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One less state

If the US had to sacrifice one state, which one do you think should go and why?

AMGT 8 May 17

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Commiefornia and for those that don't understand, california


Any one of the southern states would be fine by me-but they all appear to COMPETE to see which one can be the MOST IGNORANT in terms of advancing and discriminating against atheists! Its a tough !


For me it would be Alabama. Have public schools that continue to fight for desegregation. Its like Civil Rights never came there or are ignored. Voti thing rights violated of black people. A lot of white folk like to think of history as pre Cival War, Jefferson Davis Confederacy history. Still have many Confederate statues up. Why be part of the United States if you continue to live by pre Cival War laws??


South Carolina (even though my ancestors settled there in the 1700s). It has always been the hotbed of racism, other forms of ethnocentrism, secessionistic thought, and rabidly reactionary thought. It has long been a painful boil on the butt of the USA.

Sourh Carolina my 2nd choice...folliwed by Louisiana and Mississippi.


I don't care which one it is, if Trump isn't there, I"m moving to that state--err country.

Lol, good thinkin.


Rhode Island.
I mean, why is it even a state.


Seriously. It's not even an island.
Dafuq ?

@Slappy_Longarms It's a pretty place though!

Yes it is. So small though. Just....

@Slappy_Longarms Probably had something to do with Puritans? Just a guess.


I can't pick just one.


Texas because its big enough to be sectioned into more states. its just a waste of alot of unused land!


Let California be it's own country so I can move there, work at my friend's store, and we can be free of this administration

California has its own issues, man. Trust me.

@IAMGROOT not perfect, but better then a lot of red states and their governor is cool.

@vnufall California is a heavily taxed nanny state. I love the land, the government, not so much.


Kansas just to make it interesting.


The one with New Orleans (you can tell I'm not American). This part of the US is sinking due to its geology.

Named after King Louis of France, I think he was beheaded during the French revolution. Louisiana.


Louisiana. Thank you!

Florida also has incoming water problems.


Alaska because they wouldn't really care


Which ever one Trump's in at the time.


I don't really understand the point of these sort of questions


Texas, & tho I think there are a plethora of reasons, I'll just say,...Jerry Jones!

I've heard people in Texas want some outside help - also pickles in movie theaters?
WTF Texas?


We reinacting the Civil War? Lol

@AMGT Hey I really thought the South was going to get picked on in this! lol


State of apathy, tied with state of ignorance?

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