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Are you a day person or a night person

My worst habit is staying up late and I often pay the price for it the next day.

Equally; mornings are not my friend. I hate the sun and I need caffeine to come to life. Therefore I'd call myself a night person.

Are you a day person or a night person?

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Ellatynemouth 8 June 3

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Definitely night. Even when I have to be up early, I'm awake til at least midnight. Caffeine is my friend.

Same, here.


Am a morning lark. Am up by 4 or 5am.

@PraiseXenu Sunsets look the same, just on the other side. ☺

@PraiseXenu We will have to agree to disagree. It is the early worm that gets eaten by the bird. ☺



I adjust my sleep patterns to accommodate other commitments. If I'm awake, I'm perky no matter the time of day or night.


Getting up at the crack of dawn and starting my day whether I have to go somewhere or not is so ingrained ....mos def, a day person.


I'm naturally a night person - I feel happier, more alive and more creative when it's dark (the difference is noticeable even on overcast days compared to bright days). However, due to life, I have to be a day person, which is probably why I feel exhausted and only half-alive most of the time.

Jnei Level 8 June 5, 2018

If I had my way I'd go to bed at 9:30 and wake up at 8. But alas, my body doesn't understand the concept of sleep which means it does whatever it wants. Mostly I try to go to bed around 10. On a good night I fall asleep around 12 but wake up around 3 or 4 am. Then I'm up until about 6. My best sleep is between 7am and 10am. But that doesn't work for my job...

Ive been trying different cannabis blends for insomnia...It helps alot


I'm a person who doesn't like to go to bed, however loves to sleep. When I worked night shifts I'd still stay up too late. I think I need to spend a couple of weeks in the woods with no electricity to reset my internal clock.


Primarily night, but l do like drives or walks in country during the day.


I have a crazy sleep pattetn Due to school I'd be up studying until 2am then sleep.... But now im trying to realign. It's hot as bean in Phoenix most people up early. It also depends on who I'm with.

EvaV Level 7 June 23, 2018

I much prefer to be a day person. I'm often up before dawn. BUT sometimes I'm up very, very late because I can't sleep. I put both.


Both which is probably why I am tired.

TonyW Level 4 June 4, 2018

This answers to this question should be in our profiles.

a section of basic questions like that would make the matching more valid


I have found that creativity comes to me when I require it... If it's in the morning, it's there. If it's in the evening, it's there. What matters is how I'm treating the 'vessel' ... a.k.a. my body.


I am a night owl. If I could stay up until 2 am everyday I would be happy. Unfortunately, I work in a profession that is primarily first shift, which means I'm chronically tired.


Wow...I thought I was the only one with a weird schedule.....night owl, hate


I have been a night shift worker for the past 4 years. Basically I am a vampire.

Lol that reminds me. I co-wrote a tune called Vampire Life a long time ago. The last line of the chorus was "Sleep all day... And stay up all night." I need to dig that back out from the depths, if I remember it.


i just feel more comfortable in my own skin after dark. always have


I am both depending on my schedule. Off now for the summer so will stay up longer, wake up later. When I get back to work, up at 5AM.


I'm the type of guy that has trouble waking up, and also trouble falling asleep... so definitely a night person. My body makes no sense to me.


Night owl... my entire family is. It sucks that my boss demands 8-5 working hours as the nature of the work does not demand it. My most productive hours are after 3PM. Earlier requires caffeine.

Zster Level 8 June 3, 2018

i'm the same!


I'm a bit of both. I hate sleeping, so I'd rather stay up late and then wake up early. And I have TONS of natural energy! I don't drink coffee, and rarely ever drink pop. No energy drinks either.


I'm very much a day person ...but my day always starts 5 am or earlier . My dream world is so intense that I often wake up exhausted so I get up to " change the channel" ! My real world is always interesting as well . I am retired and Love the peace of the new morning : SUNRISE , Strong Coffee ,Looking out to the sea( I live on a beach and actually see the Sun rise above the coastal mountains) and plan my day ....I can enjoy all this before my wife gets up and starts BITCHING!

Bubaj Level 4 June 23, 2018

in bed at 10 o'clock up at 7.a.m


I get up early 6am..
Go to bed sometimes as late as 2am but usually 12am


I will quote Jimmey Buffet, "Now I'm getting up about the time I used to go to bed!"

BillF Level 7 June 3, 2018
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