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Oh, if only they could. At this point almost anything is worth a try.


Where do I sign up? I have my own broom!


Oh how I wish I could!! I'd make an excellent witch!

A long time ago, I T hoght of selling "You do voo doo " kits....


Now only if magic worked.


LOL I will gladly assist if this is true. I hate him and his supporters with an intensity I had never even thought possible.


Wouldn't that be fantastic if that was all it took. In reality, he'd already be toast politically if the bastard Republican Congress were't propping him up for their own cynical political agendas, flatly ignoring his blatant crimes. We are truly in dangerous times, here, The democracy is not looking at all healthy. 😟


Well, I read Briebart's article and checked out the source they linked, and I suspect that most conservative Christians are so fear-driven, not to mention gullible as hell, that they won't realize that Briebart is getting off on messing with them, and while they're at it, attempting to undermine the advances women have gained to be seen and treated as fully human. Here's the "scary" feminist "witchcraft" and "occultism" he is referring to. An excerpt from the source they embedded: Briebart is so inane they don't even realize they're being mocked.

*"Why, what exactly did you think magic was? Eye of newt and black-candles and broomstick riding? That’s just set-dressing, like any of the adornments of power, and that’s all magic really is—power games. Illusion and misdirection, manipulation, and entitlement. It happens when a queen puts on a crown and poses for the papers, when a president rides in a golden elevator. These are simple glamours—“glamour” being another word for a type of spell that makes a thing seem more important or attractive than it is. And as the greatest literary witch, Terry Pratchett’s Granny Weatherwax, observed—it doesn’t stop being magic just because you know how it’s done.

So much of the way we understand power today on a global level is occult—quite literally. The root of the word “occult” is the Latin “occulere,” meaning to conceal—to practice the occult is to have knowledge of secret, hidden things, to conceal where power comes from or to seek out buried secrets. We live in a world where the nature and practice of power—cultural, political, and economic—is deliberately obscure and occluded, where truth is a moveable quantity that can be shaped according to the whims of the mighty,"
Resistance is a war of stories, a dance of symbols, too—and the feminists of W.I.T.C.H. understood this with their street theatre in the 1970s."


The "hexes" that these wussies at Breitbart are all up in arms about are nothing more than symbolic gestures of resistance. SMH


Too fucking bad. Hope Wicca destroys tRUMP evil. LOL


LOL Oh, I certainly hope so!!!!


The stupid, it burns! LMAO

balou Level 8 Dec 19, 2017

This story is true. I remember reading a Facebook post last year about a group of wiccans who said that they were going to use magic to have Trump removed from the Oval Office.

What the hell. If it gets Trumps ass removed, I'm not above casting a spell or two myself.


This Charlie Nash guy sounds terribly confused. I find this idea really odd. The seriousness of it implies witchcraft is a real thing. In order for that to be true, the Christian god cannot be the only god.


lol well they have weak craft. i am going out on a limb when i say they need to attend hogwarts!


Trump is doing a good enough job destroying himself that he doesn't need any help from witches.


Only those witches who consider themselves to be both feminists and anti-tRUMP.


If they could just make it a burning bush he would burn his predatory baby hands


If it is at ALL possible, how I'd love to see it happen !

Perhaps we should each make a little voo-doo doll, and start sticking those pins in !

Might work, and sure can't hurt. Love to stick some long pins in.

It's pretty cheap. Just get a cheeto and some pins. The puffy cheetos work best!


Whoa! Witches are a wild bunch. Naked bon fires at a full moon... yeah buddy! Ohhh... and theres more...if you look for it. fear of witchcraft... fear of ghost... fear of the supernatural ... glad im here and not fearful anymore.


Actually, I will bet that my witch friends are doing just this. The only negative is that do no good.


I'm up.


I take umbridge with this statement! Feminists aren't using witches to destroy trump. I hear they use warlocks too. 🙂


Some Wiccans are going after Trump..going to scare up some


HAHA. Maybe that is why Trump is so afraid of poison!


Oh, my stars in heavens! Would that it were this easy to do!

PEGUS Level 5 Jan 8, 2018

"By any means necessary",.........Malcolm X


I find that when I am intelligent enough to make a difference, and succeed or excel, suspicion is raised that I am a witch. I'm an INFJ type, analytical and often quiet. Hyper-religious people see "thinking" as questioning god, or questioning the leader trying to say that god has ordained a certain belief or behavior. So if I'm a witch for thinking and not following without question, oh well. I'd rather be a witch than be a fool following an idiot. Bring it on.

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