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If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

I'm writing a book. It's always been my dream to do so.

So, if you were to write a book, what would the topic be? How about the title?

silvereyes 8 Dec 11

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The title, “148 is My Favorite Color” a book referencing my synesthesia.


I have a few ideas for fiction, and I'm reserving any details here because I intend to write them. I'm unsure whether I can make them full novels or just novellas. One, if I can take the core idea and remove the focus from my main character might lend itself to a series. The idea needs a lot of work. And another would be diary entries from a young woman, but I don't know that one's got enough substance to really flesh out a compelling story. None of these three ideas is similar to anything else I've read or seen, so I'm hoping they're truly unique.

For me, lately, that seems like a big if.

Also, @silvereyes, these three ideas in particular have varying degrees of religious involvement. One is absolutely direct, another is direct but has more of a science fiction aspect to it, and the third is indirect and metaphorical.

I would be relieved if someone stole my ideas and wrote the book. Then I wouldn't feel so guilty about being too lazy to do it myself!


I have often thought of writing a book entitled "Suwannee Spirits" about the culture of that area of north Florida in which I grew up, and describing he unique individuals who populated that poor, rural, somewhat wild area. If I ever get around to completing it, it will be somewhat in the mode of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings., I wrote a lot professionally, but not in other genre.

"The Yearling" was one of my childhood favorites!

If you liked THE YEARLING, you should read CROSS CREEK and a collection of her short stories called GAL YUNG'UN. Her characters were real uneducated Florida crackers whom she actually knew. They were real. I have known a number of north Florida crackers very much like them.


A philosophers murder mystery

The detective, David Hume
The murder of Leon Trotsky


Magic Realism. Hurt humans hurting humans (and others). No religion but lots of mythology and symbolism.
The title would be the last thing I'd write, I think.


The downfall of an American Youth.

Its about a sociopath kid who gets wrapped up with the mob, falls in love, then after a series of unfortunate events he shots himself.

A highlight is a nun shitting on an alter, slipping on her feces and accidentally burning the church down.


Remind me...I do need to get back to it!

A fantasy epic with a lot of philosophical references to be found in the characters' thoughts and actions themselves as well the "theoretical theologies" of the gods they believe well as the gods some will become as a result of their actions which become legends, then mythologies, then religions.

Thanks! I needed that!

Gratefully, I have the act to work on now so its back burnered again.

Still, an occasional, gentle nudge every once in awhile won't hurt!


About the trials and tribulations of working 28 years in a New York State Office of mental health Detention facility for the criminally insane . the title would be . My life in the crazy house

With that title some might think you are referencing going home at night.


They say "write what you know". I only know me, lol. So I guess a biography, Titled "You're not gonna make me cry" (Maybe I'll explain the title somewhere down the line).

If I was a writer, I would love to write a murder mystery.


The Great American Novel .... though Philip Roth already beat me to it.


my family personal memoires...and that contains some ugly parts...mostly from my part...
but I think people like honesty...and would find it very interesting!....

still thinking about it and just had a talk about it yesterday with my partner...

And added another chapter to it the last couple of officially in a poly relationship..and it was much more difficult then I thought. Feelings of jealousy sprung up like weed...faster then i could cut them down..but now in easier waters....another chapter...still happy but uncharted territory...that is making me life is taken courners... I always thought I knew were I was going...not longer under my control...but hey.. thats what I choose...


I have written a book - about dragons and humans and war between them.

I am currently writing a second book - about a race of subterainian elves.

Thank you, silvereyes - I grew up on Tolkein, I'm afraid, and haven't shaken of 'fantasy infection' since.

My first book was a somewhat short (62,000 word) allegorical fantasy - my second is the first book of a 2 book tale, is well over 200,000 words, and is much more 'Tolkeinesque' high fantasy.


Something sci-fi. Probably in outer space.

I'd like to read some of yours if you don't mind.

@silvereyes Sure, send something when you get a chance. 😀


My book name title: It's going to be alright.

Topic: How to survive a divorce.

Its all about my experiences and failures and making my expectations.


Hairdressing has been my industry for over 40 years. There needs to be a book explaining exactly how corporate entities took over our business. They have actually indoctrinated women with the idea of less is more. Trend of the long hair has been an absolute disaster for our industry. Besides the personal opinion,of just how impossible it is to look unique, or stand out, in longhair. On top of the grueling amount of work.


I would write a book about a Catholic priest, who, while visiting an orphanage, gets bit by a child vampire, and he himself turns into a vampire. This creates a serious problem, because if he dies as a vampire, he goes to hell. So he stays alive using the power of his absolution. He absolves sinners of their sins at confession, then kills them and sucks their blood to stay alive. It's a win, win... They get to go to heaven before they can sin again...he gets to live..
I even made a short film about it 😉


My novel SCAPEGOATS, coming out in March, took advantage of my unused trove of biblical knowledge to get an SF story with a naturalist universe but also a family of characters who are somewhat awkward in their roles as perceived deities. I expect everyone on to buy a copy.

@silvereyes here is a link to the book's FB page: []


Title: NO CRAP!
A call for a new Constitution eliminating:
Corporate influence on government,
Religious meddling in civic affairs,
Apathy and Acquiescence by the electorate at large,
Political Parties.


The chronicles of a Southern Belle.

MoniB Level 6 Dec 12, 2017

My fantasy of living a self sufficient life with a like minded partner and the details of each days small but meaningful adventures End challenged... probably a very small reading audience but fun to write lol


I'm currently writing a short story about someone trying to save the world and their slow decline into villainy. If (and when) I write a book I'm thinking something in a fantasy setting (cause I love magic) and it would probably be something equally depressing... I just like writing tragedy I guess.


a writer somewhere said... "write about what you know". I have experiences and adventures to fill out a library. I will write about what I know... my experiences in this life. A title about my adventures? In Crete... "the adventures of Nighthawk and Creeper"... My teenage years... "The Prince of Santurce"... My current situation "What you do once you crossed the finish line and notice your heart was never broken". A whole compendium of my Bio... "True Believer of the Farse". Write What You Know.

@silvereyes Don't be Bashful!!!!

@silvereyes LMAO... My apologies!!! I still have you tagged and labeled as Snow White though.


Actually, I have thought about writing a children's book...


But have you worked out what it's about? 🙂

@silvereyes Go on then. Tell me.


Human relations. Fiction.

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