27 30

Sitting in bed w coffee and boys and contemplating my stupidity along w other things . Of course .🙄

Hard last 3 weeks . I have known Rita for 100 yrs . She used to be an aide and a secretary at general surgery units , and I go there often when post op trouble shooting / nurses call me . Rita moved to staffing position ( improvement on pay scale and an office job ), few years ago . Yay , go Rita go ! 🙌

I wasn’t friends w Rita , basically bcz my antisocial ass is friends w nobody really , yet , I am everybody’s friend some how . 🦇
People come to me , and often I go out looking for them , they might not know a thing about me other than that single / dogs / , but I know much about them .♥️
If I know that anyone is on any type of trouble , I have my ways to make it better . I work quietly and efficiently on that , and truth is , I get away w murder , the accent , the reputation , I get no refusals on my requests .💪♥️
People have troubles all the time . People want more time off to be w family . People struggle w studies . Or sick . Or deaths in family . Heart broken love stories . Divorces . Money short . Struggling w teens or toddlers . Struggling w work stress . Petty arguments . Name it . I hear it all . Where do I find the x , the fuck I know🙄 , but I do . 🙌💪🦇As I am rounding through out units or at ED , I make the time . Then I go home or drive the long ass drive back and tunnel and bridges , and if it’s something I can do or have others do to help , it happens . Magic 💃💪 . It makes me happy . I knew that Rita comes from the ghetto . Had a son that died from drugs 6 yrs ago . I knew that she lives w someone for 20 yrs . And has a daughter local too . Rita progressed to pay roll duties , and last two year she became the coordinator of office / payroll time keeping / and other duties that staffing does . Yay ! Again , go Rita go ! 🙌
Last September , her partner died . I understood that was little older than her . Rita mid 50s . I was upset .😳🙁
I never got a vibe that Rita was living a love life w him , but she was living , and things were working , and I am a practical person who thinks bills while others send prayers and similar shit . A month after death and such, I contacted Rita and asked her how she gonna pay rent w one income now , and also gave her some money for expenses . She did not asked . I shoved to her hands and I used my golden line that I use to make people feel less charity : “ listen . I am older , single , no f kids , I work all the time, wtf u want me to do w my money , take and take care of business .”. 🦇

By January, I got to see Rita at ED , she came to remind me that I need to renew some of my certificates and other bullshit in my file , all work relating crap that Rita keeps up to date for us . I asked what is she gonna do w housing and how it goes . Said she is moving actually in 2 weeks to a new aprtn . I got excited . Yay ! Not living at same place w dead memories . Again , go Rita go 🙌. I asked her to let me be a part of this ! First of all , who is moving your crap , don’t pay anyone , let me call few I know w trucks and arms that they owe me 100 favors . ! Second. She said she was short 500 bucks on deposit . And she was gonna pick up extra shifts on floors as secretary to come up with . Nonsense . Here is 1000, I wrote her a check , go pack and get ready . Haven’t heard from Rita for next 3 weeks . Then I got that damn kidney stone . Mid February I asked her via email for new address of hers so I can update my Amazon , and where to send her house warming gifts and valentines gifts . ( I always try to send shit to people who I know are lonely and alone at V day . Btw , if any of u use all these shit I am typing here against me , tell me what a nice person I am and crap , we r done ! I am not nice .🦇🙄 I just have time and few extra bucks some x . So don’t even .)
Rita send me a new address . I send goodies . In March I went down to staffing office for some bullshit , can’t even remember . The staffer who I also know for 500 yrs was upset . Told me that Rita is working two jobs at other hospitals , that she wasn’t able to get the aprtn bcz bad credit , that her car broke down and not fixable , and that they picking her up daily to bring her to work . And that She moved in an extended stay hotel for 400 a week . I was furious . 😡When the fuck any of u we’re gonna tell me ? I can help ! Wtf ! The week after , the head department manager and the staffers got an email out w bank account info to donate whatever everyone could for Rita . We figured a car first , then will move her out of hotel shit . We all made deposits . That brought us to early April . When I realized on emails , that Rita’s last name no longer the same . So I took another trip to office . Wtf . And met w upset people there , and the head manager who told me that apparently she got married . Ok . Surprised , but ok , I don’t care . R we getting a car ? R we getting a place to live ? That’s when they show me fb and Instagram pix of new husband . Gangster wanna be image , openly talking trash , and u know we checked out . Criminal record from here to Italy long on paper scroll if to print . No job ( no shit ), smoking crack all day long apparently . Living w Rita at hotel . No car either . Let me tell u , I lost my shit . But ok . What u gonna do . Choices . Ok . If that’s what Rita wanted , congrats , we still got her a hefty amount of money to change things , she got that money , but we can’t force nobody . Point is , nobody will drive her ass again , and did not even got to that , she never showed up to work after they called her out . It has been near 3 weeks . Specialists and contractors , r schedules are not done . Emails never answered . Payroll headaches . She just does not come to work . Yet poses on fb smoking crack w him , etc etc . Nothing good . Heart breaking . HR will follow the hoops so she can be fired appropriately for no call no show / absence policy . And I am sitting here heart broken . I can’t comprehend . Y ? Worked so hard all her life , w a highschool diploma to make it to 30 bucks an hr , an office , and people who supporting her . What’s next for her and that half ass pimp of hers ? Jail ? How long b4 homeless ? Who is paying bills , neither works ? How she let us all down like this ? Was intentional or is she lost her f mind ? How long b4 she contacts me for money ? Well , that question answered today . I got a text , saying she misses me and how I am doing . Do I answer ? Or play deaf ? And I am thinking . How many info she has from all of us as payroll ? Home address , ssn , bank account ? In all years I have known Rita , she and I never exchanged phone numbers . No need . I always email her work account . She had to go and look for my number today , that’s for sure . So I had a f anxiety attack . What else her and the pimp are looking about me ? I contacted the hospital . Y is she still has access on our info . Yes , she still has her working lap top , that was never turned in . So I am sitting here thinking , fuck , should I worry living alone and all ? Where is the line btwen stupidity and kindness . 🙁Were we fools to help Rita , and r we on the hook for unpleasant surprises ? 🙄I worry . Rest of coworkers who know what’s going on r worry too . M I over dramatic here ? ( u ain’t gonna hurt my feelings , I know what I drama Queen I am . )

This is a pic of Mr ET having his sweet taste* on a French fancy place in DC 2 months or so ago . Bcz mr ET goes where ever I go , and bcz no fucks given by me of what humans think of us in public . He is a friend for 27 yrs in this crazy country, two aliens together is better than one . And the more I interact w humans , the more I feel like I fit nowhere . Go mr ET go! ♥️🙌

Pralina1 9 May 6

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No you ain't being a drama queen, someone you trusted fucked you over, so bitch away gorgeous..

She appears to be gorgeous inside and out….😊

Thank u sweetie . As always . Thank u . U are in my mind . I hope the storm passed of passing ?
U are brave . U are quiet and u are courageous . And . U are a diva . Pls heal soon . Selfish me , so we can celebrate battles and aftermath 🙌♥️

@Pralina1 getting CT on Monday..🤞🤞🤞


Well fuck! Ain't that the shits. You've got a place to vent here, for sure🤗. Reminds me of my Dad, he worked for years in center city Philadelphia, took the bus to work 5 days a week. Every morning there was a disabled man he passed on the walk from the bus to the shop. He always dropped a few quarters in his cup. The other thing he did every work day was bring a sandwich from home for lunch. One day he was running late and had no time to make the sandwich so at lunch he went to the deli for a sandwich. Guess who he saw walking into the deli? The disabled man who now is not disabled and dressed rather nice. He stopped droppin' a few quarters in the man's cup and gave some serious thought to settin' up a side gig panhandlin' on a Philly street corner.😂 I loved my Dad's sense of humor.

Wow . Wtf man , wtf . Wow
Your dad though 😂♥️😂♥️🙌

@Pralina1 Kind hearts - and yeah you're one, are the BEST!

@silverotter11 I am not and u know it ! But wegonnamakeit , and I am learning . Boy I am learning .
Ps : everything u typed about kidney stones and calcium ox was 100% right and I have added much vitamin d in diet and cut back on sources too .
I am so determined to never get that scary pain again , and that comment of yours was very informative and important to me . Thank u very much .
I am sad to say , 22 yr at ER has striped swag basic knowledge of every day health / medicine . Degrees matter very little . I see trauma and crisis . I care 0 about nutrition , maintance , Basics . In fact , I forgot everything I learned in 6 f yrs . I don’t use it . If it doesn’t bleed or doesn’t breath , if not a stroke or an mi , I am ignorant pretty much . Your comment reminded me the importance of simple medicine / nutrition .
Again , thank u very much .


She fucked up! I would answer her but I wouldn't give her any money. Just get an update about her and her life, keep it cordial, try to talk to her about turning in the computer. Who knows though she might have already pawned it or sold it for money for her and her husband's drug's. I just hope everyone's information is safe! She might not have internet access, who knows! What a difficult situation!


The less I have to interact with humans, the better I feel. I signed up for a dating site last week, and immediately canceled! The world is full of vermin! I enjoy online friendships on here (you are certainly included) but after 7 years and three wives, I find the routines of aloneness comforting. My dog never lets me down!
People will be what they are, and I can understand you being nervous that all your information has been compromised. Consider investing in a ID theft protection service. People on drugs are not known for their integrity.
Love your dinner companion. If you were closer I’d happily take the two of you out to dinner! 😁

U are brave . I love your courage and the courage of so many others on this site . I can’t do it . Online dating will scare me to death .
Yes to dogs . Best relationships ever . And yes , we might die alone , “ and merry xmas “. But u know , better alone than w garbage .
I contacted my bank . I contacted the hospital . Less fearful today 🙌
Thank u sweetheart ♥️


You can only help someone so much before they have to take care of their own selves. Don't doubt your instincts to help, but be aware that some will take you for a ride. Sounds like Rita came under a bad influence when she was very vulnerable. You shouldn't judge, but neither should you enable. And when you say you are not nice, I for one don't believe you. ❤



I’m really sorry to read that story Pralina, it makes me angry to know that your kind-heartedness - and yes that’s what it is…has been taken advantage of.

This lady has made her own choices and now must suffer whatever the consequences. My advice is to keep your distance from her now and cut your losses, or you will be forever sucked into her problems and you’ll end up drip feeding money to her because of your compassionate nature. Knowing she has your personal details is clearly a worry, but just keep an on eye bank accounts etc., and try to put this down to experience.

Whatever you do, don’t change from being the caring, loving person you are just because this time your trust was abused. ❤️🤗

I am trying to think a song , bcz ms Margie speaks music . So scratched head all day long ma’am . While cleaning house , errands , walked boys , etc . I came up w this .
No ma’am . We won’t change . More cautious . But we won’t change .

I hope u r having a great wknd ms Margie . U are loved .

Aahhhhhh yes......its the old "no good deed goes unpunished". We've all been there, done that....bought the T-shirt. Some people are just naturally born "givers".....and other people are just naturally born "takers". When those two intersect - this is exactly what happens. Don't try to figure it out or rationalize it -- just move past it. But next time you feel the need to save someone (from themselves) --- take a beat and do a little sleuthing first.
Please do take precautions about sensitive info that her dirtbag of a husband might try to hack into or compromise in some way. Cause I'd hate to have to bring Vinnie up there to do some sanitation work. 🙂😉🙂

I contacted vinnie too 😂
Well , Walter in this case and Gabrielle , and Lusito and angelo , and all my Italian friends in this town that they love me and I love them too . Bcz that’s what we do . I know U know . We might not talk for the whole yr , but if any of us need anything , the rest will look out , anyone on their field . 🙌💪


Whether you want to hear it or not, don't punish yourself. Your heart, and yes you do have one, was and is in the right place. You did what you did for all of the right reasons. That is all l will say about this. 🤗

Bitch I don’t have a heart , stop it ! R u working tmrw night ? I am gonna plant some in my garden and thinking I ll video call u afterwards if u are home ??
I love u Larry ♥️🦇

@Pralina1 Sounds good. 🤗


This is amazing.

If you fit nowhere, you are exactly as you should be. The world would be better off with more people like you.

Hi Mitch , how r u doin . Man , many good human around . Some more than others . Frustrating when no results of effort . But ok ! Fears and tears when pitty mode , “ oh I live alone , oh I have nobody , what if they come look for me , I am easy food “. Today I feel better . Comon and look for me mfs , go ahead 💪


You are an amazing person, to help people basically because that is what you do, that is who you are. You cannot be responsible for what other people do even if they are your friends. Do not worry about this person as they are going to do what they do. Helping them just might help destroy them, you are not responsible for that. Care for yourself, take care of yourself, you are a keeper.


Just let it go and know that you did your best.


Move on.

twill Level 7 May 6, 2022

When we are young, we believe life is simple and fair. As we grow older we slowly begin to realize, it is a mixed up complicated mess. We try our best to be what we personally consider to be a "good person". We then find out that sometimes our best intentions produce bad results. We question what is right and wrong as we get annoyed by the religious who always say to trust in god (gag...). Every once in a while, if the correct planets align, our good intentions do seem to work and we are happy that we are a "good person". Then very quickly life goes back to being all screwed up. There are a thousand theories on how to deal with this madness, but none seem to work for ourselves. But here is mine:

  1. Laugh and smile
  2. Be happy to be alive
  3. Live in the moment, enjoy what is happening right now,
    make the most of the moment you are in and get everything
    you can out of it.
  4. Be good to other people.
  5. When things happen you don't like and you can not change them,
    accept it, move on and continue to do 1 thru 4.

U are right .


I think there is a basic goodness in people no matter how much they get caught up in drugs or other things. I'd say to trust your instincts, not your fears and whatever she does is a reflection of who she is. Don't let your nature be changed by the actions of another. Keep being who you are, trusting, kind, generous.


Oh Pralina1, you have morals and values that you show while living your life, and one of the ways you do that are trying to help a fellow human. No one could fault you for that. We just never know sometimes if we are helping or enabling someone. This woman may have many Issues that you or her other co worker’s just never knew about. The world certainly needs more kind and empathetic people like you, so don’t let this get you down. I think it might be a good idea to look into some kind of service that protects your information, and can alert you if someone is trying to use your info for their benefit. It’s sad that we all have to be concerned about this, but it’s our reality unfortunately.

Hi sweetie . I did today , I alerted navy federal , I spoke w hospital again about it , and I am more calmer and less sad too . No . I am not going to change my ways bcz of other peoples disasters . At the big pic , I am sad for Rita , and scared of her new best friend . But in the every day pic , I am willing to take down anyone that can possible threat my boys or my peace , and I sure hope they don’t try . I appreciate your advice .
Thank u for listening as f always . I love u

@Pralina1 I’m so pleased our paths crossed on the internet. You’re a lovely rose of a person in a sea of thorns. 😘 I would love to meet you someday.


Oh, I like ET, I have a frog that travels with me sometimes, when I need the humor and the company. Froggie is a great comedian.

I hear u . I am glad u have a “ frog friend “. R we crazy ? Who knows . But I hear u man ♥️

@Pralina1 This is Froggies first picture on the Internet.

@dalefvictor I love him already ♥️ I feel u ! Hi friend 🙌🙌🙌🙌♥️♥️♥️♥️

@Pralina1 t is funny that people seem to forget the side of them that was a child. When I was sixteen I saw a small stuffed bear in the window of a store in a mall. As I walked down the center of the mall past the stores I saw this bear and said to my mother isn't he cute. I had no idea that she would get it for Christmas but she did. She told me that when she went to pay for it the clerk asked how old I was, she said sixteen, and immediately I was assumed to be dull. I loved that bear and finally gave it to my daughter.

@dalefvictor nothing dull about u at 16 or now . That’s that .
U know . People believe that Jesus will come back to get them and walk them on a red carpet to haven . Ok !
I believe that my friend mr ET , after years of listening to my fears and tears, and most important my cussing while driving endless , yeah , he got his own soul💪😂
The bear has heard your teen anxieties and troubles . Froggie boy is there for u to calm u now . Those are friends . Those are alive as long as we are 🙌


Whatever ET is munching on sure looks yummy!! 😋

Buck Level 7 May 6, 2022

I treat my friend to the best . He gets food , I just take a bite and wave it over his mouth . My few best friends use to it , nobody makes a big deal .
Does mr ET needs food ? I don’t think so . But just in case , I order him shit always .
He is a good friend . 27 yrs and going 🙌

@Pralina1 Does he ever ask to use your cell phone?!🤨

@Buck ET …phone … home …😂


I think you might be my soul mate!?!🥰

Buck Level 7 May 6, 2022

You said her partner passed away, maybe this is her coping with that? It's definitely a bad way to do it, but drugs and other bad decisions are very tempting for a lot of people when their hearts hurt. Just a thought.

I'm not sure what can be done about the access to info that she has, other than maybe turning her in for stolen property. It's technically not her laptop, right? I can tell that you care about her, at least in some capacity. It's hard to know what to do when you don't want to hurt them, but it might be the only option.

I think the hospital is on the process requesting lap top back etc , but what does it matter , I am sure she got what she needs info ways . Hospital told me that she does not have access / info on r actual bank accounts . Time keeping , but not bank account numbers .


You have a good heart



Am I understanding this correctly, you now have reason to be concerned about what Rita and her apparently scuzbag boyfriend might be trying to dig-up on you information and personal details wise? Anything specific, just bank accounts etc or really bad stuff like cyber attacks? If you don't wish to answer that, I fully understand. Just hope the panic attacks don't wrack your nerves too much, they're no fun to experience.

On a side note, can't say I believe you when you say you aren't a nice person, we both know you are... and then some (emphasis on word some, more like alot).

I am thinking this makes no sense . I don’t know anyone that will kill the goose that makes the gold eggs , u know? The guy is broke like a joke . Apparently if he is dealing drugs , he is bad about it . He has no car , and he lives at hotel w Rita . Most likely on the money we collected . Rita had a job and for his best interest to keep sending her to work .
But she stoped coming . Rita is older and not pretty . Prostitution will not bring him any money .
The guy is mental , trust me I have checked him and stalked him ( w fake name of mine ), at any possible web site . It makes no sense . Rita’s money will end soon . Then what ? U know ?
The fact that Rita texted me , ( that’s a first in 100 yrs ). I have never shared my personal cell w her . Never . No need . That’s what’s scares me spike .
I contacted navy federal today . Also I deposited cash that I had in house in case of an emergency . I don’t exist in any web sites besides here . Fake fb under a male name w no friends , so I can get web sites / news / local news / all in one place . If he has an appetite to come and check that nurse who always helps rita out in the past , well , Motherfucker go ahead . He is 5.2 and looks like a joke of a gangster . I feel more calm today , and like , not scared

@Pralina1 Please pass this around to any pro choice individuals you may know-

Need to get the word out.

@SpikeTalon u rocking it spike . Thank u . I sure shit will , hospital and all . Thank u so much 🙌

@Pralina1 I just started a pro choice group on here, some misinformation campaigns from radical evangelicals prompted me to create such a group, and also from the looks of it there is no similar group on here yet, somewhat surprisingly.

@SpikeTalon what’s the name of the group spike ? I can’t find it

@Pralina1 "Pro Choice/Abortion Rights"

@SpikeTalon thank u . Joined .

@Pralina1 Hey, what happened to Altschmerz?? She disappeared from the site.


There are only two things that I know for certain about people and living life. Well, three things.

  1. Sometimes life isn't very fair;
  2. Expect NOTHING from anyone, ever! You'll never be disappointed;
  3. If I'm not having sex with you, my uterus is none of your business.

#3 ? #justsayin'

By and large, life is pretty disappointing. The people in our lives can be the biggest disappointments of all. The world is full of Ritas! Sadly. 😣

I think u are right 🙁


Thank you for sharing. That’s a lot to digest and I fully agree with your analysis and concerns. Yea, not good. I’d say your response is warranted. I’d guess as long as your guard is up, there may be easier victims for her hubby to use then you in your community. Sadly, it sounds like Rita was destine or (if you believe in free will) has chosen a dark path. Even the most insightful person burdened with limited information can not predict such outcomes. I think we all have been deceived by less then honest people. Her lack of honesty in keeping you in the loop during her decent from a potentially stable life (if such an outcome was plausible) into a world that will likely be riddled with bad outcomes fully merits a red flag of severe apprehension. Based on Rita’s acquisition of her cancerous appendage, sounds like ghosting her may be the most prudent course of action as her parasite is likely setting her downward vector of destruction over production; thus placing her in a position to seek out benefactors to feed her parasite.

I often find vague similarities in our experiences. We have a teacher who a year ago finished her master’s degree but this year after her mother died she became increasingly less then happy with her hubby and ten-ish kids (ok it is down to nine-ish) as social services took one away last week) living with her so she “fell-in-love” with an unemployed drummer. She often does not make it to work and when she does, she often does not show up to work with her students and she spends nearly every minute of her time on the phone working with non-school related issues. Although a bright and nice person, many aspects of her job are better dealt with by other students as they are more involved with the students she is assigned. Today our weekly school “closing cermony” was canceled because our our principal was tied up in a meeting (annual evaluation?) with this teacher. I was told by the rumor mill the sound of shredding a (probable) evaluation form could be heard after their meeting. I am guessing she resigned and we will never see her as this teacher desire was to move back to an impoverished area over a hundred miles away and live in the house her dead mother owned with her new drummer boy friend and a bunch (he has 4) of kids. No jobs for many many miles from that house. The reason I bring up this story is her outcome, by my analysis, similar to Rita’s story, will likely be significantly less bright then it could have been if she did not find a less then productive man and showed up to work and performed her job. It was like the loss of her close mother (possibly similar to the loss of Rita’s live in friend) set into motion a downward vector that greatly exceeded any previous loss. Last year this teacher had lost (death) many friends including her best friend. She showed no change in behavior after those events. In any event, I doubt there is anything I or any of us could have done to change this teacher’s outcome. A few months ago, nobody at school would have possibly foreseen this outcome.

Last fall to help a family I dropped a large pile of cash on the father of two of my students so he could put a down on renting a house. Another teacher and her church helped him maintain rent for a short time. He had good intentions as he came to the college to get a degree and better his life to support his kids. His kids are remarkable people with fantastic abilities and my self justification for burning money was to buy them all some time with a higher standard of living. (a break from a homeless shelter) Although I hoped he would do well, his dependency on drugs caused him to loose his status as a student and later loose two different jobs. Next Friday (last day of school for our students) (assuming his daughter finishes and presents/defends her science project to multiple classes). She will have earned (first movie for the family was just for fun) another movie for her family and friends in my home theater. Although not as dire as redirecting funds to promote a cancer, only a limited-time benefit.

Perhaps I am mistaken but I think we both potentially have the ability to employ an inverse sharpshooter fallacy where it is possible to count the misses and (at times) ignore or forget the hits. It took me a very long time but I no longer lament mistakes of the past that caused me harm or past events where despite years of devoting significant resources, I was unable to positively change the trajectory of those I care about. When I reflect on the significant good you have imparted, including the bright woman who you guided to the status of physician, I see significant inner greatness and have no doubt you positively influence many lives you interact with on a daily basis. In the last few weeks I have encountered several parents who were once students. It is nice to have them recognize me and tell you how I influenced their outlook and in some instances lives. Opens a chain of similar memories from past students who came back to visit.
I am rather certain you have a more significant well of positive outcomes including many you may not be aware of; how much good you have imparted into their lives.

Two weeks ago a fellow teacher, a Republican, anti-choice, hard Catholic I’ve been working with for over 20 years lost her father. Despite me disagreeing with nearly every political and religious stance she firmly asserts, I always treat her with kindness and respect so I attended her Saturday gathering at her house where several other old teachers, her Alzheimer mother out of the nursing home for the day, her husband, her kids, grand kids, and a few of her out of town realities who were making it to town for the funeral chatted and ate goodies. The way the teacher was hurting she seemed so alone and as a result treated me, (almost a needy re-assurance) “You’ve always been such a good friend to me.” Etc. (I was also one of two teachers at our school who took time to attend the funeral) brought home the realization that even if we don’t recognize our influence on those we work with, for some, we provide a section of the foundation of perceived stability and safety on which they stand. I’d bet you provide a similar or stronger foundation to many. Although it is highly unlikely, unless you vacation north and stop by, we will run into each other, I have a greater understanding and agreement with your positions, and respect for who you are then the teacher I’ve been working with for over 20 years.

It is easy to play the conspiracy theory under such scenarios including: Was Rita’s partner of 20 years killed by her new gangsta wanna be hubby to make room for him? Was there a life insurance policy that she cashed in to settle the wanna be gangster's debt? How much of her presented life at work was a ruse? Etc. But most conspiracy theories (especially these) are baseless and are not likely worthy of serious consideration.

Most sorry for the rant. Whenever I run across your posts you almost always take me on a journey of discovery. There are a few good recommendation below this post. I’d be more concerned with potential identity theft then abduction.

U do a lot of work Mark behind the public eyes and u help so many . U did not “ burn “ money , u did what makes u happy and what gives u hope .
I admire u


Hey Ace Girl, I don't care what other people say about you behind your back, you're a good person and the world needs more like you.
Don't take it personal, I hired a lot of people that came from rough backgrounds and a lot of people who had done time, some of it serious time in the federal system. Most of those people suffered from a form of PTSD because of all the shit they had to deal with as kids and some of them got through it and some of the just couldn't and slipped back into old destructive patterns. I always offered a hand up and a way out but I never let them take my hand clean off because those few were going back to jail or worse and I wasn't about to endanger myself, my family and my extended family which were my employees. We can't help everyone, no matter how much we want to, sometimes it's just the train that they are riding to a dark place and misery loves company so don't get sucked in and wind up on that train with them.
Get yourself a security system or even just the sticker and place it prominently in the front window, just as an extra bit of deterrent in case that long shot comes through and they decide to try and do a snatch and grab on your place while you are at work. I pity the crack heads who kick in your door when you and the boys are home but still, be cautious but don't be paranoid about it, because the odds are very long that they are going to walk all the way over to your place, they don't even have a car.

I do have security / alarm system in my house . U know me. Captain safety . Captain dork , captain boring , captain cautious . Yeah . The more I am thinking about it , neither of them even have a car to travel to Virginia Beach . I have no doubt he asked her about her friend who gave her $$ in the recent past . No doubt . But u know . I checked him out on fb . The dude is 5.2 , no more than 30 yr old , and so high on drugs , he can’t articulate two words on his live posts .
I contacted navy federal ( my bank ), and also called my Italian friends in town .
Long time friends . I don’t bother them , and they don’t bother me either , except if something important .
I also contacted my baby sitter , the lady that comes and sits w my boys 7p to 9 p when I am at work .
For now , my boys will spend the nights in her house when I am working . I don’t give a fuck about rest , as long as my boys are safe , just in case these two think to visit me . I am my self today , no fear 💪
Thank u friend
Ps . I truly believe my kidney stone was dissolved bcz of acv . Thank u for the great advice , 22 yrs in ED medicine and I know shit about simple math . If not Gun shot or stoke / mi , or a broken bone , apparently I know shit about simple math . I thank u in my mind 3 x a week at least , as I keep drinking it for maintance . Thank u again for your x and energy / advice ♥️♥️🙌🙌

@Pralina1 Glad to see that you are feeling better about this and have taken reasonable steps against the extremely remote chance that this pair of rather pathetic individuals might try to further profit from you. I'm also glad that the ACV helped resolve the kidney stones, they are a whole new level of pain but in the event of an emergency there's no one else I would rather see than a highly trained and competent ER Nurse like yourself to set my broken bone, save me from cardiac arrest or stem my hemorrhaging before I bleed out. Different problems require different solutions. Be Well, Captain Special.

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