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What do you say about polygamy ?

Who thinks that it should be respected in the same way as other things . We all know the fact that religion and god is a biggest hoax ever we have saw and still seeing it . So no matter what it is the polygamy has a respect of its own and it should be encouraged apart from all the religious shit .

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hemanand 4 May 13

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Take religion out of the equation and I think it could work. It makes sense for more people to pool resources and live a more upwardly mobile lifestyle, if that’s the goal. And who says I can only love ONE person at any given moment?


Living in Utah, I am surrounded by polygamy, and even offer up that state law allows first cousins to marry, once the female is past child bearing age...I am not so sure that incest is so much a problem in polygamy, as the religious aspect is more responsible, than polygamy in and of itself...and all the concern is mutated off-spring....which then prompts the question in my mind...what if the sex relationship is solely for pleasure as opposed to reproduction?


Fuck that!!!! mix up that genetic material. Humans are dumb enough! the last thing we need is incest . Incest is always the common denominator in polygamist cults.

Why is incest a problem now and how do u say it’s always the denominator in polygamist cult

Every study on polygamist cults found high incidences of abuse, rape, and incest.

@Kojaksmom would you please give me sources of these studies, and not just the Warren Jeff's clan ?


I think as long as everyone is a consenting adult and agrees to the terms then who cares. I think it sounds like a good idea to be able to marry as many people as you want as long as you all agree upon it. There might be some legal issues however with that and some tax issues.

Ya maybe but all after that would be a wonderful thing ever


I see it as just another way men can control women and have multiple children. We have enough people in the world now and do NOT need litters of Mormons, etc.

Litters of people with recessive genes and genetic problems

why do you just think of men hve several wives instead of also thinking of women having several husbands?

@PontifexMarximus Because ''polygamy'' is the term for multiple wives. "Polyandry" is the term for multiple husbands.

@PontifexMarximus That is polyandry, and does exists...but these titles also are rooted in marriage, Polyamory is more in line with some having numerous opposite sex partners and actually practicing sexual relationships...

@LucyLoohoo, @NormCastle polygamy emcompasses both polyandry (several males to one female) and polygyny (several females to one male) ... There doesn't appear any jurisdiction officially allowing polyandry ... Though there are a few cultures that seem to be accepting it whereas polygyny is far more widely spread. It is my understanding that the Mormons only embrace polygyny but not polyandry.
I would say that Polyamori is a more neutral term which could apply to any parntership configuration regardless of the sex of the partners envolved.


So long is it only involves consenting and content adults and no one is being harmed, it is none of my business how people conduct their personal relationships, nor how many people of whatever gender are involved in it.


It certainly shouldn't be made legal as our is understood. Women have a lot more use with multiple husbands than men do with multiple wives. We can last a lot longer. 🙂

Whatever it is at last my question is to leagalise the multiple wives and multiple husbands law that is polyandry or polygamy

Yes ... You are absolutely right ... Let's promote polyandry
Not many people here see it from this angle ...


Does poly relationships need the approval of the state to be valid? - for that matter does a more standard relationship need the state to be involved?

Yes it’s very much important to legalise polygamy or polyandry just like gay marriages cause the wives or husbands in it won’t get the rights as the first one does so it’s imoirtant to make it leagalise


When you add kids, it starts to get real confusing. It would take volumes of text to handle all the legal stuff.

Yeah I do agree with but apart from managing all the stress it should be legalized and spread a motive that love is infinity and can’t be restricted


Why polygamy as such and not polyandry or polyamory generally? I definitely think polyamory should be legal, and people should be able to marry as many partners as they like. Why should monogamous people be the only ones to gain the legal benefits of marriage?

Yeah that’s absolutely true

Polygamy includes both polygyny and polyandry


I don't care what consenting adults do as long as it hurts no one else. It would be fun to watch the divorce. ?


Um. Why would anyone want more than one wife??

It’s a way to spread to love

Why can't it be a woman with more than one husband?

I figure women are smarter than that.

@bigpawbullets very true! Lol

@Marcie1974 Women should have the right to polyandry or polygamy ...

More importantly who would want more than one mother-in-law...well one man, don't remember his first name, but last was Green, even married his mother in law...went to prison, more for fraud and flaunting it....


I have no problem with multiple people living together, but there is always a chance of jealousy creepy in. And as long as no one is a power position to dominate the group.

Yeah where there is true love and good understanding than that could be negligible

Jealousy even exist between siblings. It is not unique to relationships between spouses.


I have a problem thinking about this one because it would seem to me to be an abuse of human rights specifically womens rights - Not sure what I would think if the polygamy worked in the womens favour and they selected which man they wanted to be with - difficult conceptually for me to grasp.

There is polyandry too which also benefits women’s but atlast it’s about love


I'm against state endorsement of religious institutions. The legal purpose of marriage is property division, survivorship and parental responsibility. I can't see any practical reason polygamy isn't viable. If three people were one household/ parental unit and one died, the two survivors should have the fewest obstacles possible in addition.


No one else has done it yet so i will. Legal* lol

Tejas Level 6 May 13, 2018

I'm not against polygamy per se but it would produce a lot of babies in our overpopulated planet. Better to support planned parenthood and maybe even a one child policy.

I have a problem with the massive quantity of people being produced that are genetically similar.

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