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An investor gives you "seed money" to start a business. What kind of business would you start?

You have the money.
You can use it to fuel any sort of venture.
Profit or non-profit.
Fun or good willed.

What would you do?

silvereyes 8 Dec 14

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I'd start a worker-owned co-op to rival the world-sucking Amazon.


Not a business, as it wouldn't make money, but animal shelters, both domesticated and wildlife.


A new religion, with tax-exempt status of course!


Seriously, I'd love to start educational centres focused on helping adults.

That and a gaming cafe, because I'm a board game and role playing geek πŸ˜€


Oooo, this is a tough one. I think a shelter for homeless LGBT+ youth. It's not really a "business" but I can use this money however I want. Sustaining it would be another thing though, but that isn't what this question is about! πŸ˜€


Open an organic movie theater


-Sustainable Agro Business
Considering climate change, populations growth, an area around the world needing more research and funding, more farmers around the world need new and alternative ways of farming.


An american style Malt Shop that sells nothing but milkshakes and smoothies.


a music studio. will find musicians for a band and record my music. the album name "Puerto Rican Hopes, Cuban Fantasies and American Dreams".


I would buy a warehouse. Turn half of it into a flat pack skatepark and hold events. E.g. Gigs and charity events. The skatepark would be open to anyone and all profits after overheads would be donated to causes I deem to be worthy.


Is start a little woodworking business, making custom furniture.


A franchise of free grocery stores managed by low-income people.

Wow, @Glademan, what an amazing story.

Is it published somewhere in any form?


I'd LOVE to go back to my last start up. My first place was great. A cottage style on a rolling hill with some interesting very old stone walls here and there. The first one created a natural stage. The basement was the perfect goth and horror setting.

We'd decorate all that and shoot my act leads and other models. Those went straight to various sponsored websites. I at the time had a gaming site that eventually added hundreds of games (many I hosted and created), a site for the artists and models, and a costume DIY site,

One other was attached to the gaming community but was a virtual emporium of religious and arcane knowledge. Of course, just the linked site made that possible.

The money started pouring in from the model pages and the sites I was doing soon for models worldwide.

This time around I would focus more on the performing arts. In becoming a slave to the computer and ever more frantic shoot schedules, I rarely picked up an instrument.

And I'd do a lot less cocaine. Like none.


It had its times! I just took on too many projects and most of them needed maintenance. Working like that in a "constant party" environment couldn't last long!


Bee hives.....


I would build a handicapable/neurodiverse arena to host not only Special Olympic and sporting events, but big named entertainment concerts for the public as well. Inside the building there would be offices of occupational, speech and language, physical, individual and family therapy, with funded arts and crafts activities, availability for respite to the family of care givers (from infancy to elders). Vocational opportunities for all, great way to volunteer hours, great way for local companies to participate and advertise. Medical staff on site. State of the art handicapable playground on the grounds alongside a an indoor/outdoor therapeutic and swimming pool. Sponsors from Autism to Alzheimer associations.

I would call it the O’rena. A name an Autistic client called me. πŸ˜‰ Dream big!


A brewery. But i'd need a million...

I worked at Strohs for about 10 years I was in the package department. The work environment in a brewery has a lot of commodity.


Start a zero cost university of science for gifted young people who would otherwise not have an opportunity for advanced study. One of my lifelong dreams.


Start an organization that grows organic foods..and also makes self sustaining community's with houses made from storage containers...


Something in promising renewable energy technology.


I'd set up offices buildings in purple states and lure liberal tech companies there for everyone's benefit and profit.


How to live healthy self substainable homes and food lives without the Federal Governments.

Doing that now, but the Corperationism Government keeps getting in the way.


So many choices ..... doggie daycare, food co-op, housing / shelter for thrown away LGBT kids - hell throw in some job training and life skills classes. If the LGBT thing works, then do it for Vets. I'd make loans to people so they could get away from payday lenders.

CS60 Level 7 Dec 14, 2017

A grassroots lobby group... like we need another one of those


A low cost chain of universities for people in third world countries who could not otherwise afford to continue their education.

"University of the People" exists and seems amazing, not to take away from any ideas you may have, but seeing what they do, restored a little of my faith in humanity. []


I think I might buy some land and build small frame houses to sell to the working poor. I got lots of people wanting to buy houses. I can't find enough houses priced right to meet the demand. New home prices are outrageous. There are lots of vacant lots scattered all over Dallas that can be bought for a song. But the city won't allow frame houses to be built on them, so they just sit there. Sad ! I'd have to go outside the city limits. Just a thought. If they would let me put mobil homes on those lots, I can get mobil homes free, just for hauling them off.


something that helped wildlife

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