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Wyoming Republicans Introduce Bill to Phase Out New Electric Car Sales by 2035

Republican legislators in Wyoming have just introduced a resolution that would urge individuals and companies to abandon "the misadventure of electric vehicles" and support the fossil fuel industry. The legislation, titled “Senate Joint Resolution 4,” calls for phasing out sales of all new electric vehicles by 2035, and encourages businesses and citizens to shun electric vehicles when making their purchasing decisions.

Oh, I see! So, no one in Wyoming will be selling electric cars in the future? Interesting, and I imagine all the “neighboring states” would like to thank all those Wyoming legislators for the business. Of course, the electric car manufacturers are simply devastated. I mean, having a state like Wyoming (pop. 577,000) interfere with electric car sales, could mean they’d likely sell 50 or 60 fewer cars every year. What a huge loss!

Of course, this policy will likely last until the really big dogs like GM, Ford, and Chrysler reach the point, where the only vehicles they manufacture, will be electric. Another funny thing is, Jackson Hole actually has more billionaires than even New York City. It should prove quite entertaining watching these local yokel politicians try and tell THOSE folks, “Sorry pal, no electric vehicles in Wyoming!”

So, what’s next on the agenda for our Republican friends? Now, my guess is, it’ll be a move to make the sales of electric stoves illegal also. Especially, now that those damnable “woke scientists” published their silly “studies” about how gas stoves create indoor air pollution, which they found is contributing to serious, chronic, respiratory illnesses - especially in the young.

You know the funny thing is, when you drive across Wyoming on Interstate 80, it seems like there are windmills practically everywhere you look. Hell, you’d think a state that hates green energy so much, would at least have the common decency and respect, to heed former President Donald Trump’s dire warnings about the horrific dangers of “windmill cancer.”

Of course, the truth is, Republicans aren’t really in office to govern in any manner that would benefit citizens. They are just there to practice the ancient performance art of “Tom-Fuckery.” So, how do they even get into office? Well, it turns out that much of the wildlife in Yellowstone National Park could actually vote more intelligently than Wyoming’s own citizenry. That’s because wolves, bears, moose, bighorn sheep, and bison - would never cast a vote, just to “Own the Libs.” I rest my case.

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johnnyrobish 8 Jan 16
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Actually if you think of WY electric vehicles in terms of vehicles to get around on the ranch in then electric vehicles make a lot of sense. Certainly not driving 300 miles just to get somewhere. WY is perfect for electric ATVs, etc though.

FvckY0u Level 8 Jan 16, 2023

Political types honestly should be required to pass a test that covers, civics, history, rudimentary legal reality and sociology. They need a good grasp on the distribution system and the infrastructure. Instead we're getting people that couldn't be more toxic to democracy and freedom if you pulled them from a heroin shooting gallery and put them in office, in fact I've never met a junkie that was less rational then MTG for example. Seriously, would you want Santos investing your fortune for you?


I loved watching Texas bitching about green energy while becoming the largest supplier of wind energy in the nation and still growing.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 16, 2023

Considering states are seeing regular rolling blackouts throughout the summers and winters, it makes perfect sense that states should probably hold off until their electric grids that have been converted over to windmills, solar panels, and unicorn farts is capable of keeping up with our current electrical pull before putting more out there for the grid to support.

Nice try, but your pals who are getting paid off by fossil fuel interests would never allow the grid to be upgraded eg. Texas. The issue is storage of the green energy that is produced, not that there can't be enough energy produced.



It would be wrong to accuse the Republican legislators in Wyoming of being
-- wait for it --
bright sparks!

anglophone Level 8 Jan 16, 2023

That whole mountain area North should be one big state. Underpopulated, over represented in power politics, and dumb asses wanting to live by 19th century standards.


So should the vehicle manufactures should make a nuclear powered vehicle?
It would get rid of the problem of disposing of nuclear waste.
Wyoming would then hire their mates to decontaminate and clean up accident sites and the medical community would see a bonanza of radiation treatments for those that could afford it.
Lets face it fossil fuels are finite, they will run out sooner than later.

Kurtn Level 7 Jan 16, 2023

maybe oil is renewable.

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