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LINK Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán declares at CPAC that "a Christian politician cannot be racist"

(I think there is a big difference between shouldn't and couldn't.)

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called on conservatives in Europe and the U.S. to take back power from liberals, declaring a "clash of civilizations" is underway.

The far-right leader, who addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Texas on Thursday, recently faced an international backlash over controversial remarks he made in late July, in which he said Hungarians "do not want to become peoples of mixed race." One former adviser, who has since resigned, referred to those comments as "a pure Nazi speech worthy of Goebbels."

Orbán, who came to power in 2010, has increasingly clamped down on political opposition and press freedom, consolidating his power further over the last two elections.

At CPAC, Orbán tried to preempt criticism, claiming "a Christian politician cannot be racist" and that those who consider him a racist or anti-Semite are "simply idiots." ...

snytiger6 9 Aug 6

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Christian nationalists make all kinds of wild claims. The common theme is that it's all self-serving.


P.S. It takes a total fucking idiot to believe the claim that "a Christian politician cannot be a racist". It takes an even bigger total fucking idiot to accept that claim.


Bullshit, the country is full of them.


Huntington wrote "The Clash of Civilizations?" initially as an article, later expanding it into a book. It's more about global issues, an intense read. About a decade ago I wrote a paper on it (the article, not the book); I disagreed with a lot of it and thought it rather racist. The concept is that cultural issues (including religion) are what will divide peoples. Seems an odd choice to quote if one is trying to prove that they are not racist, especially as he is from Turkey which has had many cultural influences over the centuries.

MizJ Level 8 Aug 6, 2022

Bible characters appear to be racist. Why is it that a Christian politician cannot be racist?


They are so scared of losing control they go back to the old stand by of "religion".

Betty Level 8 Aug 6, 2022

He has been taking lessons from Adolph Hitler: tell blatant lies as if it is the truth.


They sure as hell can be racists. My state is chock full of Repub pols that claim to be Christian and clearly are racists. Wake up and be honest, for once...

I do not think Honesty is a known product for these people. They have their heads so far up the orange turds ass that they cannot see anything else. This is scary for them as one of these followers is going to perform and kill many of these people when they learn they have been had.


Another full of Shit, telling everyone how great he is!!!!

While stinking more than fully opened septic tank on a 105* August day!!!


"A Christian politician cannot be racist". We can expect this asinine lie to be picked up and parroted by the MAGAs. But the more absurd the lie, the faster the dimwitted middle will be disgusted by what they can grasp. I like Swalwell's comment that CPAC attendees should have worn sheets.


He was the first European leader to build a wall to keep out the Syrians fleeing for their lives.


Self serving BS declarations like this allow Christian Nationalists from any country to practice all sorts of discrimination including racism while soothing any guilt for their mistreatment of others.

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