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Men with long hair

I absolutely know that it doesn't matter what anyone thinks as long as you are happy with yourself.

That being said, do you find men with long hair attractive or not?

Are there stipulations on what makes it more or less attractive to you?

Crimson67 8 May 10

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I’m not attracted to any men regardless of their hair length.

Oh, wait... Ryan Gosling. Ignore that first thing I said.

Man, we really need the ha ha button here !!!


Bald, long, or short no difference to me.


As a personal preference I don't like long hair or facial hair on a man. That being said, it's your face and head. ? Looks don't matter that much if the hygiene is good. Once you like somebody, the way the look is just them and they are your friend.

@redeemed I had hair down to my fanny. Dark brown, straight as a stick, and shiny. Somewhere around 40ish I found I was getting some silver and hated finding those 2 ft long silver hairs. Cut it some, had it real short for a little bit now it's sort of medium. A few years ago I quit covering up the silver ones.

@redeemed thank you. ?


I love men with long hair! Especially long thick straight hair 🙂 the last man I dated had beautiful red hair down to his waist.


I'm ok with it. Don't really care what others think. At my age, I'm just happy to have 98% of it still there!

I love long hair on ladies too.

Thanks.... I like it long and it's not because I don't keep myself "groomed." I just like it long....


Funny thing, I was madly in love with David Lee Roth when I was 13-17 -- mostly because of his hair.

As an adult, I am not attracted to men with long hair -- or, for that matter, any facial hair outside of a neatly-trimmed mustache.

I also think short hair on women is sexier than long. (But, go figure, I like my own hair long. It's very short now due to a really bad hatchet job.)


I think different hair suitS different people and at different times in there life


Nope. Not a fan. Not a fan of beards or overly hairy men either. My hubby has short hair, because I cut it, but has a full beard. I am not into it, but he likes is his face. I guess I will keep him anyway 😉


Beware you answer, girls, THINK. Time can alter things drastically.
I used to have such thick, lustrous hair that when I went for a haircut the barber cut it free, then paid me for the offcuts!
Now I'm the sort of bloke that, were I vain, I would wear a toupee.
Remember! Marry in haste, repent at leisure!

Oh yes! We ladies have these time challenges too.


@Crimson67 Short term rental is a different proposition indeed. Hair does not usually change overnight!
However, nobody wants to rent me these days, even without having to pay a deposit ! 😟

@Crimson67 I refuse to pay to be rented!!


Yes, very attractive. I always give him a second look. I won't hold messy hair against you, if you just took off your motorcycle helmet!


I like long hair on a man but with stipulations:

It is a full head of hair, not a skinny braid down the back and bald everywhere else.

The hair is healthy--not stringy with about three inches of split ends. (This goes for women, too.)

Well, not as many stipulations as I thought.

I have hair a couple of inches past the bottom of my derriere. I find it interesting and amusing how many men tell me that their hair "was longer than that" when they were young. No, it wasn't.

Having said all that, many long haired men and women whom I see need to have anywhere from three to six inches of their hair cut off due to ragged ends.


Love males with long hair and facial hair ,

Well Helloooo


From a chaps point of view, i.e. being more or less attractive to women, I have had both very long hair and no hair at all (shaved off for charity) For me it made no difference whatsoever, I wasn't particularly sought after either way. I suppose my wife found it attractive but she was/is a lunatic so that may not count 🙂


Personally, I prefer long hair for both men and women.
My son and I both have long hair, my ex and my daughter both have short hair, very short.
Go figure.


Long hair is fine. So is short, and so is bald. If you've got good hair, I'm probably more attracted to it being either short OR long, rather than in between. I'm not a fan of long hair on balding guys, though. If it's not a full head of hair, I'd rather see it very short or bald.



This reminds me of an old hippie "joke"....2 people are standing in traffic court both have long hair both wearing army jackets and blue jeans. ...the unknown of the two is female charged with a parking ticket. the judge asks: " which one of you two has the menstrual cycle? " "Not me judge," the boy answers: " I ride a Honda"


If he looks like a young Barry Gibb, he's got my vote. Seriously, very few men can pull off this look, but there's always someone who will like it and at the end of the day, it's all about the person inside.

A Gibb? Oy. We're in trouble.


I didn't use to but I've become much more accepting and in some cases attracted to men with long hair.


As long as it's not dirty, yes, it makes men stand out.


I am strongly drawn to long hair. Even though I am older, long hair tends to still catch my attention.

Zster Level 8 May 10, 2018

If they're handsome, it makes no difference. Long hair is romantic on men and women.

I would date a man with long hair.


I like long hair


I people should just do their regardless of what others like or believe. I graduated HS in 1977, so I always thought long hair was attractive and sexy. But bald, beards, man-buns, braids, afros, groomed, lol! it's all good. I suspect that men are more concerned about their hair than women are of men's hair.

Hair is a big thing for lips and jaws while scalp for men is less important. ...trimming nostril hairs and shaving off a few wild ones growing atop aging men's noses is also a big deal.....long hair was illegal in the military for men but women servicemenbers are allowed tight buns. equality there


I'm not attracted to men period, not that there is anything wrong with that. ?

@AmiSue. ?



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