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MAGA Politician George Santos Admits ‘Embellishing’ His Resume

After two New York Times reporters broke the story that just about everything we know about Congressman-elect George Santos was a big lie, the incoming Congressman admitted in two interviews to "embellishing" parts of his resume, but added that he still intends to be sworn in at the start of the new Congress on Jan. 3rd. Santos told the New York Post that “My sins here are embellishing my resume. I’m sorry.”

Why how dare they question the integrity of a bonafide Bowling Green Massacre survivor? Besides, what’s the big deal, anyway? Everyone knows those nasty libs are always misquoting Republicans. For example, he said he was Santos Claus, not Santa Claus! Or, like when he claimed to have had a Jewish mother, and his grandparents were survivors of the Nazi regime. Santos now says “I never claimed to be Jewish,” adding “I am Catholic. Because I learned my maternal family had a Jewish background, I said I was `Jew-ish.” Well then, since he’s only “Jew-ish,” I wonder if that means he’s allowed to eat “pork-ish?”

That said, they’ll be folks who are gonna attack him for all those big lies he told and demand that he resigns from Congress. Perhaps, but at least he can find comfort in knowing he'll always have that Heisman Trophy he won playing football for that college he lied about attending. Frankly, I think his biggest mistake was making his big “reveal” with the New York Post. He should have done it over at the Four Seasons Landscaping. After all, that’s where the pros go to lie their way out of things! And, why settle for just “Congressman?” Why not just claim you were elected President of the United States?

Now, I realize people always say “all politicians are liars,” but this George Santos fellow really “hits it out of the ballpark.” Hell, he’s wearing glasses in some of his pics. How do we even know those are real glasses, and not just frames with no lenses? Of course, Republicans will come to his defense, claiming “Santos lied his way into office - fair and square.” Or, as Santos might tell you himself, “Look, we all do stupid things in life, now let me do stupid things in Congress.” Even with all his faults, at least Santos never claimed to be the one “who put the bop in the bop-she-bop-she-bop,” or “the ram in the Rama Lama Ding Dong.” And damn it, that ought to count for something people.

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johnnyrobish 8 Dec 28
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Santos is a republican and he flipped the seat with a pack of lies…


I hope they dust off that law they nailed Martha Stewart on. You know, lie on a federal form go to prison.

glennlab Level 9 Dec 28, 2022

He's not the only one up there like this.
I don't care which party, boot his ass out.
I'd say the same of ALL Democratic politicians caught lying on any ONE significant point.
Our government is being destabilized by liars and people making excuses for them.
This has become a matter of national security!
He can't be allowed in office.
Criminal charges are another matter, but I have no sympathy for him if it comes down to it.
I "feel" he belongs in prison, but I admit my bias, I only ask why we can't lock the SOB up?

The Rethuglicans are hell-bent on packing Congress with self-seeking arrogant lying a$$holes. Government of the people, by the a$$holes, for the a$$holes!

@anglophone I would argue that corporations use self-seeking politicians as pawns. Once elected those politicians are indebted. Cleaning up campaign financing and the lobbying would be a great start.

@MizJ Agreed. I see Rethuglicans and corporations as being symbiotic in their combined objectives of widening the wealth gap, the health gap and the education gap.

I do not see cleaning up the campaign financing or the lobbying as happening unless and until the Rethuglicans are thrown out of Congress and thereby prevented from subverting the Constitution for their own venal ends.

@anglophone The Dems are only marginally better. None of the issues you mentioned are being given any more than lip service.

Covid showed us some of the problems of the loss of domestic manufacturing. Along with the factories many of the unions also disappeared. Those unions gave workers better wages, healthcare, and pensions. The descent gained a lot of its momentum under Raygun and just keeps getting worse.

@MizJ Thanks for the insight into dem Dems. They seem to make fewer headlines in the Land of the Convict.

@anglophone I think it was John Pilger that used the term those with the stain?

@anglophone Why lead when instead you can just do PR (public relations) stunts? The Mango Mussolini was able to get to the White House that way!

@MizJ Thanks. I will look him up after I have dined.

@anglophone Pilger is an Australian journalist.

@MizJ If you are referring to the phrase "Land of the Convict", it may refer to Robert Hughes. I have had that phrase in my head since about 2005, and I am unsure where I first got it from, if anywhere. From what little I have read of John Pilger, he seems to be outspoken and with an agenda of unashamedly standing up for human rights.

I think what a lot of us really want to see, is exactly where Santos got that $175,000 to loan his campaign. The answer to that should prove quite interesting.

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