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What's the oil to your water: who would you hope not to be your cubicle roomie?

I had a job sandwiched in a cubicle with 2 other people. One I really liked. The other... not so much. She was the oil to my water. Coming in late almost every day, playing on her phone when I was busy, unraveling a huge makeup kit across the desk every morning while I'm working on, you know, work.

That's just the tip of the iceberg (but I won't rant on). My goal was to try to like her better. Maybe if I got to know her, relate to her. But, it never really happened. She was just... not my type.

Imagine you have a job that requires you to share a cubicle with another person. What kind of person could you just not work in that close quarters with? What's the oil to your water?

Have you ever had an annoying co-worker?

silvereyes 8 Dec 16

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The loud, full themselves, opinionated, pushy narcissistic-You know, Donald Trump.


A Trump supporter.


Poor grooming habits and any 45th supporters πŸ™‚


When I first started with my company, everyone would be at client sites all summer, but then I became the first programmer and was in the office. In the morning while everyone in the office it was great, but once people had left, it would just be me and the secretary in the office which had 2 large rooms. I was in the back programming and as soon as people would leave, she'd come back and start talking. It started with her kids and after a few weeks it was about music and concerts. Then she'd start talking about doing cocaine and mushrooms. I was young and timid and would just let her ramble, but it was so uncomfortable and awkward and I REALLY wanted to program. I learned real quick to just shut people up after her and was so happy when she got replaced with someone who, to this day, is one of those people who I can't decide if I like or respect more.

And trust me, I have no problem with people doing drugs... ambushing people at work to ramble about drugs, I find annoying. Hating your job so much that you want to shirk all responsibility and interrupt other people's work I have a real problem with. Hate your job, fine, but when you don't want to do it, quit.


Deepak Chopra or one of his followers, would be the ultimate case of cubicle rage for me. However my worst experience is sharing a small workspace with someone who couldn't be quiet, the subject everyday was football (soccer to the Americans here) or what he'd seen on television the night before, even his breathing was loud, he was rude to customers that I had to then apologise to and we differed extremely on political views. The day he was fired I celebrated.

Dav87 Level 6 Dec 16, 2017

I was part of a two man delivery team, delivering furniture, so being in the cab of a van for 7 hours a day is about as tight as you can get! yes I feel your pain and wish you all the best!


Energy vampires.

"Energy vampires are emotionally immature individuals who have the sense that the whole world revolves around them. They are almost incapable of seeing things from another person's perspective. They often lack empathy."


Thanks Victoria. I shared this with my daughter because she is having this problem with a co-worker.

You just described the U.S. President, sadly. :/

@JackPedigo -- You're welcome. Sorry to hear/read that your daughter is having to deal with this.

@MikeInBatonRouge -- Indeed.

My daughter is tough (but sometimes a wimp - like her grandmother). I have been helping her and she has been dealing with her problem with some encouragement from her dad.


I pretty much need my own space, so I guess I'd be looking for another job...


well at work, my office once had 2 desk in it and i shared it another assistant professor. This dude had like horrible sinuses and he cough and sneezed all day long.....Being the germophobe that i am, i basically told our office manager that either he goes or i do. So they relocated him and removed the second desk. I felt really bad but i can't help my condition.

not a big germophobe but that sounds gross


Mr Donald Trump


Mrs Theresa May

BOTH would be utterly horrific!

Add in Mike Pence and Boris Johnson for a 'foursome of loathfulness'

Also the cabinet he drained from the swamp!


It’s strange, I’d have once thought a β€˜fundamentalist religious zealot.’ Though after having worked in close proximity with one, it was amazing how much we actually had in common… Seems we both took life quite seriously, were highly disciplined and seeking ..truth. As we kept conversations civil, it worked!

So, maybe stuck with some know-it-all atheist might be it’s own kind of hell πŸ˜‰

Varn Level 8 Dec 16, 2017

Someone who chews with their mouth open or makes other annoying noises.


Top for me would be to share with a person who smells bad or eats smelly food at his/her desk. Second worst: that person who makes lots of loud, personal phone calls or listens to loud obnoxious TV or radio there.

I once worked with a gal who I liked, but who had recently "fallen in love". She literally got long phone calls every twenty minutes and would gush real loudly, for all to hear, "Hi sweetie! How are you? I've been missing you...". I left once my grad work was done. Recently found out that she and "snookums" have since divorced.

Zster Level 8 Dec 16, 2017

I wrote a whole disgusting story but decided no one needs to hear about that bullshit after I wrote it, so I will pick a light hearted one: band members who steal you're shit. Band members who decide to be in another band while you have an active band with them. I was in a band called The Psychoscumaddicts a long long time ago, and we had our first show which was at a punk wedding that was so packed, the church couldn't fit everybody. Our drummer formed a concurrent band that was like pop rock or some crap....he scheduled a show with his other band for the same night. We were asked by everybody to do an encore show, but he had to make his other gig. He didn't tell us about the other show until right before our set, saying we 'needed to keep it short'....


I have no concept of what it would be like to work in a cubical with or without someone else to share it with.
I have had annoying co-workers in the past but, it was either at a table with many other people at it or outside where I could just get away from them if I wanted.
But, there was this one operator I worked with on a seismic drill that was the kill of the assholes and a postalizing evangelical to boot. I try ever moment not to accidentally club him to death with a drill stem as he talked about Geebus and the stupidest racist bigoted crap you can imagine. To make it worst you could insult the this twerp he either was too stupid to understand or too full of himself to care. The only thing good about working with him was that at some point the work ended and you could leave.

That one brings back memories, Heathen … you’d think in a massive warehouse complex you could avoid such annoying idiots … but we had one who’d β€˜make the rounds,’ annoying every in turn, yet seeming to leave just before someone dropkicked him πŸ˜‰


A conservative Christian who thinks the color, gender assignment, sexual preference, and political views make you less than they are unless you agree with them.


@silvereyes I could never work in a cubicle-too claustrophobic for me but I have a problem with bigots-close minded people, people who complain constantly, people who feel sorry for themselves and people with negative attitudes.


I shared an office with an older lady who had a cackle laugh so annoyingly loud it nearly brought tears to my eyes. She sat about 3 ft away from me, would literally yell at her computer like she was in a traffic jam, and the noises she made while she ate her food grated on my last nerve. She micro-managed AND would have lengthy conversations about her history. She has since left and I have been free of that "illness" for years thankfully. Not too long ago while at the check out lane in the grocery store, I heard an eerily familiar cackle. (cue... long hallway and forehead sweat). I knew it was her but chose to keep my back to the noise, my head down, and get out of there! πŸ˜‰


Built a sandcastle within a roller coaster for Trump world Casinos in NJ. Trump was the most difficult person I have ever worked with in my life. An dirty oil king vs pure water. Trump tried to Unitized my sculptors, that's like herding cats.

Had to train carpenters, masons and Elctricans to be Sculptors just because we using their tools of their trade. Cost $20 for every bucket of water. Worked in poor lighting conditions, like a dungeon.

To see Trump put his name on my sandcastle was like putting a candy wrapper on an art peace. We fought all the time, they acted like mobsters. The work turned out beautiful. Did not get fired or sued, yet lost Money on the contract.

Today to see Trump as king of the Universe. It's a shame on the US people and me for ever working with him. The up side is Trump may expose the real slave masters owner to the true Americans people, and not be aware he is doing so.

Wish I had that guy foresight at the time.

Did this one for a friend of 35 years. He actually paid me back with 10 great jobs after that. Always a silver lining.


I have difficulty being around those who exhibit humanlike traits. Stupid humans!

Really, noise is my primary annoyance. Whistling should be a capital offense, but lesser crimes include tapping fingers, tapping feet, flip-flop footwear, humming, singing, continually rustling wrappers, nonstop talking, etc. I prefer to work in my own corner undisturbed, away from humans as much as possible.


I had a secretary that played Rush Limbaugh all day. I don't like people telling me their personal problems or medical problems at work in long or repetitive discussions. 45er


Just what Gatovicolo said. Plus a chain smoker. There are not enough breath fresheners in the world.


My first day job began a couple of days after my 16th birthday. It was for a huge company doing operation and maintenance manuals for the government. The building was enormous and essentially without walls. Each of us had a drawing board, a credenza, and a desk with typewriter. No cubicles. In the middle of all that stood a chain link cage where 20 of us were locked in because of the nature of the work we were doing. It was funny because you had to anticipate when you'd need to make a nature run. Why? Because management hadn't thought to station a guard at the gate and the interval between calling and the key arriving could be from 5 to 20 minutes.

Anyway, in that environment there was a constant din, people moving about, and one had to constantly be fielding questions from other writer/illustrator types to keep our work coordinated. I learned at an early age to compartmentalize, ignore, and tune out unwanted noise/conversation.

In spite of my armor plating, there emerged one type who would get my ire in an instant. The always present crybaby who shows up to give you their latest injustice-at-the-hands-of tale of woe and wants me to fucking console them. They are dead meat.


Anyone who was just a slob. I have been in situations where the person left half eaten food,clothes left for days on the floor that smelled, bathroom unfit to enter all rapped up with a filthy mouth. Criticism just did not register. I finally told the boss either move me or I quit and I was moved. A few months later he was fired.


I used to work in place like that... the loud talker that insult the customer using the mute button but your mike is open and customer in your line can hear... that is very bad.


I they had a squeaky voice, for some reason that is like is like the old adage nails on a chalkboard to me. I do not mind know it all as long as when they are wrong they admit it. A smug know it all would be annoying.

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