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Freaky Friday: If you had to body swap with someone else, who would it be?

If you had to transfer to someone else's body, who would you pick?

silvereyes 8 Dec 15

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Not a typical answer ...

but, if temporary ... Stephen Hawking.

Then I could report what life has been like for him and how much he's done, despite his challenges.


I think I'd just switch with myself at age 33, when I was in peak shape.


Lindsey von, the exhilaration of hurtling oneself down the side of a mountain at high speeds on skis.



"It seems the presidents IQ has risen significantly over the past few hours. His vernacular is astounding. I never knew he knew so much about everything from anthropological socioeconomic theory to gravity density shifts of a singularity as compared to its original star mass.

Hold on... Diane, I'm getting a report that he has pardoned the guy who thought it was a good idea to have that emo Peter Parker arch in the third Spiderman movie, whoever that might be - saying, 'You had good intentions, I get it, but that is not how you show the parasite taking over PP's personality. The aim of that arch was to demonstrate a corruption of Uncle Ben's iconic advise to PP: that once PP had even greater power, it became more difficult to be responsible. And that ultimately, without villains, heroes would remain unchecked and un-entertained, potentially becoming villains themselves.'

Simply remarkable, Diane. There's layers here: the underlying message in this literary criticism is that a seat of power, such as the presidency, should not be taken lightly and twittered with. I'm Bob Sachamano, live for Quahog County News."

You are a true car

@Harleyman Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, but what did you think about the emo Peter Parker aspect? That dancing scene through the street was disgusting.


Jesus, somebody has to truly witness him.

Is he black or white.? Dose he have blond or black or white hair?. Blue eyes or brown.?Did he pull a thorn out a dinosaur foot and so on.? Mi

What happens if you woke up in inscruciating pain and found yourself nailed to a cross... Just saying this because you want to be the star of that show!

I will know when they will nail me to the cross, at age 33 and on Easter.

If the date arises, I would double cross my Sky Daddy, then tell him my own plans, that will make him laugh.

Since each generation gets smarter, not dumber since Adam. Tell him a better idea, Let the people think for themselves. Forget sin over a healthy apple, let people make their own adjustment in life. Fire Satan or save him. I promise it will work out far better, I'll bet my life on it.


I would pick a very sexy lady, I would like to experience life from her point of view. Growing up, body changes, desires, jobs and of course making love and fucking!


Donald Trump. I could reverse all of the damage he's done, and he can finally learn what it's like to survive on $5.00 to your name for two weeks.

Trump would not survive 3 days.
As soon as he tries to boss the homeless and blacks around back alley's, it"s curtains.


I couldn't swap with anyone. I can't be that cruel.


An alien? Would be fun to have a flying saucer and zip around invisible watching the human race like an ant hill.


Can't think of anyone..
The grass is always greener, so they say...

The grasses is greenest over the septic tank.


If it was temporary I would chose a woman if it was only a week or so Sandra Bullock. Just to see how the world looks behind a woman's eyes. Perm I would Mat Damon


@silvereyes Yours would be?

@silvereyes I had to look up Mint. 😉


Myself at age 17 again. I would have a lot more fun at college than I did the last time around.

BD66 Level 7 Dec 15, 2017

One of those good looking male dancers. Ild tell my wife and take her out for a great


Jamie Curtis-


My mom. I would swap with her so i could get an idea of how she is really feeling or if she is in pain. She always tells me she feels fine but i think she keeps things from me so i won't worry about her.

@ MrLizard thank you for your kind words!


Benjamin Millepied.


Charlize Theron

good choice! i love her!

she is a goddess


Myself about 10 years ago when I was training MMA...can't even remember what it felt like to be in that good of shape...haha


Wonder Woman

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