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LINK Aaron Brink, Pornstar Dad of Colorado Club Q Shooting Suspect Anderson Lee Aldrich, Spews Homophobia

If this happened on a tv show, everyone would say it was completely implausible...

MMA-fighter-turned-porn-actor Aaron Franklin Brink had an immediate reaction when he learned his 22-year-old son had been accused of slaughtering five people and injuring 18 others last weekend in a mass shooting at a Colorado Springs nightspot catering to the LGBTQ community.

A defense attorney called Sunday night and told Brink, who lives in Southern California, that Anderson Lee Aldrich was under arrest for the massacre at Club Q.

“They started telling me about the incident, a shooting involving multiple people,” Brink said Tuesday in an interview outside his San Diego home with CBS 8. “And then I go on to find out it’s a gay bar. I said, ‘God, is he gay?’ I got scared, ‘Shit, is he gay?’ And he’s not gay, so I said, ‘Phhhewww…’”

Brink, who has appeared in such films as My MILF Boss 8, I Wanna Get Titty Fucked, and Latina Slut Academy, told CBS 8, “You know Mormons don’t do gay. We don’t do gay. There’s no gays in the Mormon church. We don’t do gay.” (The Mormon Church has confirmed that Aldrich was a member but had not been active in some time.)

In a court filing late Tuesday, lawyers for Aldrich, who in 2016 changed his name from Nicholas Franklin Brink to escape his father’s sordid past, said Aldrich is non-binary, saying “they use they/them pronouns.”

However, booking records list Aldrich’s gender as male. Additionally, in text messages from the day of the shooting, which were shown to The Daily Beast by a source close to Aldrich, Aldrich’s mother referred to her son as he and him.

The Daily Beast was unable to reach Brink for comment. A call Wednesday morning to a number in Brink’s wife’s name was answered by a woman who declined to give her name but said she was a “relative.”

“We’re just taking it one day at a time,” she told The Daily Beast. “There is nothing really to do, after everything’s said and done.”

Aldrich allegedly opened fire at Club Q shortly before midnight on Nov. 19 before being subdued by two bystanders. Aldrich was initially hospitalized with unspecified injuries but was transferred to the El Paso County jail on Tuesday, according to authorities.

Aldrich, Brink, and Aldrich’s mother, Laura Voepel, have long raised red flags among others in the family, a relative told The Daily Beast shortly after Aldrich’s arrest.

“I don’t want anything to do with that part of the family,” the relative said, asking that their name not be used to avoid becoming tangled up with them again. “They’ve always had issues, a lot of problems… I’m totally disgusted by that side of the family right now.”

In Brink’s interview with CBS 8, he apologized for Aldrich’s alleged actions, saying there’s “no excuse for going and killing people. If you’re killing people, there’s something wrong. It’s not the answer.”

At the same time, Brink, a recovering methamphetamine user who once appeared on the reality show Intervention, said he “praised [Aldrich] for violent behavior really early. I told him it works. It is instant and you’ll get immediate results.”

Brink also said he didn’t realize Aldrich was still alive, telling CBS 8 that Voepel called him in 2016 and said their son had changed their name to Anderson Lee Aldrich, then died by suicide.

“I thought he was dead,” Brink said. “I mourned his loss. I had gone through a meltdown and thought I had lost my son… His mother told me he changed his name because I was in Intervention and I had been a porno actor.”

A notarized affidavit filed in a Texas court almost exactly a month before Aldrich, still Nicholas Brink, turned 16, states, “Minor wishes to protect himself + his future from his birth father + his criminal history. Father has had no contact with minor for several years.”

Six months ago, Brink said a very-much-alive Aldrich called him out of the blue. The two hadn’t spoken in six years, but the conversation quickly devolved into a sparring match, according to Brink.

“He’s pissed off,” Brink, who described himself in the interview as a conservative Republican, told CBS 8. “He’s pissed off at me. He wants to poke at the old man.”

Even before the Club Q shooting, Aldrich had been accused of using violence.

Last year, Aldrich was arrested after cops said they threatened to blow up the Colorado Springs house where Voepel was living. The charges were later dropped, and Colorado’s red flag laws, which would have allowed cops to seize Aldrich’s guns, were apparently not triggered. (The rifle used in the Club Q shooting was bought legally, according to reports.)

Brink, who did federal time in the late 1990s for marijuana importation, said he still loves Aldrich in light of the accusations, and offered an apology to the victims.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” he told CBS 8. “Life is so fragile and it’s valuable. Those people’s lives were valuable. You know, they’re valuable. They’re good people, probably. It’s not something you kill somebody over. I’m sorry I let my son down.”

Aldrich made his first court appearance Wednesday afternoon. He was ordered held without bail.

OldMetalHead 9 Nov 24

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A lot of SHIT to absorb there. Clearest signal given is that with this "Dad" , it's ALL about HIM

twill Level 7 Nov 25, 2022

He never should have had kids...just screw them up. smh


With a family like his, no wonder he turned out the way he did.


I commented in an earlier post about how the shooter at the Florida gay night club turned out to have problems coming to terms with his sexuality and his family's Muslim faith, and speculated that the Club Q shooting would most likely turn out to have some sort of religious ties. But WOW, I never imagined that the family would be such a massive train wreck.

The shooter identifies as non-binary, but his Mormon upbringing and the same of having a drug addicted porn star father, where things were so bad that he changed his name to get away from it all, is pretty extreme.

Part of the reason why I changed my name was because the Mormon church would not leave me alone. Because I was born into the Mormon church, and they considered me to still be a member, even though I had requested to have my name removed from the records, they still kept sending people to my door at least one a year or more to try to get me to go back to church.

Anyway, his father taught him that violence is a good solution to problems, he was struggling with his gender identity while he had been raised Mormon and it sounds like he had a really fucked up childhood. Although there are exceptions, I think most people we see as monsters are inadvertently created by familial and societal expectations to which the person doesn't measure up to by the nature of who they are.

When the father found out about the shooting his first concern was whether or not his son was gay, not that his son killed five people and injured 18 more. That is fucked up concerns and priorities

They have to pay for the crime but, IMO, they are not responsible for it. Life in SoA is just a tragedy. We all want to do something about it but can't help ourselves. Kind of like the shooter. This society has simply created a mass mental illness and individuals are the symptoms.

@rainmanjr I think they are responsible for their crimes. I think all societies need to remove any sigma from people asking for and/or accepting help when they need it... as a start to help make things better.

@snytiger6 That's what I said by "They have to pay for the crime..." Other than that I agree but doubt it will happen for another couple of generations. Doesn't matter. These folks are just dying sooner than the rest of us are going to. I know mental illness and addiction rather well, unfortunately.

I had neighbors that are mormons. They reproduced. Their son who had 2 boys was deemed not able to parent as was the kids mother. So the grandparents, my neighbors formally adopted their grandchildren. Nice kids but one was gay. They shunned him in the home, I use the term shun as the religious do. The plus side was the kids at school did not tease him and the neighbors welcomed him and supported him.
My nieghbor was a very creepy guy, he use to listen to my phone calls. CB recievers can pick up cordless phone calls. I got him back on that one.

In the question of nature or nurture, in this case it is both.

@glennlab Of that question I have always asked what it matters? How does it change the aspects of freedom or equal human Rights if my mind picked up on something while I was two? Psychology tells us that we're all still trying to get back the control we thought we had before we turned two. When we waved our arm and those odd creatures (we had no language for anything) came to check on us. When we learned that it wasn't us controlling the Universe (or even the room) that was the beginning of psychosis. So do I get to question their equality based on nurturing? If not then, again, what's it matter?


He's from a whole family of shitheads, no surprise there...


"The rifle was bought legally" Where have I heard this before ?. In just about every mass shooting in the USA. What a pathetic society


One wonders where all the Hate and division comes from within this country!!!

This a perfect example of how these individuals around us actually think and act especially when they think they are so superior to everyone else!!!


His attorney said that he is nonbinary and his pronouns are they/them. Turns out it’s not nearly as political as the left wants it to be.

I do not see how that changes anything about the dangerous rhetoric that republicans like Boebert spew. Obviously, the gun man was gay and was under pressure from his porn actor, Mormon, drug addict father, and Republican office holder, Jan. 6 celebrating grandfather not to be gay. That sort of hatred and bigotry leads to what happened at that night club. But I do not expect you to see that connection.

Your posts are garbage.

Really? Five people dead and another 18 injured and you are laughing and think it is funny? You are sick!

If you want to explore the political aspects, the shooter's grandfather is a republican Assemblyman in California who celebrated the Jan. 6th insurrection. Also, despite having made a bomb threat, which should have red flagged the shooter, republicans refused to enforce the law, which allowed him to legally purchase the weapons, because he wasn't red flagged as he should have been. Now, 5 are dead and 18 are injured, because republicans refuse to enforce gun laws meant to protect people.

@MyTVC15 why exactly can we not work with liberal logic and paint all gays as dangerous gun nut murders???
This is what most democrats do with a tragic incident.


What a tangled mess. He, him, they, them, he, she, it. WTF is that all about? Identity pronouns are nonsense. Mormon porn star so afraid of his son being gay with repeated claims of "Mormon's don't do gay." Immediately he knows the mind and innermost thoughts of others. This is sick. Travis Alexander was Mormon and claimed to avoid the sex before marriage issue by screwing Jodi Arias in the ass. I guess that way it would not count as "real sex." But Mormon's don't do gay. Aldrich had a messed up family and apparently was equally messed up himself. He seems to have been a time bomb just waiting to go off.


I read this yesterday. He seemed to be more thankful that is son was not gay than the fact he killed 5 people.


But wait, there's more. His grandfather is an out-going Republican Assemblyman in California who celebrated 1/6. []

His Grandchild probably just insured his re-election.

@rainmanjr He lost his election.

@MyTVC15 I'm okay with being wrong (in this case).


That reads much better than the video interviews.


That's one fucked up family. Gawd!

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