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Would you move into a *clothing optional* community?

So, how about it?
Would you live in a community of nudists?

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silvereyes 8 Dec 13

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Hey! Welcome back!


In the shape I'm in now, I look marvelous, as long as your sight impaired or it's pitch black, lol


Oh, not a good idea. Not a good idea at all. They'd run me out of town with pitchforks and torches.


When you are offered the chance to bear all - as I was at a singles resort in Jamaica - and your significant other has experienced the lifestyle choice you might decide to try it out for a week vacation.


So long as its a warm place with a nice beach or pool!


Atheists and agnostics are already accused of being immoral rather considered free thinkers, so, although we do respect the freedom of all, I think there are other websites that can serve that purpose since they can join to those websites as (people), not as Atheists or Agnostics.
besides, I have a small belly that doesn't encourage me to accept the deal 🙂

Oh Sorry, I thought you were referring to electronic communities, and indirectly asking for our opinions about this website's future features.

Now that would be a feature!

It cost me a lot of promotions because because of the military or some folks in the U.S. military tried to push God & Country down my throat! I have always questions thionengs in life since I was 14 years old and just did not believe in blind faith without scientific proof or facts to support what I believed in. I have always questioned the existence of a God. Which one? We are either all right or all wrong. Were is the separation of Church and State in America? Read between the lines during our last Presidential Election!


Seems a little bit unsanitary to me.

Look to the right of your toilet. It's called a shower!


Sounds like it could be interesting! Lol

I dared a guy once from the Philippine Islands in an optional clothing Black Beach by in California when I was in the Navy!


Just don't have the interest in dangling appendages that I once had. So I'll leave nudity to the younger set. That much sun block would not help my image. Thanks anyway, I pass.


You can bungee jump for free, if you go naked, in a place in Canada.

The catch is, people pay to watch you naked bungee jump.

Who do they pay? I mean, do they pay the jumper, or some opportunistic "entrepreneur?"

About 150 jumpers , bungee jump for free.
It is for Alzheimer's Charity , people pay $5 to watch. It is an annual event in NC.

I mean BC Canada.


Most people look better with chothes on.

most people should had that choice to make. It is all in the Eye of the Beholder after all.


No thank you, I like my clothes. 🙂

Betty Level 8 Dec 13, 2017

My only concern is I have such a nice collection of shoes that shoes have to be mandatory!!! he, he, ha, he, ha.


In my early 20's I was packed up and ready to spend a few months at one. But, at the last minute. My plans sent me somewheres else. All types of bodies are beautiful.

MoniB Level 6 Dec 14, 2017

I can't stand clothes on myself, but strangely I prefer everyone else wear them. I've been to one nude beach a long time ago and I found the experience liberating but disturbing at the same time. It sounds terrible I know, but that's my honest answer.


No...thank you please....whew!


And get the chance to walk around beautiful naked women?! Of course!


Reading the comments, it is pretty clear that many who answered don't have any idea of what naturist/nudist culture is like.

You don't get naked to be seen and you don't go to a clothing optional place to look at other people. To be comfortable, you need to accept yurself for who you are and be willing to accept others "as is".

One think I always enjoyed about naturist/nudsit places is that without clothing everyone treats everyone equally because there are no visual clues to denote a persons status in society. Of course it feels great to feel the sun an dwind on your bare skin, and to be able to move without clothing restricting your movements, and the people dont' judge you as harshly s clothed persons do.

If you are interested you can read up on nudist culture adn etiquette at


I thought I was living in a "clothing optional" community. You should see me make a mad dash for the newspaper around 6 a.m.! It is always just out of reach from my front door but I'll be damned before I get dressed just to stick my nose out the door. One of the things I like best about living alone is I can go "au naturale" whenever I please. Which is usually!


I have to have my layers...only way to control my thermostat.


no, i wouldn't like it. most people look better in their clothes and I guess that's what I'm used too. I duck when I walk past my own mirrors.

dude, your pic is not funny. not that you would care but if your going to say something to me with your pic when I wasn't asking then go shove it back at ya

@Duago I wasn't talking to you as it goes so do the other thing mate.


Been there, done that...haha...not so much a community, just a lot of people who are less than modest.


My primary hesitation would be in regards to my children. Outside of that, I might be open to it.


I don't have an issue with nudity, If my mate wanted to try it why not, but it's not on my top ten things to do.


First, it would probably be the women I DON'T want to see naked that would be eager to do this. Second, I don't know if I could tolerate a large group of people pointing at my "loins" and laughing hysterically.


I have stayed at such places. Its all good

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