for peace....and how many are praying to fucking win !?!?

@twill @KKGator and how many are just praying for a chance to fuck?

But what about that one case where the shell hit the house but the family next door survived? Or if you looked at the maps, no invading troops went into some oddly specific place? Praise be unto him or her that spare-ith the wilted daisy in the field or some other pithy, old-English sounding non-sense.

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