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If you could bring a fictional character to life, who would it be and why?

I'd definitely pick a cute one!

silvereyes 8 Dec 12

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Here she is, of course as the lead character of my act! BUT, of course, she'd BE "Shae KindleWood", the character she created who moved from the "medieval maiden" (pictured) to, made immortal by being bitten by a vampire, she had many mythical and historical (sometimes hysterical!) adventures.

One of Tales best Treasures ever! The "real" Shae was quite a I'd hardly notice she was always IN character!


I'm afraid I would take advantage of this opportunity by writing my own fictional charater, and then bringing HER to life.

Wicked, aren't I?

Y’know, I was thinking of naming the female character in the novel I just wrote. She’s awesome.

There was a "Twilight Zone" episode about that. Didn't turn out well!


I'd bring Thor to kick Trump's ass


Aliens (from the movie "Alien" ) - and a whole field of eggs. Let loose in DC - the White House specifically.

Need I even say why ?

humans are about due anyway ...


I'd pick Jesus so he could set Christians straight about the actual truth of his life which is far from the mythologies created about him...but it would be a waste of time since the mythologies are what define their beliefs and reason for being.


They would just deny that it was him and keep on truckin.


I'd bring my future husband, so I could prove myself wrong.


Deadpool. Time to make the chimi-fuckin’-changas!

@silvereyes: I felt like the movie was made specifically for me — by far the most fun I've had in a movie theater. 🙂 I've never played Marvel vs. Capcom, but I've seen some video captures of gameplay.

@silvereyes: Here's a little fun for you:

I do that in my dreams a lot-Finger Shooting.


Professor X Charles Xavier because he has the most powerful mind and perhaps he could make our world leaders get along

LOL @ silvereyes! Those seizures were something else!


Well heck... Harry Potter was taken. Hmmm... Mickey Mouse... I think we could talk to a lawyer about some copyrights... cha ching!

Yes... That will work @silvereyes.


jesus.... and I will asked him was this the plan? 2000 years later?

Lol that’s too funny. I’d probably ask him why has he kept people waiting so long for him to come back, considerijg he promised in the Bible. I thought Jesus was the truth and he never lies. Then again he did ask some people to still a colt for him so...

Jesus. The longest orgasm in history. Still waiting for him to cum!


Dr. Manhattan, then there would be a real god to worship. LOL 🙂


Paul Muad'dib from Dune so he can see my different paths of future and I can know how long I have to wait for the lions to win a Superbowl.


Randy Marsh from South Park


Robin Hood for obvious reasons. 🙂

Betty Level 7 Dec 12, 2017

Eowyn, LOTR; why, I like pretty blonde women with blue eyes that can use a sword; no pun intended.

Eowyn and Merry were my two favorite characters in LOTR, so the chapter "The Battle of the Pelennor Fields" on the fall of Theoden and the slaying of the Lord of the Nazgul was more the emotional climax of the trilogy for me than, say, the struggle at Mount Doom.

"But no living man am I!" and the rest of her defiant speech against the Lord of the Nazgul is such a bad-ass reveal on the battlefield that I can't read it without getting emotional.

I was somewhat disappointed with the way her character was portrayed in the movies because (1) her feelings for Aragorn were overplayed I felt - she seemed too lovelorn, (2) during the film version of the Ride of the Rohirrim she wasn't disguised as Dernhelm, which undercut the dramatic reveal on the battlefield, and (3) my imagination of that particular scene on the battlefield was just better.

That said, I still loved Jackson's LOTR very much overall and absolutely loathed his Hobbit. How one and the same man could do such justice to Tolkien in one set of movies and foul up the same author's vision in another set is beyond me.

I found both of Jackson’s works very wanting. Entertaining, but not very inaccurate. Mittrander was far more irascible than Ian McKellum could portray. But I’m rather fond of strong women. I find intelligence and strength of character very attractive. Eowyn was very respectable.


Alfred E. Numan, The "What Me Worry" kid from Mad Magazine, because I just love me a guy with a concise philosophy.

Or maybe, my favorite philosopher, -- Bugs Bunny


My Second Life female avatar because she's the cutest arse in cyber space. And before you say anything , I also have several male avatars but they're kinda boring like me 🙂


Does it count if I created that character? I created a series called The Eye of the Morning, and the main character, Timothy, has always fascinated me. I would love to meet him... though I'm not sure how that meeting would go...


Hmmmm, who would give me immortality? Wait... no... Willow from Buffy the vampire slayer, she could teach me badass magic stuffs.


Dave from the movie "Dave" starring Kevin Kline. Because the world need more genuinely nice people in it.


I agree! 100!!!


This won't sound very manly but Winnie the Pooh. I don't know why but I love that guy.

Great choice!


Archer Emiya from Fate Stay Night unlimited blade works.

It'd nice to talk to a guy who wanted to be a hero but ended up being forced to kill an infinite number of terrorists, extremists and anyone deemed to be "evil" until the end of time.

Hard way to live, even harder way to die.

Yeah. His English voice actor was perfect. His voice made the seriousness, anger and condescension of the character really stand out.

Plus unlimited blade works is much more gruesome than the original fate stay night.

So many people die. Great storyline, great animation. Overall a good watch.


Batman, with a Bernie Sanders outlook, and thus an agenda reflecting that. In other words, he would have a strong focus on political corruption and wealth inequality. It would make for an interesting internal conflict, given Bruce Wayne's wealth. 😀


My girlfriend for obvious reasons

Is she an imaginary friend?


George Hayduke. I don't know why but if there are any Abbey fans out there they know.

gearl Level 7 Dec 12, 2017
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