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Wait! AVOCADOS?????? But, I love avocados!

@Hellbent forgot the "be"

@Hellbent and don't let it happen again....ain't no borders on spells.......


I a witch! Or I guess I would be a warlock or maybe a wizard. Yeah, wizards are so much cooler. I'll be a wizard without a wand because wands are stupid. We don't need no stinking wands!



Your thoughty thoughtfulness may have saved me!

skado Level 8 May 3, 2018

I just knew that Ginger cat would get me in trouble? But no mention of the black ones? lol


You just expanded my "to do" list - danggit


As Atheists, since we don't believe in the Supernatural, we are free to waste our time on any of these endeavors without fear of god's wrath.

I'm confident we are correct...@Hellbent


Wow, thanks for's now confirmed I'm not an agnostic: I'm a practicing witch 😉

@Hellbent when I get up in the morning and give the cat a head massage on the way into the loo...have avo and yeast extract on toast while watching the world news, which includes the stock exchange...which may or may not include some, 'mathing'. Oh I forgot, the cat's ginger. Plus I often have Billie Holiday or Nina Simone on in the car while I zip a falafel wrap would really round the day off nicely 😉 I have no intention of stopping!


Whats mathing?

The guy can't accomplish spelling so mathing is completely out of his league. 😀

@Surfpirate hahahaha


I am so fucked! I am liberal, support Black Lives Matter, Love Marijuana, Rachel Maddow is a doll. So are Gingers. Jazz is the best. I can live without Starbucks but not avocados. Damn, getting hot already.

Yay gingerpride


Lol Fluoride... See you in hell.


That's me screwed then


Woah, would this make just about everybody a witch?


Guess I'm guilty:

Rachel Maddow
401 Medical cannabis
tarrot cards
spirit animals


And a great song by Sinatra. ?


I'll stick w/ jazz, and marijuanas.


somebody tell me what dank meme stashing is so I can stop if I am doing it

They're memes so dark you aren't sure if they are ok even for people who love memes.

Stashing means you have a file on a phone or computer.....


I have been using that sin of math my whole life, but try as I may, I have never been able to figure out why so many billions of people trade cash on collection plates to hear the same dreams of a magic afterlife week after week.


LMAO! I loved Starbucks and Yoga.


You gotta check out the FB page/ It's freakin' hilarious.


I think that it's a parody site. At least I hope 😉

@Bierbasstard yes, i just went there and finally realized it is a parody . Good job


Sadly some of the people leaving comments didn't get the memo Lol

@Bierbasstard this could have fallen in the truth is stranger than fiction category though


Indeed. I have seen some pretty scary sites out there. Indoctrination at it's worst.

@SilverDollarJedi I look at stuff like that like I do rattlesnakes in the wild. Look for a while at a distance then slowly back away

I didn't either but the more I read, the purposefull ridiculous misspellings gave it away. Lol!


Jumping Jesus!

@Hellbent I think I need to crank some Miles Davis this morning, probably smear chicken blood all over my body and run through the streets naked just for good measure. I just need to know who’s got my back with bail money?


Wait ... Dank Meme Stashing??


After quick glance - opted out of the rubbish

@Hellbent Hello - I think there's just the two of us.



LOVE those avocados!


There are people rather burn in hell, I would just burn the stupid post.


What do you know: I had an avocado for breakfast and did yoga exercises this morning. And I am planning to watch Rachel Maddow tonight while drining some beer.
If you see a bright flash in direction NYS, it is probably me bursting into flames.

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