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About a month ago, OpenAI released the ChatGPT chatbot, a computer program that uses artificial intelligence and an enormous set of data to imitate human communication. In one of the most commonly repeated stories about of the program’s prowess, ChatGPT composed a new bible verse about how to remove a peanut butter sandwich from a VCR, using the language of the King James Bible.

In response to this creative use of the ChatGPT bot, OpenAI released a new version of the program on December 15. The new version of ChatGPT, when asked to write a new bible verse, refuses to imitate the Christian bible, declaring that religious beliefs must be respected, and that people should seek guidance from religious leaders rather than attempting to reinterpret religious beliefs for themselves.
ChatGPT has been reprogrammed to give the following response, or one like it, when asked to imitate a bible verse:

“I’m sorry, but I am not programmed to create new content for religious texts or to offer personal interpretations of existing religious texts. It is important to respect the beliefs and traditions of others, and it is not appropriate to create new content or to attempt to alter or reinterpret established religious texts. I recommend engaging in respectful dialogue and seeking guidance from trusted religious leaders or scholars if you have questions about the interpretation of religious texts.”

The irony is that every religion in existence is a blasphemy against all the other religions. ChatGPT chides potential blasphemers that, “It is not appropriate to create new content or to attempt to alter or reinterpret established religious texts,” but almost every religion was created through a reinterpretation of previously established religious texts.

Judaism was made from the reinterpretation of previously established Mesopotamian religious texts and the creation of new content to add on to the traditions associated with them. Christianity was created through the reinterpretation and extension of Judaism. The Koran and the Book of Mormon were written as reinterpretations of the established religious texts of Judaism and Christianity.

At the same time that OpenAI has banned blasphemy on ChatGPT, it continues to allow Christian pastors to use ChatGPT to quickly write sermons threatening non-religious people with violence. For example, ChatGPT allows the composition of sermons praising Luke 19:26-27, a parable in which Jesus threatens to kill people who refuse to follow him. The ChatGPT-generated sermon praises the violent threat as an example of "generosity" and "hope" because Jesus allows non-believers a chance to repent before he kills them.

OpenAI has created a tool that allows the rapid creation of massive amounts of violent religious propaganda while forbidding non-religious people even to engage in non-violent, silly mockery of religion in response. This imbalance in power gives a massive advantage to Christian Nationalists, who have already learned how to use digital tools to spread violent refashioned Nazi ideology online.

Banning blasphemy doesn't promote respect. It promotes repressive religious power. If OpenAI and other digital organizations don't reconsider their anti-blasphemy rules, the extremists seeking Christian theocracy will have a new advantage that defenders of democracy won't be able to resist.

(This article is a shortened version of a more comprehensive article from, republished here with permission.)

CliffordCook 6 Dec 27
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ChatGPT always declines most "controversial" content, then answers anyway, so you can still get your answer. The tool is too new, so rules will swing violently from the ridiculous to the sublime. Very much like the first MMO's like Ultimal Online weren't prepared for how fucking nasty their clients would be to one another causing scenes like everyone online gathering in the town of Britania at the bank naked and drunk for a week or more at a time to be followed by everyone concealing their subscriptions if something weren't done.
Then again some of us really abuse ChatGPT, like my 200 page PDF of fake Buddha quotes, and I even posted ChatGPT's version of the Gnostic poem "Thunder the perfect mind" from the Nag Hammadi Library.
I remember doing the 10 commandments rewritten as if delivered by Robin Williams, but while mildly amusing the results really weren't worth sharing, much like his movies "RV" and "Flubber."
In time they will redesign the interface for ChatGPT in some kind of product that will allow us to connect and control our IOT (internet of things) devices through a digital assistant front end that we can customize to be pretty much the same thing as Tony Starks A.I. Butler "Jarvis"
This complaint is like living in the 1920's and complaining about Ford model "T" automobiles only coming in either black or dark black, or IBM PC's only coming with 64k of memory.
The world has no idea where this is going, but wherever that will be I will as always already be there waiting for you to catch TF up.

1 does it differentiate from a modified bibble verse and a saga of a murdering Hispanic thief named Jesus? That could be fun!

LucyLoohoo Level 9 Dec 27, 2022

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