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Do u think Christianity is bad ? What's your opinion on it

Ya know I have a very hard time respected the religion . We as athiest or agnostics know it's bogus . Its a book that basically tells u what to believe is right or wrong and if u don't agree then your wrong and the co sequences are going to hell . The Bible itself is poorly written . One chapter gods this nice loveable person then the next he's growing babies and slaying baby's and cursing them ! So many people hate gays and lesbian people becus of the Bible . Whether I think it's nasty or not doesn't mean its wrong . I also hate the disrespect I get when I tel people I'm athiest. Why can't we think for ourselves ?

By DavidDeLa896
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Christianity has one redeeming feature. Every 25th of December, the Christians are relatively nice to each other!


I think most of Christianity's values are terrible: blind obedience, subjugation of women and children, exploitation of the Earth, aggressive proselytizing and eradication of non-believers. The world would be much better off without it. Bertrand Russell's "Why I am Not a Christian" makes the case very well.

Atheopagan Level 6 June 25, 2018

I think all religion has the potential to cause more harm than good.

Frctnal Level 7 May 4, 2018

I love this quote:

Me too. He was a great man. Did you know they put him in the Bastille.


Christianity, and all other religions, are poisonous. They are a collective mysticism that damages people's minds, especially children. It disgusts me.

IAMGROOT Level 7 May 4, 2018

Do I think Christianity is bad.

Yes because Christianity is a religion and the foundation of religions are the dishonest "faith" (belief without evidence peddled as facts) (facts are supported by testable evidence) as an honest methodology to find "Truth". This is not only dishonest but it obfuscates the beauty of facts and reason over superstition. The outcome of religion is a mind programmed to accept assertions without evidence reducing the necessary critical thinking skills of skepticism to accurately assess the world.


My father's mother was Christian and she was the sweetest, most generous, helpful, loving person you can imagine. She took her faith seriously. Now..did she ever question the really AWFUL stuff her bible said? I don't know. But I know that the parts she loved were "good" for HER (and, therefore, the people around her.) I don't think that a THING can every be totally ''bad'' or even ''good.'' It's the uses applied with that thing that have positives or negatives.

It not the religion that made her sweet and nice.
I can't remember who said this but
Good people will be good but it take something like religion to make a good person do evil..

@Rdurham I understand that. I also know that her religion sustained her during times of trouble and guided her when she looked for answers. As much as I dislike theism...I know it exists IN PART because of people like my grandmother.


All religion is bad.


With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.
Steven Weinberg
Aplys to them all even the ones we are yet to make up


In my honest opinion, I think that at this stage of human development, Christinanity and all religions are a blight upon our intellectual integrity.

Athos Level 5 May 4, 2018

They always were.


Trillions of dollars are sucked out of our economy and wasted on building and maintaining churches.

With all due respect this is not a particularly good argument. Too many resources are wasted on useless skyscrapers, aircraft carriers, tanks, ammunitions etc. Some men would argue that too many resources are wasted on women's handbags and they might counter that too much is wasted on cars.

@PontifexMarximus Well, any waste of resources is bad, and in this particular topic about the stupid Christian, it fit the discussion.

@TuyTran888 But an argument should be more specific!

@PontifexMarximus yes, He is talking about the waste of resource in the stupid Christian churches, that is specific. but then you are the one bring other stuff in and try to delude the issue that he talking about.

@PontifexMarximus He was on the issue of the subject of Christian, you are the one that brought in unrelated thing such as skyscraper and tank, and weapon.

@TuyTran888 He talks about economics: "Sucked out of our economy and wasted on building and maintaining churches."

@PontifexMarximus He talk about economic related to Christian. Do you even get that? your skyscraper and tank and weapon did you show the relation to Christain?

Sure...most of our wars have been religious wars.@TuyTran888

@nicknotes I was asking at PontifexMarximus, Let him think about it. people really need to learn to think better. We can not just think for them, we can help them to improve their thinking.

@nicknotes exactly ... There exists a rather unholy alliance between religions and the urge to fight wars.

@TuyTran888 Pontifex's comments make sense in that "money sucked out of the economy" is the TAX-FREE money spent on these things.

@LucyLoohoo The question I asked was for Pontifex. I was checking to see if he even know what he is saying. I am not as stupid as you think.

@TuyTran888 the economic argument is, in my opinion, not the best against Christianity because it is non specific.

I disagree.....Christians are parasites in our economy. Churches don't pay taxes and they take money from poor and middle class people and provide no benefit. @PontifexMarximus

@nicknotes couldn't agree more with you ... However, this is an argument that can apply to all sorts of human pursuits: wars, sports, stupid tv-shows and the list goes on. The entire economy is a waste ... Trillions of dollars are wasted to make a few people rich.

@PontifexMarximus Do you see this is the title of the post. "Do u think Christianity is bad ? What's your opinion on it" Stay within the context. stop bullshiting.

@TuyTran888 don't be insulting because you don't understand my point.

@TuyTran888 I appear to be rather arrogant nd self righteous.. You do not understand that unspecific arguments lack impact. Furthermore you don't seem the seem the connection between religous institutions and war.


I really think all religions are bad without exception. they seem to suit men much more than women too.

I think the Pastafarians are ok ... Though only their vegetarian chapter .. The noodle monster with Brussel sprouts instead os meat balls.


I consider religion and superstition the worst thing that ever happened to humanity. It's the cause of suffering, war, prejudice, racism, homophobia, sexism, and brutality to children. Many others, I could go on and on. How about slavery? The movie "12 Years a Slave" brings out beautifully how the plantation masters felt morally superior to their slaves because the Bible condones it.

If only it was the only cause of those things. Then we could get rid of it and live in a utopia.

@indirect76 Of course it's not the only cause but in most a major cause. Take homophobia for example. It's totally natural in nature as only a small percentage of mammals get to reproduce. The Bible calls it "abomination" cause gays make a convenience scapegoat.


Bad, yes, put to evil purposes, yes.
A lie is bad,
lies built on lies built on lies and you have the catholic church

There a lot more bad things from just the Christian it self doing to humankind that almost like no one can describe it all in one lifetime. The difficulty here is that we all need to acknowledge how bad such belief system would do to humankind. That how we can live a better life, and not just ignore them because they will harm you whether you even more if you are not aware of it.


Christainity destroys more lives than it helps. It was destroying my live, because of my sexaulity. There is nothing wrong for a man to be attract to another man. I'm glad I'm an atheist now. I don't feel ashamed of who I am now. I'm to be free of the religious bs. I wish the world would see the light like we have.

freedom41 Level 8 May 31, 2018

P.A.T.C.H. a group on this site if you hate Christianity!


Yes, it's bad. All major religions are bad, except Buddhism; that one doesn't cause harm; at least it doesn't seem like it would.

MollyBell Level 7 May 24, 2018

oh wow! the double semi-colon! I think I'll leave it.

Buddhists in SE ASIA eagerly fought resistance wars against China France and USA not following the pacifism of monks burning themselves with gasoline or the Dali Lama. ....chanting mindlessly NA MYU YO HO REN GYE KYO fast is not much different than Catholic MASS against women's right to choose

Buddhism is stupid because it is a waste of time and effort! Sitting under a tree until reaching enlightenment is insanity! Buddhism teaches people to spend countless hour in meditation to better themselves when getting up and actually taking the steps to better yourself would make much more sense!

buddhism is a philosophy that followers turned into a religion. there are no gods to bow to or fear. its more about being a good person, doing as little harm as possible and not being an extremist about anything.
-im not a buddhist.
-someone will probable tell me im wrong.
-have a nice day.

@h_seldon Yeah, that. ?

@PalacinkyPDX Ethic cleansing is horrific. In my mind, they're not true Buddhists, so in that regard, it's bad; similar to bigoted hateful people who call themselves Christians, but don't bother practicing the teachings. That said, I don't really know that much about it. I read an Alan Watts book once, and liked his take on it.

I am very fortunate to live in a place where I don't have to pretend to be man just to survive.


The hate they spread around the world is bad.


Yes, bad, evil, invented to manipulate people and suppress women


I think if a person is truly trying to follow the tenets of the New Testament, such as the beatitudes, that person is bound to be a boon to humanity. But honestly, those people are rare. Mostly fear is what is preached and absorbed resulting in hate.

H2OLove Level 4 May 4, 2018

Why can't we think for ourselves ? Because most of us are cowards who feel better outsourcing our opinions than speaking our own words based on our own reasoning.
'It's not me saying gays deserve to die. GOD COMMANDS IT. WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION GOD?'
Or something along those brown lines of bullshit.

The most generous thing one can say about Christianity. It gives bad reasons to be good with a whole heap of baggage that ruins lives attached to it. The really pathetic part is the "good" part of the scripture is just common sense.
All Christianity can do is give you a really bad reason to be sensible. Don't murder people. Don't steal. Help the poor. etc. etc.
So banal.

MLinoge Level 7 Oct 1, 2018

That's mostly self-realized philosophy. "Do unto others"


Christianity, and pretty much all religions, is about controlling people. In order for the few to control the many you need some sort of superstition to exert oversite. Then you call all good fortune a reward and and all bad fortune punishment. It is not evil so much as primitive by nature, and this very nature has slowed progress by centuries.

Evil comes into play when you have it justify actions that are immoral while claiming to be the only true measure of morality. Slavery, misogyny, genocide, infanticide, subjugation, and much more are accepted if not encouraged while submission to authority is the underlying principle throughout. To be clear the evil requires human action as a result of interpretation. Otherwise it is no more evil than Greek Mythology or being a hardcore football fan.

Two quotes that help explain:

“With or without religion, good people can behave well and bad people can do evil; but for good people to do evil - that takes religion.”
― Steven Weinberg

“To be fair, much of the Bible is not systematically evil but just plain weird, as you would expect of a chaotically cobbled-together anthology of disjointed documents, composed, revised, translated, distorted and 'improved' by hundreds of anonymous authors, editors and copyists, unknown to us and mostly unknown to each other, spanning nine centuries”
― Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion

ThisGuy Level 6 Aug 29, 2018

In and of itself, pre-diddled with... I think it might have been very good. Unfortunately the ruling class seems to like twisting anything and everything to their own desires to control the masses and keep their power. People make and break religions.

Throw in a lack of understanding of various histories, language barriers and bad translations, and basic reading comprehension issues... most religions don't really stand much of a chance.

AmyLF Level 6 June 19, 2018

Christianity has ended up as total hypocrisy. thou shall not kill..., do unto others... , love thy neighbor as thyself... etc.

h_seldon Level 3 May 31, 2018

I think it and all religions are false and we are never served by believing lies.


Christianity is the stupidest religion of them all. It is herd mentality at its best. They even call their followers sheep,and the flock! Their leaders are called shepherds! These people say only the poor can enter heaven and they live in $200,000 houses. They point out everyone else's so called sins and claim to be saved by grace when they sin. They blame a mystical creature called Satan for everything bad, and claim that their god-man Jesus floated into outer space on a cloud in front of hundreds of people after he physically rose from the dead! WTF

All religions are equally insane and have their violent sub cults of the many cults

If you like this quote join us on P.A.T.C.H. People Against The Christian Hypocrites a group on this site! You can find it by going to my home page and looking at my groups.


Yes! Very, very bad!

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