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LINK Lauren Boebert's Shooters restaurant kicked out after new landlord cites "moral" imperative: report |

Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo., could lose her Hooters-inspired, gun-themed restaurant in a dispute with her new landlord.

The Colorado Republican told The Daily Beast she and her husband were surprised last week to receive notice from their landlord, a cannabis retailer, that their lease for Shooters would not be renewed after the building's ownership changed hands last month, and the lawmaker said they would have to find another location or close for good.

snytiger6 9 June 23

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Technically, she might be able to reopen if she changes the company name. I am not familiar with the state laws there, but I get a funny feeling that the name 'Shitter's' probably wouldn't bring in a crowd.


Say what. Who is Lauren Bloefart?


Waiting for FAUX News and the other Q wing media outlets to express moral outrage and tell their cult that a landlord/business owner does not, actually, have a "right to refuse service to anyone."


Bitten on the ass...I love it!

She’s all ass.


Him saying moral imperative may not have happened. He did say the lease wouldn't be renewed. I've been trying to find more articles and it is a mixed bag on what may or may not have been said.
It could all turn out to be a business move - he needs the space, or he wants more rent. Wait and see. It would be nice if it turns out to be a moral decision.
Also, until the story broke, the staff had no idea; that's about a month of not knowing your job may go bye-bye.


Shooters Restaurant, their tag line: Eat Shit and Die?

Literally. Not sure when, but a large group of people got sick eating there.

2017, 80 people got sick at a rodeo where "Shooters" sliders were served. Some had bloody diarrhea; most others had diarrhea as well.





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