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To Block or Not Block

How many people have you blocked?
What is your criteria for blocking someone?

Crimson67 8 June 3

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People who objectify or monetarize victims of theocratic patriarchy are instantly blocked. ...I will not debate or entertain TrumpOLINIbots or BillaryBOTS. ...we need competence in the White House so vote peace through green jobs


I am liberal with the block button. I have no time or patience for people I don't like. I HAVE to deal with them irl, the hell with having to deal with them here.

I agree! I’ve blocked 12 so far. One is an ex & I have no wish to see/hear from him; several were nasty, aggressive, baiting, etc on comments. One sent a nasty message out of the blue. Another I messaged with went psycho and in 24 hours and 50 messages, had our future all planned out. Too creepy!
I’ll block more as needed?.


I've blocked one person, soon to be two--both anti-medicine and anti-science fuckwits. I don't need to see that kind of shit on my screen.

@Crimson67 How do I manage escape such people? Were I religious I'd be singing the praises of the great collander in the sky!

@Crimson67 I think I know who you're referring to.

@Crimson67 Lol 😉


At first l blocked no one. Now l block quite liberally. I did not join this site to hear from gun nuts, Trump supporters, or male bashing. They go fast. If someone warns me because of my sometimes twisted sense of humor, l relieve them of that intrusion of their sensibilities.


I have blocked 2. It was nothing too serious but for me there was one who swore at me because I didn't reply to him quickly or often enough ????? (I don't really know I am just guessing) and the other called me a fascist. ROTFL Me a fascist. (I am a wanna-be ANTIFA member for fucks sake). 😕


One, for being misogynist and racist. I can't actually remember who it was now, so I have no idea if they're still here or not.

Jnei Level 8 June 3, 2018

Prefer not to block anyone unless they are really annoying. I like to hear different points of view and I am seeking this on this site.

I'm a little surprised that I'm not aware of getting blocked. I check out everyone's profiles. Sometimes I forget about them and check 'em out several times. There's got to be at least one that thinks I'm stalking them, if not several.

I often take a "refresher" look, I have a poor memory on such matters.

I re-check profiles for a "refresher as @Petter mentioned, & because there are a few women I find attractive. I'm not obsessive about it, but checking someone's profile alone seems like a silly reason to block someone. A profile is there to be checked!

@phxbillcee I agree. I look to remind myself of details I forgot. I wouldn’t block anyone who’s viewing my profile...but toxic behavior, it’s immediate.

@CarolinaGirl60 Also, folk update their profiles at times, add photos, etc. I'm honestly rather thick skinned so I haven't blocked anyone, but I'm also male & I know a few ladies on this site who have been treated abominably by some of the guys!

@phxbillcee I’m predisposed to react at toxic types with my history. There have been a few here—creepiest was after messaging shortly, he blew up 50 messages in 24 hours and had our future planned, including how our pets would get along! But it happens less here than regular dating sites.

@CarolinaGirl60 It amazes me that even many of the supposed 'mature' guys on this site have absolutely no patience in building a relationship. It's like they've got to seal the deal as soon as they can, with no regard for how the other person feels. If they bulldoze, they will capitulate! Especially long-distance, even before any face-to-face meeting, they start dictating who the ladies can now talk to, what they expect of the 'relationship', & all this before there even is a real relationship!


I've blocked a few. Mostly it's people who are intentionally insulting, unreasonable, harassing, or just blatantly annoying. Those who repeat the same argument over and over despite my countering it already 10 times,


I've only blocked 1.
I did that because he insisted on continuing a pointless circular argument.
Since then I've had a few push those boundaries but they backed off.

ETA: I don't know how many have blocked me. 😉

Interesting reason to block.

@bingst It was going nowhere fast but he couldn't seem to wrap his brain around that.

@Paul628 I blocked one like that: also there were insults with the argument. I am fine with disagreements.


I've blocked one for religious reasons.


Definitely block all Trump supporters. Also block any fool. Usually a = b.


None. I have no criteria for blocking. I think the report function helps to correct or eliminate bad actors.


I've blocked two because they met my wanker criteria, it was on a whim so I could unblock them but they didn't have anything to say I wanted to hear so.........

I've definately been blocked by one because I had the temerity to have an opinion on US gun laws when I don't live in the US and I may have been blocked by one other but that would have been recently so not sure. 🙂

How do you know if you've been blocked? Do you get a notification (oh, I hope you do!) and can they see your profile. I was surprised that I could still see the profiles of people I'd blocked.

@Gareth Fair point and the first one who blocked me is an assumption but he was a mouthy sod who suddenly stopped posting, I am therefore assuming that he blocked me as it looked unlikely he'd have shut up lol

@Gareth I asked the same question days ago, but not of the administration. I recieved no satisfactory answer. Still waiting for one.

No notifications that you're blocked. You find out when you try to reach their profile and a list of members will appear who are available but the person you are looking for is no longer a member to you. I have only blocked scammers, sexually inappropriate and negative people.I, in turn have been blocked by people I've had a personal relationship with on PM or the phone and things went south for political or personal reasons. Their loss.

@sassygirl3869 I've unfollowed people, but rarely block.

@Stacey48, @sassygirl3869 That's how I found out of at least two that had blocked me. I barely knew who they were but I would see them tagged in a thread & never see their comments. Don't really know why they blocked me, & don't really care. One I know blocked me 'cause he sort of said he would, he was a pompous snowflake & I don't miss his stuff at all!

@Stacey48 Oooh! Someone blocked you? Now I'm curious for all the gossip. 🙂


I've blocked about ten people so far. Trolling, personal abuse or overt or covert racism will do it for me. There are so many good and interesting posts and threads on this site I barely have time to keep up, so filtering out nonsense is time-effective for me and good generally for my blood pressure.


I only block idiots. It's okay to have different opinons, and even spar a bit, but when people get off topic and start being mean and nasty, block a way! Or if they are creepy pigs, block is your best friends. I have a few blocked, and I'm sure I've been blocked, not because of any personal messages to an individual, but because of my comments. I've never worried about it.


I have blocked people. A couple because of their general negativity and seeming desire to just attack. Didn’t come here to deal with that. Have no desire to argue. I just make them disappear. Wishing I could do that in the real world. Wait, isn’t there something like that on Black Mirror or some show?

Another reason I blocked someone is we had started chatting and she was really interesting. Then she started dating someone and from that moment, she never said anything that wasn’t first lauding him, and then within days, whining about him. I thought about it. IRL I would not entirely dump a true friend over this, but I had been messaging with her just a couple weeks and realized I didn’t owe her anything. She clearly didn’t have any interest in me other than a soundboard. So while it felt maybe mean to block her, it was also freeing. Just as I am not obligated to speak to a man in public just cuz he wants me to, neither am I obligated to continue a potential online friendship with someone who turned out to not be someone I was interested in being friends with.


I haven’t had any reason to block anyone, and nobody has found me offensive enough to block at this point.

You're just not trying hard enough!


I haven't blocked anyone. I probably won't. It's pretty easy to skip and ignore stuff.

I admire your tolerance but I come here for fun and community and I see blocking as just another tweak to tailor the site to my preferences, like turning notifications on or off.

Blocking is necessary for messaging to function.

I agree. It seems to me that if you block people you are not giving them the opportunity to change and yourself the opportunity to understand them.


I haven't blocked anyone. I have flagged people who have been abusive though. Those people eventually disappear from the site if enough people flag them.


I've blocked none, I believe 3 have blocked me. I've got a very thick skin for most things & can be Irish combative, so I'd rather either meet head on, or, as I do with a few, just tend to ignore them.


I'm here to have fun. if you're changing that in any way you're gone. I don't know how many but its got to be about ten. I do my best not to argue in real life so I'm fucked if I'm listening to any shit on here.


Well I had a very serious member blowing up my messenger, threatening to have me banned from this site and going bezerk on a post. I tried to reason that member thinking it was a misunderstanding. I did not block. so I haven't come to that line yet.
That said, I think it's obvious to most I am a man and I can only guess, imagine the micro-aggressions woman get here. You are justified to block if you feel uncomfortable (and obviously if you feel unsafe).


I haven't blocked anyone.

I have no problem with people who take a different stance to me on some topics - how else do you get to learn? As long as it is ideas that are being challenged and not dropping to personal insults, it's unlikely I would block anyone.

I don't know (or care really) if I have been blocked by others.


I have yet to block anyone. I have think skin.


I haven't ------- Yet.
However even my tolerance level could be exceeded by bigots - especially the religious or quasi-scientific ones.


None. It's online, they do not effect my life.

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