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Ever hear of Dennis Prager, the far-right multi-media "influencer?" My sister texted me that he was full of "wisdom" and I should listen to his broadcasts. I know she's now in that camp 100%, but our relationship is important to me and I avoid talking about politics and/or religion with her for that reason.
So I made light of her suggestion, but I googled Mr. Prager out of curiousity was predictably outraged by many/all his statements, and texted her again, this time in a self-righteous rage. Polar Bear populations are thriving, are they? More ice globally than ever before? Australian fires mostly set by arsonists! And that's just a few of his pronouncements on climate change.
Sweden has achieved COVID "herd immunity?" Jewish synagogues recieving most bomb threats from Israeli Jews, Blacks on campus getting most of their racial slurs from other blacks, students in schools never heard of the pledge of allegiance, leftists trying to turn the U.S. Marxist?!?
You're familiar with this and much more. It never fails to enrage and offend our sense of morality and decency, if you're compatico.
So I "shared" with her media accounts detailing Prager's "untruths " distortions, whatever you want to call them, knowing that, and my ensuing rant, would no effect whatsoever, but said and did it anyway. I couldn't help myself.
Does this sound familiar to you? How do YOU handle these assaults on your peace of mind? Do you ignore them? Laugh it off? Block it out? Confront it? Adopt a stoic attitude?
I'm just curious. I'm still upset and could use some help processing this latest insult to my intelligence.

Storm1752 8 Dec 15
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I never talk politics or religion with my family (adults). I also change the subject if any of them bring either of these two topics up. They get it after I do this a few times and they drop it. My grandkids do seem more open minded and I can have a constructive conversation with them thank goodness. I hope they don't lose that open minded way as they get older.


I had not previously heard of Dennis Prager. His devastating ignorance of Australian climatology alone is sufficient to tell me all I need to know about him. He is worse than Trish Regan. If any member of my family goes as stir crazy as he is then they get the flick from me.

anglophone Level 9 Dec 16, 2022

Nice post. My sister was caught up in that crap before she died also. Prager used to be on the radio here in LA for quite a few years, but they eventually dropped him. I think if you believe these folks basic religious premise, then its quite easy to fall down that rabbit hole.


You, and some of the others commenting here, would make excellent guests on the QDropped podcast. At the very least, you should give it a listen and possibly get some advice there.


I've had to end a 50 year friendship when all he could do was parrot Fox lies. The friend I knew had been murdered and replaced with a zombie. I feel very guilty, but there is nothing left of my friend.

Prager is easily one of the ugliest hate-mongering wing-nuts out there. He is a perfect example of everything wrong with the Conservatives.

racocn8 Level 9 Dec 15, 2022

Dennis is like a 1960's TV Dad begging people to conform to 1950's standards.
I blocked my entire family.
Don't worry they were over me long before I was over them, I just got tired of a brother calling drunk at 3:00am to cry about Hunter & Barisma. I'll never talk with him again.


My mother and sister are hard core left wing liberals. I got tired of hearing them cry and whine so I just blocked their numbers. Since I bought the house they lived in and it was still in my name, I put it up for sale and it sold damn near immediately.
Last I had heard, they had no where else to go. Haven’t talked to them in nearly six years and haven’t lost a second’s sleep over it.

Further evidence that you are a cold-blooded reptile.

Liberals would do the same if they had a work ethic that aloud them the ability to afford to.

@CourtJester You truly do live in a cartoon caricature of reality if you believe only conservatives have a work ethic. In fact, what you guys have that liberals don’t is a less ethical worldview, which promotes self-interest and greed over compassion and egalitarianism. “Sad, but true” as the immortal James Hetfield would say.

So the fact that I’m capable of supporting my mother and sister; they are entitled to be supported by me???

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