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Never have I ever..

Let's put aside religion and politics for a minute and share a fun fact about ourselves with the Agnostic community. Anything, big or small
I'll start.
I have never looked through a telescope.

Unity 7 Aug 31

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This makes me realize how much I HAVE done.


I've never done anal, nor +3. (I'd prefer the latter to start)
I've never done heroin.
I've never successfully water skied.
I've never killed anyone (directly, or that I know of).
I've never had a son (that I know of).
I've never owned a cat.

With the exception of having a son I share the other nevers with you.
I will never do heroin


I have never slept with a genuine redhead.

It's just as nice as you could imagine. My SO is a redhead.


@Beowulfsfriend I would probably waste time just staring in disbelief. Like is this real?! 😁

Try it you'll love it, It was the best thing about my B-t-h first wife


Never have I ever drank beer.

They say it's an acquired taste. I like it

Tasted it, hated it, can not even handle the smell.

I've tasted beer--it sucks. I used to have a relative who said she hated the taste of beer, but she drank it anyway. My dad also said he wasn't fond of it, but drank it for the buzz. On the other hand, he liked the taste of wine but rarely drank it because he feared becoming an alcoholic. He didn't become addicted to beer.


Gone skydiving.

BD66 Level 8 Sep 1, 2022

Unity? I own one, ever this way give a shout and I'd meet you up on the river with it and a pal so you can give it a shot

Sounds good to me. I might take you up on that


Well I’ve never been to Spain… πŸ˜‰

But I kinda like the music.
Say the ladies are insane there,
But they sure know how to use it.

Not yet but I would like to.

I've never been to heaven, but I've been to Oklahoma. I was born there.

Me neither, but I hear the ladies are insane there...


Have never, ever smoked even one cigarette. My dad smoked enough around us so I didn't have to.

Took ONE puff and could never understand why people continued to smoke after the first puff!

@Gwendolyn2018 When I was younger my dad once offered us a taste of his beer. Ugh, it was horrible and we vowed to never drink beer. Laugh was on us.

@JackPedigo I used to drink margaritas, but the tequila could have been left out and that would have been fine. I worked as winery tour guide one summer and we could have a glass of wine before going home; I had the fruit juice. I understand that people drink to relax, but yuck.

@Gwendolyn2018 So what kind of wine was this that was yucky?
When in Germany I joined a group of British soldiers in an historic pub in the old city. We played lots of drinking games most of which included dice. One game was one would roll three dice and the first one to roll a one would get to order a drink. The 2nd one would have to drink the drink and the third one to roll a one would have to pay for it. One drink we learned not to order was Ratziputz. Often the one who ordered the drink would end up having to drink and this drink was terrible. []

@JackPedigo I have never tasted wine that I liked. It is kinda like the first time I tasted coffee as a child; it was brown and I thought it would taste like hot chocolate. It did not, and I never developed the addiction. The only way I could drink coffee was if it were sweet and loaded with mocha--not worth the effort.

I didn't taste wine until I was an adult, but I thought it would taste like grape juice. It did not. People might drink it to help them unwind, but I can find other ways to unwind. People who drink to get drunk and make them feel good need to face their problems.

@Gwendolyn2018 I feel as you toward coffee. Maybe a cappuccino with lots of sugar and (plant based) milk. Sort of a warm coffee ice cream. While stationed in Turkey I developed a taste for sweet Turkish/Greek reds. Later, in Germany the Rieslings appealed to me. The late and wines picked from grapes picked after a frost were delicious (to me). The sweeter the better. Of course there are now alcohol free wines but, as you said, the buzz is a big part of the experience.
Wonder how many of us use to unwind.

@JackPedigo I use to unwind--I also use FB.

I like sparkling juices--no alcohol--but I rarely drink them. I prefer to eat fruit and get the fiber. I drink water and I allow myself one Sparkling Ice soda a day. I used to be addicted diet soda, but kicked that habit.

@Gwendolyn2018 So how was life before Maybe I don't want to know. However, it has proven to both a blessing and a curse for me.

@JackPedigo life was fine before! It is a diversion from grading and even the exasperating people do not detract from the enjoyment (and might even add to it). If it were a curse, I would leave it behind like the diet soda.

@Gwendolyn2018 The curse for me is it keeps me from doing other things, like trying to maintain the gardens and maintenance work on the house.

@JackPedigo then you are spending too much time on this site. I never spend more than ten minutes at a time on it and usually, more like five or even less! It might add up to an hour or so a day.

@Gwendolyn2018 When I first joined I complained at how all the sitting put an inch on my waist. Summers are slow for me as the property/house keep screaming my name. I probably spend about half of what you do in a day.

@JackPedigo I have to keep busy--idle hands are the devil's workshop, ya know!

@Gwendolyn2018 I guess it depends on what one is doing with their hands. Besides, sometimes the 'devils-workshop' can be more relaxing or fun than that other place.

@Gwendolyn2018 Just spotted this in our local paper. Thought you would be interested. Quilting is a big deal here. []


I have never ..

Given any asshole the kicks in the butt that he or she thoroughly deserved;
Been to Nepal;
Had sex with a prostitute;
Spoken Swahili;
Sucked a man's dick;
Stripped off in public;
Been inside a whale.

Been tolerant of the religious crazies, fundamentalists, psychopaths and sociopaths that infest this planet.


I dunno... what exactly would constitute interesting, as some of the things I could share some might consider to be interesting while others might think it's gross, lol.

Well okay here goes... in my early twenties as a side gig I had entertained at a few local hen parties, not as a male exotic dancer per se as no dancing was involved, but I was sure dressed as one though (dare I use the word dressed as dressed in this case meant next to nothing, lol).

On a side note, we could use more posts like this on this site.


Never have I ever been to North or South America. Boring I know but apart from ones listed I kept thinking well I have sort of done that...


I shared a bottle of Indian Scotch smuggled through who knows how many borders by a guy from Nepal. Now I know why even India tries to keep it's own alcohol out...

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