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Traitors in our midst: "I identify more with Putin's Christian values than I do with Joe Biden.": []

anglophone 8 Apr 2

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I miss the good ol' days. 😔😢

The days when I lived next door to Skinheads but they only ventured out camouflaged as simply being Emo and misunderstood, rather than Proud Boys. I wish they'd go back to the basements they slithered out of.

The days when the seriously batshit crazy people actually thought Russia was the enemy and the Russians and North Koreans were the inevitable doom of humanity, and it was going to happen sooner than later.

I miss the days before 2015, precisely. Before the mental midgetry of Cirque de Trump hit FoxNews and turned 37% of my fellow Americans into out-of-the-closet racist assholes who now favor the likes of Putin to the likes of the most qualified nominee to ever be summoned to serve on our own Supreme Court.

I just miss not knowing what a shithole my country of origin is.



In the old days the racists hid behind pointy hoods, scared to show their faces in public. Now they march openly and proudly. The most hate-filled people are now given public forums and TV shows and run for public office on thinly veiled platforms of bigotry.

Personally, I think this country will soon reach a tipping point between progressives and conservatives though I have no idea which way the scales will tilt.


This sounds like you are trying to choose "the best" disease .... how about none of the above??


I know these Christian values of which you speak. They include homophobia, racism, xenophobia, keeping women barefoot and pregnant (better they die than get a legal abortion), dominance of nature rather than stewardship (i.e. destroying the Earth for short-term profit), rank hypocrisy (AR15-toting warriors for Jesus!), rejection of scientific process and facts, and that odious, arrogant, I-know-better-than-you attitude that brings the Bible-thumping, proselytizing little shits to our doors.


I find that those that support Putin fall into one or more groups and always includes being Christian: White Nationalist, Sovereign Citizen, Neo-Nazi, Confederate, Authoritarian, Republican


Kkkristian White Supremacy, it Always been a problem that's been embraced for generations, if not openly, then through the silence from the top down systemically.

@Beachslim7 so says the very white Conservative Libertarian from the Troll Home in Norway..a Very White Country indeed..

I don't pretend to speak for African Americans.. I will however speak with them when addressing the obvious systemic racism that's pervasive at every level, indeed, to the very foundation of the U.S. as loudly, as often and forcefully as needed..especially now in the face of blatant moves by "Libertarian Conservatives" to suppress the Right to Vote. Particularly of P.O.C and all minorities, Not welcomed by Lily White people, such as yourself, no doubt.

@Charlene l got Beachphlegm to block me months ago. He has the IQ of an over-ripe banana.


Thank you. That says a great deal about you.


Oh... that really makes perfect sense. The far right love Putin for the same reason they love Trump. Both are bullies, bigots, and both pretend that unflinching patriotism is one of the highest virtues. And both Trump and Putin hate gays, liberals, and non-whites. By the standards of many among the far right they'd probably embrace Hitler if he rose to power today.

@Beachslim7 We people? What people is that? Guys named Charles? Gen X generation? Fat guys? People who don't like licorice?

I don't recall any time in my lifetime that I ever supported medical fascism nor do I recall any time that it was even an option.

Please keep your responses within the realm of reality.

@Beachslim7 Yet you made zero effort to elaborate on your post. Instead you only respond with silly insults. Grow up. Also, look up the meaning of words like "fascist" and "communism" because obviously you have no idea what they mean.

Do you want to take a stab at explaining what you mean by "medical fascism" and do so in an intelligent and rational manner?

@Beachslim7 If "forced jabs" is terrorism for you then you obviously have absolutely no idea what that word means. If you are terrorized by a vaccination then I feel pity for you.

I suppose you don't wear your seat belt when you drive or use turn signals? I am guessing that you just throw your trash where ever you wish rather than submit to being forced to throwing it away in a trash can. Do you urinate in public rather than be forced to do so in a bathroom?

You are also free to take your children out of school and homeschool them. Teach them whatever nonsense you like.

Vaccinations have saved the lives of countless millions of people. Vaccinations are the reason you don't see children dying of small pox, tuberculosis, yellow fever and many other diseases. When a person lives in a society they sometimes must do what is best for the majority rather than be selfish and self-centered. Maybe you'd be happier living in the woods.

@Charles1971 Don't waste your time with Beachphlegm. He is a waste of skin.

@Beachslim7 People aren't dying from diseases because vaccination has eradicated them. Being asked to get a vaccine is not terrorism.

I've wasted enough time on your insanity.

@Beachslim7 A requirement is not the same as terrorism.

@Beachslim7 What would be the justification of removing my head (which would be fatal)? This is utterly ridiculous since we, as a society, do NOT require anyone to remove their head nor do we forcibly remove people's heads.

How does getting vaccinated equate to decapitation? Has anyone been dragged off to vaccination prison and forcibly injected?

The government and society as a whole REQUIRES that you do not rape anyone. Therefore, you are being terrorized because you are NOT allowed to rape people. Correct?

@Beachslim7 I have zero tolerance for profane insults and I've had my fill of your insanity and blind ignorance. You ignore my questions in lieu of spouting ever increasing nonsense. I have to assume at this point that you have a severe mental illness and that reasoning with you is utterly impossible since its simply beyond the capability of your unwell mind.


Putin isn't an enemy. We are not in a state of war and have not been, officially, since 1945. This nation's relationship with Russia has remained adversarial, by OUR choice. We are allowed to disagree with our government and it's policies.

Until or unless Russia becomes our enemy, there is nothing traitorous in supporting or speaking well of him.

Yes... I agree that speaking well of Putin is certainly not traitorous but its certainly is amoral and despicable.

We may not be in a state of war with Russia, but Putin has always been our enemy and the enemy of free people everywhere. To believe otherwise is just wishful thinking. One of the best weapons your enemy can use is to convince you they are your friend. Some people have already fallen for this ruse.

@Shaggy2018 "One of the best weapons your enemy can use is to convince you they are your friend."
We certainly agree on that. Enjoy the 'bug juice'.

@ Silver1wun May enquire as to WHAT EXACTLY you have been smoking and injecting over the last few years at least?

@Triphid Over many years, called study and within a broad frame of reference. That is perhaps why it seems so vexing to you. Don't strain yourself.

@Silver1wun Never do, you can trust me on that.
As a Psychologist of quite some I might add, I have learned NEVER to try to out do those who think themselves to be the absolute pinnacles and epitomes of Human Intellect in verbal debates, whether actually via spoken words or via written words.
Plus, imo, it would take me far too long to actually find and type words of less than 2-3 syllables so as I can hold a discussion with such as you.
Please, also give my apologies to youngest Great Great Grandchild for writing the above and making it his/her tasks to relate the contents in words and terms suitable for of your intellect.

@Triphid Consider the possibility that your difficulty could be less with words than with grammar and/or thought. Making statements emphatically suggests confidence. All are open to refutation or differing viewpoints. That is what discussion and expression of opinions are all about.

I can't possibly know how good your advice is to patients, but to yourself it's very sound.

@Silver1wun Been snacking on someone's Lexicon again have you perchance?

Been imbibing of the potions of Delusions again regarding Comrade Putin I see @Silver1wun.
oh well, imo, here we see the perfect example of the old adage of, " There are NONE so blind as they who WILL NOT see."

@Triphid And there are none so hospitable as those who would allow you to live int their head rent free.

@Silver1wun Well, IF it was yours on the offering then, IN MY HONEST Opinion, I'd still have to decline since, also being my opinion of course, the built up layers of dust, etc, from decades of neglect and lack of usage would be a formidable task for even the most ardent of Cleaners.

@Triphid I thought we agreed that I'm the verbose one...

@Silver1wun Well, as the wise old saying goes, and I followed it btw, " "tis easier and wiser to AGREE with a Fool than to argue with one," hence I shall agree with you from now.


Religion used to be against the law, it is not better there, so if you think Putin is going to keep the faith, you are mistaken, perhaps you should go there and help him by praying for him.


Putin may be losing his war for Ukraine, but we are losing our war for democracy. Evangelicals love fascism, they always have and always will. They threaten the West and the species with their immorality. They betray our society as quickly as they would betray their souls.

Perhaps that’s their plan; to invoke their apocalypse.

Putin is killing innocent people. He is committing war crimes, He has more in common with Hitler than he does Christians. And I am an Atheist saying this. Most Christians do not condone his criminal behavior.

@misstuffy @racocn8 I saw a poll today that 6% of Americans approve of Putin’s aggression. I think it was from Smerconish’s show this morning. Part of me thinks well it’s only 6% but that means 1 in 17!


@Garban The apocalypse means they go to heaven and the rest of us get what is left. Since the dog is on their side it makes no difference what is left on Earth.

@dalefvictor but they’ll be gone.🥳🎉🍾

@Garban I have been thinking about this and I think that they will never recognize that the rapture has taken place. If all the so-called Christians that have died in the past two years were part of the rapture then the Christians have no knowledge of this and will still think it is coming and not care about the world or others.

@misstuffy Bibi Netanyahu and Naftali Bennett have exhibited those identical behaviors for decades and they've done it with billions of free tax dollar supports from us in the USA. I guess the blood of Ukrainian citizens and their humanity are superior in quality somehow to Arabs in occupied Palestine.

@Silver1wun Not at all. I am not a politician and as a citizen, I do not agree with many of the actions of my government. At the same time, as an American citizen, I am free to publicly criticize decisions made by my government.

@misstuffy I've no disagreement with anything you replied here.

@Silver1wun Our government went after the wrong nation after 911. 27 of those hijackers were Saudis and guess which nation was the only one not to face sanctions over that?

@misstuffy We agree on the missing sanctions but perhaps not as to the why. Saudis are not sophisticated at building implosion/demolition and wouldn't react well to getting blame for it.


Lets hope this is not a repeat of Hitler adoration and another world war. What is wrong with people!?


Fucking asshole piece of shit.

Putin isn't a christian either.


That is an unbelievable quote.


Yes and you do not live in either of those men's countries. I find that strange because I do not know of anyone to identify with in your country.

If you read the article then you will see that the quote comes from a Republican.

@Jolanta That was exactly my point. Thank you for making it explicit.

@Retiredsteve Yes, mix Evangelism/Evangelicals with republicanism and what do you get, Insanity, Religious Zealotry, Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny and almost anything else that is harmful and dangerous to Humanity.

@Triphid Lots of hate and privilege.

Mila Kunis is Ukraniane born and raised from childhood in America. One person tied to both America and Ukraine.

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