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You get to create a national holiday for non-believers, what would it be?

The government decides to be inclusive and asks you to create a new holiday for non-believers.

What's it called? What date will it be? And, what is a holiday tradition?

silvereyes 8 Dec 13

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May 25th. Science and Technology Day. Infor on the latest discoveries and new experiments. Interactive experiments for children to learn. Displays of previous experiments and discoveries with info of the steps that achieved the results. Games based on scientific data. Science kits safe for home use. I think I would be happy with that. πŸ™‚

Betty Level 7 Dec 13, 2017


Thank you. πŸ™‚


National Knowledge Day. August 1st. A day celebrating all types of researched facts, informing the misinformed, or uninformed. A day to think out of the box, to share your favorite facts with family, friends, and foreigners. Educate yourself, entertain yourself, and expand your experience in fact knowledge. πŸ˜‰


Free Thinker Day
June 1st
Annual Parade

Runs into Gay Pride celebrations. But that would be a great combination event!

Sorry forgot it was in June


Saturnalia...December 25th...A decorated evergreen tree in the house.
That should piss off a few million people. πŸ˜‰


Naturists Day. A day where clothing is (mostly) optional.

The day would be filled with skinny dips, naked marches (walks), naked runs and naked bike rides. It is a day of body acceptance instead of "body shame".

The primary rule is that naked people cannot be doing anything with the intent of sexually arousing either themselves or anyone else. A day of Platonic nude recreation.

Clothing would only be required in instances where hygiene and sanitation are a concern.

It's my day. I get to pick the date. I think August 1st, would be a good one.

@snytiger6 : too cold here! You need October β€” spring here, autumn there. (Or April).

@Coffeo OK. Below the equator put it near the summer solstice there.


Carl sagan day... what a blast that would be. Well, we could celebrate his birthday and his death. Celebrate it on Friday the 13th.


Skeptics Day: A day of reason and rational thought. December 14th which is incidentally my birthday lol. It would recognize any person willing to set aside their irrational beliefs and learn how and why evidence is necessary and why faith is a destructive influence on humanity.


Some atheist groups around the twin cities have celebrations around the solstices and even the Seinfeld Festivus 'celebration'!

Festivus for the rest of us!!

@NerdyOkieDude Perfect! Do any feats of strength go along with the airing of grievances?


Airing of grievances are NOT supposed to be fun!


Progressive day celebrating Knowledge and science

Oops, didn't see this comment, not trying to copy you πŸ˜‰
Great minds think alike.

ok like the name


The Day of Triumph (January 24th) On this day we celebrate all the β€œbeyond natural” achievements and plans and hopes for the next year. This includes every new technology from tires and bridges to cell phones and video games as well as pure science and math. 01/24 is chosen for its binary progression which is important n how we develop and in computing.


John Lennon Day, Dec.8. Just imagine............


I'd like to see a year of 13 months of 28 days each. That's a total of 364 days. The 365th day would be a national holiday called NEW YEARS DAY. And every four years the 366th day would also be a national holiday called LEAP YEAR DAY. Both these days would have no number and not belong to any month.

With those days having no number or belonging to a month, wouldn't that complicate essential workers like hospitals, ambulances, lab work, firefighters, and law enforcement to name a few? I can imagine scheduling shifts, split-shifts, and pay discrepancies.

I do like the idea though but I think they may need assigned days. πŸ™‚

Yes Betpaq. That's correct. In the real world such a calender would be inpractical. My comments are actually a 'thought play' rather than being realistic. However , not many people realise that we actually use a 13 month year. Check out any pay office schedule or other office / business schedules. There are exactly 26 pay fortnights in a year. (26 X 14 days = 364 )


Reason Day the whole day is devoted to Atheists using reason and logic to dissuade their most vehement but least practicing Christian or whatever other religion.


You really come up with some good ones. Let me think on that for a while.

George Carlin's Birthday. I don't know the date but it would be tradition to quote his best lines.


Festivus---A holiday for the rest of us!!!!! Gotta love Frank Kostanza!!

MattW Level 5 Dec 13, 2017

Heathen Appreciation Day, when nonbelievers get the day off at double pay. And to qualify employees must publicly renounce all religion and faith.


1.Thanks Darwin Day
2. Earthmass
3. Star dusts days.
4. Science days

The majority would not be ready for this. The parade would be boring with a few Religious protestors. You could fight back with the US registered church of Atheism.

Thought of them dragging their books, no, not exciting enough. Then thought of a floating Zoo, yes!!!. Why not. Not really,Β  some of the wild animals may get too up set, then escape and eat the audieance and insurance would be too high.

Any other idea?


We had Stainmas....a relatively large gathering of ne'er-do-wells who got together, created a tacky tree out of empty bottles and beer cans sometime around the winter solstice...


Festivus, definitely
See the Seinfeld show for specifics

I will wrestle you for gifts!!!!


The date would be October 15, the Ides of October(?). It would be called National Day of Reason.


It would be called, " DO YOU THING DAY". Whatever your "thing" is you get to do it for an entire twenty four hours, for free!! As long as it doesn't hurt anyone or infringe on anyones rights. We give billions to foreign goverments, lets set aside some of that money and give everyone a "voucher" to "do their thing". I would eat pie the whole day!! I know, I KNOW....Its not very plausible but who wouldnt want a "golden ticket" and the tour. For just one day!!

It would be on April 15th. Just for kicks!!


National Critical Thinking Day, essentially re-brand April Fools (or select a different day).

April Fools is the only day no one seems to take "news" or "ideas" at face value...


Reality Day.

I like that... great answer! I wish i would of thought of Your shining!!!!


Nonconformist day

Which we would each celebrate individually on the day of our own choosing. πŸ˜‰


"Freedom FROM Religion Day, December 25th (just to piss off the "War on Christmas"" zanies.) Instead of a yule log cozying up to a fire consisting of stolen religious paraphernalia secreted from churches including crucifixes, bibles, hymnals and anything you can grab out of the hands of door to door missionaries before you slam the door in their faces.

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