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Do you like camping, and what style? These days I’m pretty content to go car-camping in a state park if it’s not too crowded; pitch a tent and cook on a propane stove. My favorite non-park trips have included sailing a small boat to one of the many undeveloped barrier islands a mile or two off the coast of Florida.
Speaking of Heaven!

skado 9 Dec 14

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I prefer glamping. lol

Betty Level 7 Dec 14, 2017

My bones are too stiff to lie on the ground, so I bought a campervan. It's awesome - with just a little prep, I can go camping for a few days, laze around reading books, tend a fire, drink too much beer... I go alone, so the solitude is really nice.


My idea of camping is Motel 6. I don't care for dirt, or bugs, or lack of mattress and back support. I will happily, in fact gleefully spend the day out in the boonies, just make sure I have AC and a good bed to sleep in when we're done.

but that sounds like a description of Motel6!

I don't know about you but, a good bed of spruce bows can be amazing to sleep on and a dip in a mountain stream is far more refreshing than any shower.


I’ve always been a tent camper, and I used to do a lot of backpacking. The older I get though, the harder the ground seems to get. It must have something to do with the aging Earth. I’ve been thinking about getting a small pull behind camper.

I am wanting to downsize once my kids leave home. I am thinking something just for sleep and clothes storage, like a teardop or pod. Love the trnt, but need AC for southern summer sleeping.

the earth has gotten harder in the last 50 years


Went to camp every summer till I got kicked out at 15 for behaving like a teenager.LOL. We were called "trippers" the head honchos at a YMCA camp on Cape Cod. Used to go white water canoeing and mountain climbing. Continued as an adult to camp-on the Saco River-pitching a tent on the side of the river after a 14 mile canoe trip. Last time I went it was raining, my canoe partner was fighting with me and we forgot to pack the tent and my sleeping bag. The last time I went camping was in a friend's trailer in a private park at Plymouth, MA.


At my age I would do it only on a RV with a comfortable bed. This getting old sucks no sleeping on air matress!!!

air mattresses are worse than the ground

Depends on which air mattress. They're making some these days that are just as comfortable as a real bed, but they are not for backpacking; car-camping only.



Occasionally convenient - if you ever need to stay somewhere. Not for pleasure, though.


I don't enjoy it. I have not gone in Years! I'm an indoors person, unless I'm hiking.


You just spoke my language. I love to camp, just got an old vintage 77 camper I am redoing and turning it into a gypsy wagon of sorts. 🙂 I also have a tent that I use too. Getting out by the water, in the woods, away from it all.. is the only way to go. Primitive camping is great too... have done that a few times but it's always nice to have someone to enjoy it with you.

Ha, I just bought 98 Chevy Astro conversion van.. lol

I just got an 18 ft freighter canoe, big enough to pack comfy beds, tent, cooler for campfire steaks, roast corn and potatoes and what ever else you need. We have some amazing rivers here where you can travel 200 miles of river and still be less than an hour from your start point. As for RV's they are good for going to weddings, funerals and the like where you need to travel and look good when you attend or to serve hotels to the crew in the field, I don't even like to admit I own one.

Damn you auto correct! "Serve hot meals to the crew in the field,"

Mistymoon, you just described my own dream... all of it... I have a van that I'm also fixing up slowly.


I enjoy camping. Tent or just sleeping bag. Fall asleep while watching the stars.

MoniB Level 6 Dec 14, 2017

Camping is near the very top of my favorite pastimes! I prefer driving in and pitching a tent to backpacking or RV, though would not turn any of those down. We started off in State Parks, but prefer Army Corps grounds, in Georgia anyway.

I spent a ton of time on barrier isles of FL, esp west coast and panhandle, via sailboat, as well. Mostly slept on board though (to avoid mosquitos, the FL state bird). What were your favorite stops?

Zster Level 8 Dec 14, 2017

St. Vincent Island on the panhandle, Elliott Key on the East coast, Cayo Costa on the West coast, and the most often visited would be Anclote Key near Tarpon Springs. What were your favorites?

From my sailing days, Egmont Key, Desoyo Park, Caladesi Island, and Anclote (great Greek food in Tarpon Springs!). By land (as an adult): Bahia Honda (near Marathon), Ft Pickens (Santa Rosa). St George's (might have name wrong, Panhandle near Appalachicola) looks great, but I never camped there.


i do a lot of camping,most weekends we go on scooter rallys all over england.but the campsites get quite packed and full with drunk people


I would love to go camping! Haven't been since my 20's. None of my partners were interested and in between partners, I was busy keeping food on the table. I've dreamed of getting rid of everything and living out of my car but that might be a little extreme. Lol Besides it would be so much more fun with a partner in crime. 😉


I love getting away from it all, and being out in nature, but the older I've gotten, the more creature comforts I want when camping. I can imagine how breathtaking it is to go to those undeveloped barrier islands in FL. We have barrier islands here on the MS Gulf Coast, but no camping is allowed. Have you ever been caught in a lightning storm while on one of those barrier islands?

I've been stuck out in my pontoon boat with my family. I was able to tie up under an over pass. That tormented my family so bad. It became a problem getting them to go with me if the weather was iffy.

Yes, on St. Vincent Island. Thought we were going to die! But apparently we didn't. Was stuck on Anclote Key once when a tornado went over the island. That was special!

Lol! Tornadoes...ugh! The eye of a hurricane passed over my house. Hmmm... tornadoes..whew!

@skado -- I've taken a boat to the barrier islands here, my favorite being Horn Island.


On one of those days, a couple of friends and I headed to Horn Island for a picnic. As you know, storms in this area pop up quickly during the summer. A thunderstorm started brewing close to the island. Lightening popping all over. You could feel the electricity in the air. We couldn't take shelter there, so we went full speed to the nearest island (Ship Island) in hopes of outrunning the storm. It was nerve-racking to say the least. We quickly docked and ran to the fort for cover until the storm passed.

After the storm, we headed back to Horn Island, and just before we got there, a strong fish odor was present. The next thing we know, dolphins are all around our boat. There must have been 15 or 20, maybe more. They were feeding close to the shore. Some even popped their heads out of the water and looked at us. Some in arms reach. It was an amazing, thrilling, experience.


That's scary. You just never know what the weather is going to be like during the summer, as afternoon pop-ups are quick common. A couple of my friends went gigging for flounder one night on a large sandbar when one of those storms quickly popped up and caught them off guard. There was no place to take cover, so they just laid prone. Their gigs were lightning rods. They said lightning was striking all around them. One even became "born again" after that storm. Hahahahaha

Those are the kinds of experiences that make it worth all the trouble! I have sailed to Horn and Ship and Petit Bois, mostly in search of the ghost of Walter Anderson, one of my favorite artists. I bet you've been to his museum in Ocean Springs.


We only camp when it's cool weather. I've had my share of warm weather camping. Dry camping is awesome. Finding the right place is rough around here in louisiana. Hiking around here can be rough. I carry and my wife does too. Wild hogs and wild dogs can be trouble. I can go on and


There was a time. Yes, I remember it well. Love the more primitive style and used to spend weeks, sometimes months at a time where no man has gone before. Alas, no more.


Nope. My idea of "roughing it" is no room service (credit to Joan Rivers). Seriously, I've never enjoyed camping. The closest I've come to thinking it wasn't absolutely horrible were the few times there were campers with indoor bathrooms involved. Don't like the smell of campfires lingering in my clothes or hair. Can't get home fast enough to wash it all off. Besides, I pay good money to keep a roof over my head so I DON'T have to sleep outside. Thanks, but no thanks.


I go backcountry camping. I prefer to be myself in the woods. I do not need a tent or other amenities. During the eclipse, I spent five days deep in the mountains running around collecting fossils in my undies.


Lived in the deep woods of Oregon so long we’d literally ‘camp up behind the house.’ Over East now, I’m so tick paranoid I’m reluctant to leave the pavement! Been doing alot of day hikes, on the Blue Ridge. ...I tell ya though.. someone posted a photo of the Oregon woods on fb ..and I wanted to spend the night in there with nothing but the ferns and moss ~

Varn Level 8 Dec 14, 2017

Ticks... ugh. We take 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water in the morning. It wards off red bugs and ticks. We find ticks everywhere and spray down our shoes and legs... ugh!

Drawn to woodsy people I guess, it seems half those I’ve met over east have had Lymes disease! Yes, I’m into some serious protection protocol, but it definitely inhibits my desire to ..spend the night out there. what’s god’s purpose for ticks 🙂


I have been camping and have been doing it since before my first birthday and hope to be able to continue doing it until I die. The best sleeps and the best sex I have ever had were in a tent, something about the fresh air I think. I have camped, on mountain tops wilderness lake, in deserts, on beaches, isolated islands, on boats, on ice fields and love it all.
As I get older I have found I do like a little more luxury but, I am still not ready for an RV even though I can afford one, i am satisfied with a good foam mattress.

I love the ritual of pitching the tent and setting up camp; that's half the fun! I do need better padding to sleep on than I did when I was 20, but the outfitters just keep coming up with better and better equipment... so on I go! I understand why people go for RVs, but I think I'll always prefer the tent.


I still love it. Now in my older age, I only do a night or two of being out in the middle of nowhere. My pic is a stop at Acadia National Park.


Hit the mountains in Colorado last summer. Left the camper at Jackson Lake State Park, ne of Denver. In the mountains my cousin and I just slept in the truck. Got up and hit the road again everyday.....what an adventure.
Now I noticed that my old pop up has been invaded and chewed by mice. IDK about next year....still have my tents. Took my boys only one time last year, to Missouri.

twill Level 7 Dec 14, 2017

I don't think my domesticated camping is really camping. Tent camping can be fun. So can rv camping. Until everybody wants to use your rv toilet. I've had to double up on toilet paper. Rv toilet paper is expensive. If it starts raining, well that is fun too. Everybody shows up at your rv. If it's a cold rain, they show up saying everything is they are your family and friends... you just get over


I am good with a long hike but have never done much camping except with the gang back in the days of my youth


Traveling on horses sleeping in tent or wagon sleeping on reserves. That's me from 2004 (The little blonde kid). Now since I don't have the horses any more general hiking and just walking until I find a spot.

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