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Is it better to legalize prostitution or keep it illegal

I find prostitution to be distasteful, but I think it is better for the health of society to make it legal.

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paul1967 8 May 2

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It's just commerce. If someone wants anonymous sex without any entanglements, and another person has that to offer, why not allow two consenting adults to make the transactional exchange? If there's no law preventing them from having sex without a contract, then why should we interfere if they decide to monetize it? While I find the idea distasteful for myself, I've never cared to tell another adult what to do.


it seems like if they have legalized it on Capitol Hill they should legalize it elsewhere.

Snort (of laughter).


Better to make it legal. Health screenings, birth control and not getting beat up by a pimp. I have no interest in partaking but people gonna do what they’re gonna do... prostitution is at least consensual and for that reason should not be illegal.

Do you think if it this question were put on a national ballot it would pass? Most people here are progressive or liberal and therefore more inclined to say legalize it, but my guess is moderate voters, and even some conservative people would see the logic in legalizing it.

@paul1967 I don’t think it would pass. This country is way too christian. Logic only matters to a logical mind.

@ArdentAtheist LMAO. It's funny because it's true and it's sad for the same reason.


George Carlin said it best, "Why make selling something illegal that's perfectly legal to give away?"

LMAO Man do I miss him. He didn't have, common sense he had exceptional sense.


Legalise it, regulate it, tax the shit out of it like everything else.


If someone wishes to be a prostitute, then I don't see why they shouldn't be allowed to. However, I do think that there should be some laws put into place to protect those involved, for instance, mandatory use of protection and frequent std testing. I also think it is important to make sure they are not being forced into it.

All good points

Poverty is the force it appears


1) I thought it was already legal? Congress is already prostituting themselves.

2) like the no vote choice.

3) Legalize it for safety. Everyone's safety: sex workers, johns, police, brothers, etc.


in germany, switzerland, austria, the netherlands, greece, hungary, turkey & latvia prostitution is legal & regulated, & why would it not? renting out our bodies for any other physical exploit is legal, is it not? how hypocritical can we be?

You're spot on as usual.

@paul1967 😀 thanks & blush


Make it legal. Stop the hypocricy.


I am a retired nurse with a business degree, well educated and have a beautiful home. I am divorced.
I choose to do what I do because I enjoy meeting men that lie about me not to me.
I also enjoy helping men understand their sexuality from a nurses prospective. The money is great.
I would love to be legal but not regulated, I know that is asking for to much!!!

I swear this isn't me trying to be insensitive or rude I'm just confused are you a sex therapist or an escort? I know you said you're a nurse but I got a little confused towards the end.

I like it all but the motto re lies, but to each their own...

@paul1967 @Sunshinegardener is a retired nurse. She never said she was a therapist. She explained why she enjoys doing what she does and what she likes about it, and that she likes the money. You swear it is not you trying to be insensitive or rude, but I would suggest you to try some other way because you came across as insensitive and rude.

@Rodatheist It is hard to read another's mind, especially in print in my view... Maybe this was innocent ignorance, no? It did FEEL a wee bit condescending. BTW, I understood as well.


There is an old saying (I am paraphrasing here): "If people want something, and you make it illegal, you will only make criminals rich." All you have to do is look at Prohibition and our country's Drug War to see that this is true.

I said "if people want something..." Are you implying that you want murder?

@Fanburger You're comparing prostitution to murder? I may be able to see your point if the person agreed to be murdered.

That's true to a point and trust me I get you know this, but there are limits to that philosophy. An example would be underage prostitution. My primary concern is that we legalize prostitution and the criminals who profited from adult prostitution will turn to sex trafficking children.

@Fanburger Legalized murder? Reminds me of the movie, The Purge.

@Fanburger extrapolation is not actual thought!

@countrylife YES! I wondered about this, as well...


I'm in favor to make it legal as a regular business with standards for operation and safety for workers, and where health concerns are addressed as well as possible. I think we all know in most any large city there are places where these services are already offered as an alternative to finding women or men offering themselves on the streets. Modern technology is entering the picture for robot sex shops (such as in London and Paris) to go for a quickie throughout the day where STD's are no longer a problem. Also for those so inclined, cyber sex is now a reality where two people can stimulate each other rather bizarrely over the Internet. Let's hope there are no power surges.

Good one, sparky~


If legalized, it could be regulated in such a way that the health of the sex workers could be monitored to ensure that they remain healthy. Just think of the taxes that could be collected from them!

Most women that are smart pay taxes, the last thing we want is a forensic accountant from the IRS snooping around.

@Sunshinegardener I was referring to the business or co-op, not the individual. For their own safety, it would be beneficial for the men and women prostitutes to band together in a business, or a co-op. Of course, each individual would have to pay taxes. They would be paid a salary or commission by the business or co-op. The business or co-op would have to give the prostitutes their W-2 forms so that individual taxes could be filed, just like any other worker in the country. Unless, of course, they had a tax exempt status from the Church of Hanky-Panky! LOL


@AncientNight I wonder about ANY of us paying taxes, especially these days with the LACK OF REPRESENTATION..

@LetzGetReal Now, we'll have to leave the 'Health and Happiness' listing and travel all the way over to the 'Politics' listing.

I agree. Most of those in Congress don't represent us. They represent big business, big banks, big pharma and big anybody that isn't us.

Just think about it for a minute. November 6th is coming sooner than you think. Register to vote. Get as many people that you know to register to vote. Then, when November 6th rolls around, get out there and vote! I'm registered and I vote! I've voted in every election since 1976. I voted for Jimmy Carter.

@Sunshinegardener Well, in the end, it is too much to ask. : ( You know the municipalities are going to tax it heavily, just like ylthey are doing it with marijuana in California. And those opposing the legalization (I.e. evangelical Christians whom, like the proverbial dog, never let go) are going to place as many restrictions as possible. But all in all, I think legalization would be a tremendous move forward for society.

@Rodatheist Please don't call it "marijuana" anymore. That's a term for a mythical plant in the Aztec histories. That plant is supposed to make you into a super human when the smoke is inhaled. Cannabis doesn't do that at all. But, I get your point.

@AncientNight Point well taken. I appreciate the clarification and I will join the effort to call it Canabis. Thank you.

@AncientNight Damn churches should be at least paying taxes. 😉

@Emmagoldman I agree.


The Greeks and Romans had it right: service in the name of Aphrodite served the state.

RichE Level 5 May 2, 2018

Honestly, why hasn't this happened already? Too many people making lots of money this way, on both sides of the fence, and we all know who is getting screwed. Would legalizing help? It would help some folks.


Legalize. Clean it up. Get rid of the pimps.




Seems we now have pissed off white male virgins terrerost. This may help less the less radical pissed off virgins


I'm just not sure how it would affect human trafficking. If I knew legalizing prostitution wouldn't make it more prevalent I'd vote in favor.

You have a point I hadn't considered. I don't know the answer to that, but my instinct says it might lessen it because the government regulates it and they get taxed like everyone else, but I could be wrong too. Anyways, good point, I'll need more time to consider it.

I think it would affect trafficing by cutting off the supply. If men (or women) were able to go to a place and do this legaly then there would be less of a market for sex trafficing. Also women who are assulted or abused by a client during the corse of things would be able to go to the athorities. As of now they can't do much about it because they would be admitting to a crime themselves.

Legalization would permit law enforcement to concentrate on trafficking rather than harassment of women working to make a living. Trafficking won't stop, but it can be better policed.

@paul1967 there is an interesting documentary on Netflix called Tricked (2013) that discusses the connection between prostitution and human trafficking. I'm not suggesting it's the end all on the topic but it brings a few views to light worth considering.


@MarlaPaine I will check it out. Thank you


We are so far behind other countries on this. Legalize it!


Legalize, destigmatize, legitimize, regulate, and tax. Incels will have no excuses.

I was thinking them when i said legalize

I get the hint of satire, and irony yet you're both forgetting another factor. Cost.

If you think that the majority of these "incels" have high paying careers apart from their self destructive lifestyles, whether chosen or inflicted due to mental health issues, can afford a brothel then it's sadly not in the realm of reality.

Not to forget that most of these incels are the most common "slut shamers" out there, so legal prostitutes would be seen to them as 'unworthy' and a waste of money.

While it may not cure these whiny, hot air bags, of their apparent, media hyped desire, to seek out our blood. It'd be a damn fun time for those that seek out sex for the pleasure of sex. I vote legalize.

@DavidAckerman Actually I was half joking with that. I think there would be some effect on incel culture--but some mutated form would likely remain. Like, they would make it about "girlfriendy-stuff" like affection, appreciation, love, dating, emotional support, etc. The same "Wah, girls aren't giving me" but only not about sex anymore.

@BeardedWonder You are obvs more studied up on this than I. Sounds totally legit.

Oh stop it you, I'll blush. 😛 I wouldn't say studied, I'm an armchair psychologist at best; I just try to look at the larger picture.


In parts of Europe (Germany) it is legal and the workers come under the government. They get benefits and retirement. I remember a case where a new house opened and the old house sued. The judge said there was plenty of business for everyone and threw the case out.

Even in Australia prostitution is legal, though regulated under state law.

@PontifexMarximus Even? This doesn't seem a surprise.

@LetzGetReal We are the prudes of the world (except for the Middle East). And we owe it all to...religion!!


It’s been around forever and we’re not going to stop it so why should it be illegal. What 2 consenting adults do when it comes to sex shouldn’t be any of the governments bussiness.


Prostitution has long been commonly referred to as the oldest profession in the world. No culture, religion, or government entity has been able to eradicate it. Legalizing the sex-trade would put in regulations and safeguards to reduce abuse and the spread of disease. Legalizing would free up resources and allow law enforcement to concentrate on child sex-exploitation.

I’m afraid there will always be a criminal element in the sex-trade industry. Legalizing it may at least keep it at a more controllable level.

The porn industry has grown with the introduction of the Internet. Escort services and Sugar Baby sites have exploded. Nudity and sex in the movie industry are commonplace. Sex is not the taboo subject it once was with booty calls and friends with benefits, is it any wonder that sex has become a commodity.

When it is possible to make more money in an evening than working a "legit" job for a month it becomes easy to understand that it is a viable option for some. College and University students carrying heave debt with limited job/career options can easily be persuaded to consider prostitution as an option.

Betty Level 7 May 3, 2018

Very well stated, and I agree.


Thank you. 🙂


Keep it illlegal. That way prostitution would never happen.

@DerekD No. Just like drugs. Keeping them illegal means that nobody will do drugs.

@indirect76 ??? exactly

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