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Alabama Attorney General Wants Women Who Use Abortion Pills Prosecuted

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall has become the most prominent Republican official to date to suggest “pregnant women could be prosecuted for taking abortion pills.” Marshall’s office suggested pregnant women could be prosecuted under a separate 2006 state law used to punish women for “drug consumption” during pregnancy. The rise of abortion pills has been an especially sore point for many antiabortion advocates, who are frustrated by the fact that the overturning of Roe has not succeeded in completely halting all abortions in states where the procedure is banned. Perhaps even more concerning - is the fact that many hard-core antiabortion advocates are now pressuring state officials nationwide to consider prosecuting women who’ve “already had abortions legally.”

What a terrific idea Attorney General Marshall! I mean, since the war on drugs has always been such a resounding success, why not open up a brand new front on that war - around abortion pills? Meanwhile, coming to an American state near you, the Republican Party of Alabama would like to welcome you to its new and improved “Life in Afghanistan-Themed Legislation.”

The thing is, after the recent Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe v. Wade, Republican leaders promised that “women really have nothing to fear.” Now, not to be critical, but if memory serves me correctly, the Taliban made “that very same promise” when they came back into power. I guess life is just full of coincidences.

Now, when we talk about banning abortion pills like those sent through the mail, that raises the question, “how would Republicans even enforce that?” Will these fun-loving folks start monitoring pregnant women’s mailboxes? Well, why not? I mean, that’s the way these freedum-loving, anti-big government intrusion, MAGA folks roll.

Anyway, from a purely economic perspective, if abortion is totally banned in the US as Republicans wish, just imagine all of the money a guy like Herschel Walker could save every year. Meanwhile, Attorney General Marshall is busy claiming Alabama is a “protector of unborn babies.” No kidding? Gee, that must be why Alabama has one of the nation’s highest infant mortality and morbidity rates. They just love their babies to death!

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johnnyrobish 8 Jan 12
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Sure why not? Women who get pregnant should send the bills to this guy. He wants to force women to have babies then he can pay for that privilege along will every other politician that agrees with him.

Betty Level 8 Jan 15, 2023

But they will never agree to do that, plus these Repubs have no intention of ever adopting any of the unwanted babies either, nor will they ever support legislation to make life better or easier for single moms and their kids, like nutrition programs, day care, or welfare cash assistance, etc.. Such fucking hypocrites!

@TomMcGiverin Of course not. Misogynistic men will never accept accountability for their action/choices.


His mother should have swallowed.

anglophone Level 8 Jan 15, 2023

Until men can get pregnant, they all need to STFU about abortion, unless they want to support women and be pro choice.


All these fucking men who believe it is their right to rule over women's lives should be sent to the middle east where their particular brand of stupid would be appreciated! 😡


Look! A pic of yet another smiling Repug day, nay week, is made........

AnneWimsey Level 9 Jan 12, 2023



A protector of unborn babies. When does it become a baby? If they claim to love god then make this a biblical question. The answer will surprise many because a child becomes a child when it draws it's first breath. So, we will watch women so closely that they can be prosecuted for taking abortion pills. Yes, how do you enforce that? Now let's make it a crime for a man to jerk off. Add that one to the list.

DenoPenno Level 9 Jan 12, 2023

It takes a world-class idiot to talk of unborn babies. It makes as much sense to talk about unborn geriatrics.


If at first you piss off everybody, double down and see if you can lose the few shreds of human decency you ave left.

glennlab Level 10 Jan 12, 2023
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