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Are you a day person or a night person

My worst habit is staying up late and I often pay the price for it the next day.

Equally; mornings are not my friend. I hate the sun and I need caffeine to come to life. Therefore I'd call myself a night person.

Are you a day person or a night person?

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Ellatynemouth 8 June 3

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Definitely love the dark


Am a morning lark. Am up by 4 or 5am.

@PraiseXenu Sunsets look the same, just on the other side. ☺

@PraiseXenu We will have to agree to disagree. It is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird. ☺



I’d like to be a night person, but work starts pretty early. I kinda have to be a day person, though I always stay up later than I should.


Night owl... my entire family is. It sucks that my boss demands 8-5 working hours as the nature of the work does not demand it. My most productive hours are after 3PM. Earlier requires caffeine.

Zster Level 8 June 3, 2018

i'm the same!


I'm the type of guy that has trouble waking up, and also trouble falling asleep... so definitely a night person. My body makes no sense to me.


I adjust my sleep patterns to accommodate other commitments. If I'm awake, I'm perky no matter the time of day or night.


Sadly I'm both.

In 1991 I hired on with a RR, which of course is a 24/7/365 operation... and many jobs are union. Which means seniority rules. So I started working midnights, thay way I could spend afternoons with my daywalker spouse!
I worked midnights for well ovee 20 years. A few years ago it was like my body got tired of sleeping in the daytime. So now I had scads of seniority and a little over a year ago I bid a dayshift/weekends off job!! Totally freaked out everyone in the office, but I had to do it.

I definitely sleep better now. But I am still stunned by how damn bright the sun is around noon!


Love the energy from the day the heat on a hot day exhilarates me. The pace at night helps my imagination come to life.


Primarily night, but l do like drives or walks in country during the day.


I am both depending on my schedule. Off now for the summer so will stay up longer, wake up later. When I get back to work, up at 5AM.


I'm a person who doesn't like to go to bed, however loves to sleep. When I worked night shifts I'd still stay up too late. I think I need to spend a couple of weeks in the woods with no electricity to reset my internal clock.


i just feel more comfortable in my own skin after dark. always have



Coldo Level 8 June 3, 2018

I can be either, depending on the day, and what my brain wants to do. LOL

Cava helps me sleep! 😉


I'm mostly a night person and have always been. But since for some unknown reason I usually sleep for about four hours (11pm to 3am), I have about five hours to myself to read before the household rises. That's my BONUS time.


No vote, I don't dissapear during the day or during the night. I can sleep during daylight, and be awake during total darkness. My nickname in Crete, Greece was "Nighthawk". Can go days without sleeping if given the proper motivation and yet can have 10 sleeping sessions in a 24 hour period. I am a Person 24 hours a day and 24 hours a night.

I wish I was a person 24 hours a day. Unfortunately I am a grumpy ogre for part of it.


Nothing more beautiful to me in nature than watching the sun rise over an huge expanse of water.


I have been a night shift worker for the past 4 years. Basically I am a vampire.

Lol that reminds me. I co-wrote a tune called Vampire Life a long time ago. The last line of the chorus was "Sleep all day... And stay up all night." I need to dig that back out from the depths, if I remember it.


Used to be a a days, jump off the bed early to make the most out of my day and by 9 PM the TV is watching me


My default setting is owl, but it's hard to get any adulting done that way, so I have to say both, altho I'd love to just have vampire hours.
I'm very envious of true "day people" and wish I could be one. . . At best my schedule rotates.

I'm in the same boat.


I am a night nurse... So I'm definitely a night person 😛


both and neither depending on how bad the cancer is riding my ass.


I will quote Jimmey Buffet, "Now I'm getting up about the time I used to go to bed!"

BillF Level 7 June 3, 2018

During my most productive period of life, I was a night person. I would work all day, then eat dinner and take a nap. Then I did my best thinking, writing, and program design between 10 PM and 2 AN.

Today, in retirement, I am a day person.


If I had my way I'd go to bed at 9:30 and wake up at 8. But alas, my body doesn't understand the concept of sleep which means it does whatever it wants. Mostly I try to go to bed around 10. On a good night I fall asleep around 12 but wake up around 3 or 4 am. Then I'm up until about 6. My best sleep is between 7am and 10am. But that doesn't work for my job...

Ive been trying different cannabis blends for insomnia...It helps alot

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