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LINK A NC high school football coach is converting kids to Christianity

When the Supreme Court ruled that a public high school football coach was allowed to pray silently after games (even though he was actually showboating at midfield for effect), the question in the minds of many church/state separation advocates was how far other coaches would stretch that decision. How would they subvert the new rules so that they could keep converting kids to Christianity?

In the case of Sherman Holt, the new head football coach at Swain High School in Bryson City, North Carolina, the answer isn’t even subtle. He’s just doing it right out in the open, practically daring people to stop him. According to the Freedom From Religion Foundation, there’s ample evidence that Holt is coercively pushing Jesus on his players.

For example, there’s his tweet bragging about kids who converted to Christianity: ...

snytiger6 9 Aug 9

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It makes sense that they would target the kids, so much easier to brainwash. The problem....people with the authority to stop it....won't!

Betty Level 8 Aug 10, 2022

My State (N.C.) is a good State with one exception, that being evangelistic churches. Unfortunately we are the home of Rev. Billy Graham (now deceased) and his offspring. We have far too many churches here.

On the other hand we have great beaches in th East and wonderful mountain towns in the West.


The audacity of such craven mental defectives never ceases to amaze me.


Christians in their recruitment and proselytizing are insidious and unrelenting, like a creeping fungus or parasitic plant species. Now where did I put that jug of Roundup? 😂


[sarcasm]What wonderful news! The sooner these children can develop a real relationship with the one true and living God, the better.[/sarcasm]


The an has no business teaching anything in a public high school and he should be removed as soon as possible.

That prolly ain't happening.


Try that in the neighborhood where I teach. We have a huge Muslim population.

Do many of them play American style football? Now that would be funny to watch him pull that bullshit there... If it was a soccer coach, he would be up the creek, since all the best players around there are probably Muslim kids. Unless, of course, he didn't care at all about winning. And some high school coaches don't....

@TomMcGiverin I imagine some of them play in high school. I teach in an elementary school. Some kids bring cricket bats to school for recess.


Nothing will change unless the players and their parents lead a boycott against the coach, fat chance of that, and get him fired over something else besides religion, because with the current SC, he would win against any firing over his religious practices.


We are losing the war. And Congress is so fearful of Christian backlash that nothing to stop it will happen there.


I hope some brave souls at the game have the courage to publicly boo him.


This is bullshit!


And they call everybody else "groomers". They are the ones doing the grooming. I'm their own mind it's ok though, because it's for christianity.🤢🤮

No shit. It's ok to be a pedophile coach, as long as you're part of their tribe and identify as a Christian, even if the label is just a front or pose. I think you meant to say, "I'm sure in their own mind.....".

@TomMcGiverin you are correct. I do that all the time. A writer I am not.

@GrooshStar No worries, I make embarrassing typos all the time, both on this site and in messaging with people on and FB. That is why I do my best to go back over everything I write, even after I send or post it, and try to find and correct any typos. There always seem to be some, no matter how careful I am the first time I write them. Maybe I just try to type too fast, that's why I prefer face to face or voice communication.


And then there’s Gym Jordan


I knew the SC decision would just open the floodgates to all the other asshole, showboat, Bible-thumper coaches across America... So glad I played a high school sport long ago, and never had to worry about having to deal with any of this bullshit then. But then again, my sport was ruled by the stopwatch or clock, so there was no way a coach could prevent me from competing in the max number of events for the varsity, unless they could prove some sort of misconduct or team rule violation, since I was one of the four fastest kids on the team. Football and other sports not ruled by the clock, are another matter tho, lots of room for favoritism and subjectivity...

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