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In your opinion, what is the most fascinating thing happening in the world of science right now?

Is it A.I.?
String theory?
Dark matter?
Human cloning?

What's going on in the world of science that most intrigues you?

silvereyes 8 Dec 22

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A discovery of a potential treatment of Huntington's disease!!!

@ScienceBiker yes that is the one I was talking about. Hopefully it works in larger population!


I remain extremely impressed with the LIGO detection of gravitational waves last year. This year they have observed gravitational waves from colliding neutron stars. One of the most exciting things about this is that we (humans) were also able to observe this event in the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

If LIGO is able to observe primordial gravitational waves (the gravitational analogy to the CMB (Cosmic Microwave Background that would be extremely interesting.)


Cancer research. More survivors like me hopefully.

Ypur Dad and I both are dealing with blood cancer. Heart failure is a side effect. If I can give you any info let me know. Been there done that.

Its hard watching regression. I am watching my ex from 20 yrs ago do that in a hospital bed in my house-prostate cancer, degenerative disk disease, heart failure, lymphadema, copd, its hard to watch-my daughter took him out of nursing home and a nurse aide and nurse are here every day-maybe she'll let you bring him home with support.


The research into soil microbes and fungus as an alternative to chemicals and fertilizer and the offshoot organic cancer drugs it has produced is amazing; most of this work is being done in Cuba and is the direct result of the US embargo. Seems necessity is the father of invention.

Soil health is relatively new. Science used to pare things down and concentrate their focus on one species and 1 situation. Studying the interactions of all the soil microbes is a huge task. In the USA Academia is not getting funding to study this crucially important thing. Oil companies don't support soil health.

As a probiotic cannibis cultuvator our primary bene microbes are fungal. The symbiotic relationship tween fugus and plants is incredible! Think of the plant as the organism and the fungal web as its nerve receptors, only the receptors permeate throughout the soil and related food web. This allows for communication of sorts between the individual plants when connected.
We produce lactose active bacteria and using mycellium fungus we are able to raise plants organically and without synthetic or unsustainable fertilizer use. We ferment plants and flowrs for the bacterium culturing and feed our plants the fpj that comes from it. We use sprouted corn seeds emulcified and brewed into a tea for root enzyme production.
Soooo much wonderful stuff that i couldnt scientifically explain in a short post, but the most important goals are to produce sustainable organic healthy meds and eliminate the unsustainable practice of commercial fertilization. We are the solution to grower pollution.
We are the probiotic farmer alliance.
Perhaps you already know. Happy to discuss!

My mom it trying Turkey Tail (a shelf mushroom) to help combat her cancer.


Neurobiology fascinates me


Memory recall. This has really fascinated me. Apparently, you don't just recall a memory; you recall it into paint shop pro, then redesign it. If you recall a bad memory but you're in a good mood, that memory will be repainted in a more positive version than before. Or vice versa. This is what brainwashing is based on. This also has to do with PTSD; you don't just remember images of what happened, you also store the emotion that went with it. And if that emotion is strong enough, then you "remember" it when it is triggered by a similar stimuli. Research is developing the means of eliminating these emotional memories.

godef Level 7 Dec 23, 2017

Looking forward to that but am a little concerned about hackers.


All of this worries me deeply. None of it is good news for people, these are just more tools in the hands of corporate rulers of this world to exploit us.

Nothing wrong with living in a cave. Our ancestors did it for millions of fucking years. It’s only been the last hundred and fifty years that things have been going downhill, mostly thanks to ‘technology’.

Why live for a hundred years?


"String theory" and stem cell research helping to cure previously deadly diseases.


Zero point energy and the outgrowth of Nikola Tesla's work on electromagnetics and energy transmission. The developments of many scientists and inventors has been suppressed, confiscated and appropriated since the FBI confiscated Tesla's research upon his death.

We remain addicted to fossil fuels because this technology is suppressed and controlled by quasi-governmental military contractors. This has allowed our corporate kleptocracy to enrich itself by perpetuating our current energy paradigm and assurring that "free energy" remains stillborn.


Someone with much more knowledge can enlighten me (if they can simply and concisely...I bore easily!) but I have read that we are approaching a "reconciliation" of often conflicting theories of energy, matter...the universe!

I think these include relativity, chaos theory and string theory but I have only a rudimentary knowledge of these subjects...I'm likely to get a lot of "renowned astrophysicists" chiming in though...heh.


CRISPR. Gattaca is about to turn into a documentary.

Marz Level 7 Dec 22, 2017

They are tracking of trying to anyway waves of energy that travels faster than light speed.

Have you any further information on this? It seems highly improbable to me.

[] Not the exact answer I wanted to give you the web is polluted with so much nonsense it is difficult to locate specific information. (We know one for certain that is faster than light and that happens to be thought.)

@azzow2 Thought is not at all faster than light, and indeed there is empirical evdidence that it’s not. The reason light travels at the speed it does has nothing to do with light itself. That speed is simply the fastest anything can travel under the constraints of the laws of physics. Any partical without mass will travel at this speed (and necessarily at this speed unless otherwise constrained) while any particle with mass can never attain this speed.


Nano crystals and I don't know enough about them to invest properly in any way. It is totally possible that batteries and power supplies as we know them are very soon going to be a thing of the past. They thought Tesla was crazy but once everything went digital I suppose they gave his ideas a closer look.


dna stamcell research , but something in the very near future? ECAT!
Low nuclear energy reaction LENR developments!
Affordable free energy for everybody , a paradigm shift in the next 10-20 years will take place in the energy sector. Robots with unlimited energy supply, cars, planes, boats, agriculture..everywhere...of the grid!


Plenty of examples of technologies put on the market without their environmental impact being assessed first. Economics before sustainability? Shameful.


The full deciphering of DNA and its mechanisms. This has incredibly huge and wide implications for human life, all life on earth, and potentially terraforming and life being implanted on other planets.


Mussel-based synthetic adhesives that can be switched on and off with an electrical current.


The expansion of the neocortex using nanotechnology.


Everything? Is that an answer? I do like gravitational waves, they're fun... Higg's Boson was a pretty big leap to further proving the standard model. Still need that link to gravitation though... maybe that's most fascinating, what we haven't learned yet.


carbon nanotubes, buckyballs and the discovery of gravitational waves. we live in exciting times, I can't wait to see the new discoveries of tomorrow and what technologies will be born from them.

Dav87 Level 6 Dec 23, 2017

World Collective consciousnesses of love, creative, health, awareness, ethical values are the main things that do change by the power of the people.

When humans are harmed by the extreme hierarchy systems like the abuse from Religion or Politics. The world is into the third wave of abuse right now, until the people collectively consciousness change it as the have done throughout the history of mankind.


At my job we are entering the second phase of immunotherapy to kill cancer cells in certain parts of the body.
By manipulating Tcells and infusing them back into the body, They target cancer cells and eradicate them. We are making really good progress but still much work to accomplish!


AI..for sure..but string theory is also quite fascinating


I think it is the light and technological revolution so much to blow my mind and now making science fiction difficult to make as it overtakes is an amazingly happy and very scary time. we are as a race is on the cusp of greatness yet hanging over the obis where we lose everything. our surroundings are getting so state of the art but are crumbling too. we have so much intelligence at our fingertips and yet we grow stupid because of it.skynet is here astalervista baby.


Em drive/antigravity magnetismic vehicular adaptations.
Magnetic field driven lighting.

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